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The All Barbarian One-Shot

Content of the article: "The All Barbarian One-Shot"

Be me

DM running a series of high-level, single class one-shots to build out the world before a major 1-20 campaign

First one is barbarians

Be players

Three level 11 barbarians, one zealot, one storm herald, one totem warrior

Decide they are going to be brother half-orcs

Sent into the hideout of the last giants to end giantkind once and for all

Breeze through the first encounters, hill giant, some ogres, stone giant

Next room, fire giant dreadnaught standing in the middle of a lava pit

Bad MF with two shields and 21AC

Give him reaction that throws anyone that moves adjacent to him against the wall

Zealot barb gets knocked out by third round as the others are trying to maneuver the lava by pushing the stone giant's throne through like the cooler from ATLA

"Can I throw a health potion into his mouth from across the room?"

"You can try."

You know it's coming

Nat 20

Describe as the potion flies past the shields and lands in the zealot barb's mouth like a baby bottle

He gets up with like 4 hp

Finish fire giant and move into next room

Cloud giant in the middle of an open feet

"At least hundreds of feet down."

Too far to really jump, but giant can throw rocks at the players

"I have a trident, can I tie a rope to it and try and skewer the giant?"

"You can try."


Nat 20

Players go nuts

Drag this cloud giant, kicking and screaming, over to the solid ground so they can murder him.

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He rolls a nat 1 on his strength check to remove the trident

MFW the giant also fails to grab a player to throw him into the pit

Wouldn't have killed anyways, they're raging meatshields

20d6 wouldn't have dropped them to half

Climb along walls after butchering the poor bastard

Ice giant fight is easy

Storm giant is harder bc he has lair actions, a whirlpool around him, and spells, but they just wade into the tempest and start beating this dude

He opens a portal at the bottom of the whirlpool and jumps through, have to fudge HP a bit so he can jump through

"Can we follow him?"


I have nothing prepped for this


They swim down and are sucked through the portal

Describe as they appear next to the barely conscious giant above a thunderhead

"I want to hit him."

MFW they're 1000 ft in the air and still unga bunga hitting shit

One succeeds acrobatics check to swim through the air

Decapitates giant with his giant slayer greataxe

Sent flying in the opposite direction

All survive the fall bc half-orc racial feature+barbarian bullshit

Wakeup in a strange land far from home in craters, next to the corpse of a giant

Nobody from home knows what happened, just never see giants ever again

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