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Tea Time With Strahd?

Content of the article: "Tea Time With Strahd?"

Warning: Possible spoilers for Curse of Strahd ahead!

Be me, Gnome Druid named Jeremiah, lvl 3

Be not me, rest of party, also lvl3 (Not super relevant to this), and DM

Be only caster in the party

Our party has known each other for about two and a half days, and have been in Barovia for about the same amount of time

Last night Jeremiah used his Druidic magic to do a fortune telling for one of the NPC's

After that ended with a grim foretelling, Jeremiah feels a cold sensation and has to make a Wisdom save

Failure. Fuck

He feels a cold hand upon his shoulder and hears a voice say "Hello, Little One. Come to visit, have you? I hope you enjoy your stay here."


Next day, the party heads to the local church to do some snooping on some weird shit

Things go sideways fast

Somehow survive that mess and come upstairs to find the Father is deceased

Piano in the corner playing itself

Jeremiah goes outside and sees a bat flying away

Am small brained IRL and don't connect the dots

Cast Speak With Animals and shout out to the bat in Druidic, "Hey, Mr. or Ms. Bat! Could you do me a quick favor?"

Bat lands on the roof and responds telepathically

ohgodohfuck.jpg Part 2: Electric Boogaloo

Have a short, direct conversation with Strahd von fucking Zarovich and get directly invited to Ravenloft

Don't know if the invitation extends to the whole party or if it's just for Jeremiah

Jeremiah also isn't really comfortable enough with half the party to share this information, and no one else heard the actual conversation

So what the hell do y'all think I should do? Our DM said it was cool to have a one-on-one session if Jeremiah goes alone so the rest of the party isn't bored the whole time. And supposedly this is the DM's first time giving a player a direct invite to Ravenloft, and they've DMed quite a few CoS games. Because it's an invite from Strahd himself I doubt I'll be in any imminent danger, at least on the way there. But I'm not dumb enough to believe this situation isn't setting off numerous alarms.

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