Dungeons & Dragons Online

That time I prevented ww3

Short for setting; heavily homebrewed setting made to set use of rolls to a minimum to reward roleplaying effort. Modern day setting but otherwise still heavy fantasy/alternate history

be me, illusionist elf (arcane trickster, homebrewed spells)

be known OOC for being a master at scamming others and big brain plays

lvl 12, just finished up killing the president of a country. Came back to help a rebellion because of sentimental value

Country is beset by two armies. Rebellion can barely manage to hold them off

One army is world police pro magic, the other neo-nazi anti mages empire

rebellion asks me to solve the war before it gets out of hand

set up meeting with facist leader

looks badass as hell. All the rebels are trembling

introduce myself. Crack a joke


"Mages are pathetic and all need to die" yada yada

engage homebrew feat. The more extravagant the lie, the more believable it becomes.

ask about terms of surrender

"Grrr, kill all your mages, give humans, grrr"

trickster starts scamming modus

"what? You weren't told?"


"We set off a WMD like 6 hours ago in your capitol"

commander starts sweating

"I just had contact with them. It's impossible."

Explain to commander how corruption, a necromancy-disease, works. And how I weaponized it.

commander starts filling pools with pure sweat

"Then why the talk?",

hold up a vial of strange yellow liquid. "I'll sell you the cure if you take out the other army."

before he reacts, I cut my hand and spray infected blood all over his face and that of his bodyguards. He knows its infected because the blood is black

its just illusion magic

commander freaks out

"Agree and I'll give you the cure."

swift fight to the death ensues. Commander comes out alive.

commander agrees and eagerly drinks the liquid.

sends armies out to defeat world police.

give him a load of vials and send him away

me when I realise I prevented world war 3 by tricking a nazi general into drinking my bottled urine

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