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That time we had to give our Kineticist a shotgun lobotomy.

Content of the article: "That time we had to give our Kineticist a shotgun lobotomy."

> Be me, experienced Pathfinder player

> In a group with my usual ForeverDM and the rest are new players

> Build a min-maxed gunslinger because why not and they could use the extra damage

> One of the new players has 18 int irl, decides to take on the challenge of building a Kineticist,

> For those of you who don't know, the Kineticist class is a blaster with decent/good damage and is a pain in the ass to put together.

> Up until level 5 or so he's okay, does fairly good damage.

> Then we go on a weird trip that takes us to Night City in Cyberpunk 2020 for a few sessions (long story)

> ForeverDM levels us up to 10, and the Kineticist's power grows greatly.

> We don't usually do more than 1 combat encounter per session/long rest, so he was able to go all out on each encounter, leading to insane amounts of damage.

> I'm talking 170+ here.

> Almost the entire rest of the party is left far behind on damage numbers, and salt is quick to follow.

> At around 13th level, we decide something has to be done about this man who's breaking all of ForeverDMs combat encounters.

> I offer to cook up a 13th level Gunslinger with the express purpose of putting the Kineticist in the ground, and both ForeverDM and the Kineticist's player accept.

> I create The Juggernaut, a gunslinger with an AC in the high 50s.

> Able to put out more than enough damage to kill the Kineticist in a single round, provided the Kineticist passes a Will save

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> He gets thrown into the next session as a miniboss, and singles out the Kineticist.

> They begin a duel, and The Juggernaut goes first, hosing him down with a shotgun.

> The Kineticist barely passes the Will save, making him take far less damage than he would've otherwise, but he's at next to no health and bleeding.

> He pulls all the stops out and rushes the Juggernaut in one massive attack, adding all kinds of crazy bonuses and enhancements to his rolls.

> The motherfucker crits, dealing an insane amount of damage and killing the Juggernaut in one blow.

> In his moment of triumph, he takes one final moment to celebrate his victory before falling over and dying of bleed damage.

> Our Cleric quickly rushes over to his side and raises his dead body.

> ForeverDM describes how the Kineticist slowly rises up with a splitting headache as the buckshot that tore through his head slowly leaves the body.

> He keels over and retches, vomiting out a piece of his brain and he feels like he's lost a piece of himself.

> Pulling out a pebble, he tries to make it float like he used to, but finds himself unable to.

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