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Tavern Encounter: Trevah, the Original Badman

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, Trevah the Original Badman is sure to present your party with a surprisingly tanky bar patron caught in the midst of a serious kerfuffle.

Trevah, the Original Badman

AC: 16 (drunken defense) HP: 24 (2d12 +10)

Speed: 30


Str: 18 (+4) Dex 13 (+2) Con 19 (+5), Int 10 (0), Wis 12 (+1), Cha 8 (-1)

Immunity: fear

Resistance: poison, bludgeoning, piercing, and slashing damage

When Trevah is poisoned from alcohol and takes damage he is resistant to, Trevah can only fall unconscious if he is struck by a critical hit that reduces his HP to 0. Otherwise, if a hit would normally drop Trevah to 0 HP, his HP instead drops to 1.

While poisoned by alcohol, and when his HP is at 0, Trevah makes a death saving throw at the start of his turn. If he succeeds, he regains 1 HP. On a failure, Trevah automatically falls unconscious for 1d4 hours.


Multiattack: Trevah makes two attacks, either or both of which can be a fist or a throw attack.

Fist: +6, 1d4 + 4 bludgeoning damage.

Throw: +4, 1d4 +2 bludgeoning, slashing or piercing damage

Pushback (recharge 5-6): Trevah targets a 10 foot square adjacent to him. All hostile creatures in that space must make a DC 14 strength save or be pushed back ten feet and knocked prone. Additionally, any target that fails the saving throw takes 1d4 bludgeoning damage. Trevah can then make one fist attack.

Reaction: When one non-critical attack hits Trevah, he can choose to instead absorb the attack, converting the damage dealt into temporary hitpoints.

Encounter Details

Trevah and his mate Gary are meant to appear in any tavern you're using for other purposes. The following encounter works best if your players are distracted by another issue when the conflict begins.

The NPCs in this encounter are poisoned from alcohol, meaning they make attacks at disadvantage.

The Tavern

The tavern has a wide, open floor plan and a large kitchen behind the bar counter. There are numerous stools, tables, dishes, silverware, lit candles, and wall decorations readily at hand. The tavern serves its beers and ales in tall bottles, not mugs.

The Characters

Trevah and Gary are two NPCs drinking heavily and engaging in their own entertainment during the course of a tavern scene. Trevah has the body of a well-built and well-fed Blacksmith (statblock below), and Gary (commoner)… not so much. Roll on the table to determine their behavior at the start of the scene:

  1. Throwing darts at a board drawn onto the wall, making bets on trick shots as they do.
  2. Flirting with a pair of middle aged patrons as they tell bawdy jokes.
  3. Dancing amidst a larger group of patrons enjoying a bard or band.
  4. Gambling on and cheering an athletic competition happening outside the tavern.

The Pack-a-wolves is a group of about twenty yobs (commoners) spoiling for a fight. Roll on the table to determine their behavior:

  1. Conducting a face slapping tournament.
  2. Paying for a whole keg and taking turns doing keg stands.
  3. Practicing for an upcoming choir competition.
  4. Holding a wake over the corpse of a friend.


Determine the circumstances that bring these two groups into conflict. Consider which scenario will prompt the most reaction from your players.

Trevah’s in the Right:

  • A yob bumps Gary, who spills his whole bottle of Kestrel. The yob gets upset. Gary attempts to de-escalate, but Trevah won’t accept the disrespect.
  • The wolves move in on Gary and Trevah’s space, demanding they give it up. Trevah refuses, but Gary convinces him to move to the bar. Still, the argument escalates.

Trevah’s in the Wrong

  • Trevah relentlessly mocks the yobs’ garments, which slowly builds into a physical fight. Trevah knocks the yob out and then hits him again, prompting outrage from the wolves.
  • One yob accuses Trevah and Gary of having ganged up on one of them the week prior. The wolves mean to return the favor.

Who Even Knows?

  • Trevah challenges the yobs to a push-up competition, with coin on the line. Trevah beats them, but there is an extended argument over Trevah’s form. The wolves refuse to pay.
  • Trevah and Gary initially seem friendly with the wolves, even joining an activity (see above) for a time. However, it devolves into a drunk argument over a perceived slight.

Encounter Phases

Unlike the video, Trevah is not the star of this encounter; your party is. There are several entry points for your players:

  1. The argument – The heated verbal exchange between Trevah and the yobs allows your party to potentially de-escalate (persuasion, performance, intimidation). Failed attempts may further entangle them in the chaos about to ensue.
  2. The outbreak- The violence starts when a yob knocks out Gary. Trevah and the yobs then spend one round hurling their bottles at each other. As both groups are drunk, they attack at disadvantage. They spend the second round fighting viciously, and then Trevah retreats behind the bar. Use initiative here even if your party is trying to play peacemakers.
  3. The plea – A brief stand-off ensues, as the yobs hesitate with Trevah in the safe zone behind the bar. The barkeep makes an impassioned plea to stop destroying his wares.
  4. The swarm – Trevah enrages the yobs once more with a drunken challenge ("I've 'ad three bottles of Glenz, yeah? and if I was sober y'all'd be fucking sleeeepin"), prompting them to flood behind the bar and dogpile Trevah. Unless the party intervenes, Trevah takes a few hits, but then uses Pushback to drive the yobs out of the kitchen.

Obviously, the goal is to entangle your players in this bizarre drama. If they don’t bite, you can narrate a resolution similar to the video, with an inexplicable stalemate, as Trevah marvels at the fact he is still standing.

*Note* This statblock has not been balanced by anyone. Don't run it against a level 1 party.


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