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That time my party realized that Blood Hunter is a good class

Content of the article: "That time my party realized that Blood Hunter is a good class"

Be me, DM

Be not me, a party of 4 playing through CoS

I'm intentionally playing it as written (intensely brutal). There had been 7 PC deaths prior to this session, and they aren't even half way through yet

Ok on to the story. It contains minor CoS spoilers.

Party got hired to go clear out the Wizard of the Wines Winery by Vasili Von Holtz (DM's you may laugh now)

They arrive at the Winery, start to head in, get attacked by 30(!) Needle Blights

If you don't know what Needle Blights are, they are weak but have a strong ranged attack (2d6+1 for a CR 1/4 creature)

Basically, the party is supposed to high tail it into the winery.

My party did not do this

The Blood Hunter transformed into wolf form and ran straight into a group of 5

Sorcerer got hit 3 times and took 18 damage

Cleric 1 went "oh fuck" and cast aura of vitality… which only lasted one round before he promptly got hit by a volley of needles

Sorcerer cast fireball and erased a group of 5 blights but set a patch of vines on fire


Cleric 2 ran up, cast fear on one group… but then another group moved up and shot her up

She had an AC of 14

Promptly dropped

Meanwhile, the Blood Hunter was just sitting there carving away at the first group. He had resistance to non-silvered weapons and a high AC (thanks, +5 dex) so was barely taking damage as his party panicked

Sorcerer decided "fuck this shit," twin casted haste on herself and one on the blood hunter then noped out

Cleric 2 got brought up by Cleric 1 but was immediately put back down

Died the same turn to a group of blights shooting her

look away my party, but this kinda sucked because I had a deal with that player that he was secretly working with Strahd

Cleric 1 cast shatter and killed a few blights in return but by this point the Sorcerer had gapped it and was shooting pot shots from afar, and Cleric1 was not looking so hot

Blood Hunter, now with a boosted AC, extra move speed, and extra attack, was now an unstoppable whirlwind of flaming claws.

By the end he had singlehandedly killed about 20 blights

Player who died asked the Blood Hunter how he built his character

Seriously they all thought Blood Hunter was meh when he first rocked up with that build. He had carried them through a fight with a Vampire Spawn earlier but that wasn't as apparent as most of the party were down their spellslots then.

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