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The Bag Holding Many Bags

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As most of you would have seen, there was a great post yesterday where people collaboratively came up with countless interesting and fun ideas for gimmicked and/or flawed Bags of Holding.
Here's the post, for those who missed it

I decided to make a d20 loot table with a collection of ideas from the post, I originally intended for this to be just for my personal use, but have decided to post it here.
I have tried to expand on, flesh out, or otherwise take inspiration from the ideas presented, but to be 100% clear, all bar a couple of the base ideas were not my own, and there's even a couple on the table that didn't require fleshing out at all, and have been taken almost verbatim.
I've done my best to go back through the comments to find and credit those who suggested the original ideas, but some ideas were suggested by multiple people and it wasn't always be feasible for me to go through every similar/identical suggestion to find who made it first, so I apologize to those I've failed to credit for that reason.

Loot Table (d20)

  1. Bag of Holding
  2. Sentient Bag of Holding (Various)
  3. Bag of Lost Things (jeffsuzuki)
  4. Bag of Paranoia (QuinnTrumplet)
  5. Bag of Prestidigitation (Ok-Impression1491)
  6. Bag of Twisted Desires
  7. Mimic of Holding (Various)
  8. Communal Bags of Holding (Various)
  9. Bag of Scolding (greatteachermichael)
  10. Grandma's Bag of Holding (bbeach88)
  11. Wild Bag of Holding
  12. Bag of Worshippers (mattsayswoah)
  13. Unstable Bag of Holding (Various)
  14. A Totally Helpful Bag of Holding (EntropySpark)
  15. Bag of Has Been, Will Be Holding (LokiOdinson13)
  16. Budget Bag of Holding (ChaIlenjour)
  17. Inconvenient Bag of Holding (Dorca_the_dummy)
  18. Bag of Sizes (Toucan2000)
  19. Bag of Cheap Tricks (Astrium6)
  20. The Bag Holding Many Bags

Sentient Bag of Holding
Bag will comment on items placed within, usually in the form on a long winded complaint.
However, its comments will sometimes allow the adventures to learn otherwise unknown information about the object, such as its history, or may even identify magic items.

Bag of Lost Things
Player retrieving an item rolls a d20.
On a 1, they will instead draw a useless item taken from somewhere nearby (e.g. a sock).
On a 20, they will instead draw a useful or valuable item taken from somewhere nearby (e.g. a valuable jewel, or maybe even the enemy’s weapon!).

Bag of Paranoia
Whenever the players open the bag, roll a dice (doesn't really matter what dice, especially if done behind a screen, just choose one that makes a good sound when rolling).
Regardless of the result, write something down on a notepad.
The bag otherwise functions normally.

Bag of Prestidigitation
Player rolls a d20 when retrieving an item.
On a 1, the item will (at the DMs discretion) become either soiled, imbued with an unpleasant smell, or (if edible) flavoured in an unpleasant way.
On a 20, the item will (at the DMs discretion) become either dazzlingly clean, imbued with a pleasant smell, or (if edible) flavoured in a pleasant way.

Bag of Twisted Desires
After identifying the nature of this bag, PCs can ‘ask’ for an item that is not currently within the bag.
The item must be non-magical in nature.
DM then rolls a d10, on a 10 the PC will gain the item in question, on a 1 they will gain some warped version of this item that is either useless, or (at the DM’s discretion) could even be detrimental.
For example, if asking for an item of food, on a fail they may retrieve either an item that is obviously rotten, or one that is rotten on the inside.
After a roll of 1 or 10, this effect cannot be used again for 24 hours.

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Mimic of Holding
An experimental bag of holding made using a mimic, the result left the mimic almost immobile (other than small motions such as wriggling), and it remains trapped in the form of this bag, it is still completely sentient and able to talk.
The pocket dimension inside the bag is composed of what was once the Mimic’s stomach, enlarged to the scale typical for a bag of holding, as such, food placed in the bag is rapidly digested.
The Mimic was an unwilling test subject., and thus is particularly unfriendly, it is also constantly hungry.
When a PC attempts to retrieve an item, it will stubbornly refuse to open unless they promise it a meal of it’s choosing.
After this, it will allow them to access their items, however if the PCs do not fulfill this request within a reasonable time frame, it’ll next refuse to open until that promise has been fulfilled.
Optionally, items withdrawn from the bag may also be covered in mucus.

Communal Bags of Holding
Two bags that function as bags of holding, but with a linked interior dimension, such that items placed in one can be retrieved from either.
If the DM chooses, they may opt to only give the players one bag initially, which could have story potential.
For example, they may find an item inside they did not place, and then be hunted by the person who owns the item (and the other Communal bag of holding) should they remove it, or the inverse, with an item the players placed going missing.

Bag of Scolding
A sentient bag of holding that can only speak when opened.
This bag values manners above all else, if the PCs have acted in an ill-mannered way since it was last opened, on opening the bag it will scold them loudly for their behaviour.
This may alert those nearby to the PCs’ existence or location.

Grandma's Bag of Holding
A sentient Bag of Holding with the voice of an elderly woman, who insists the adventurers call her “Grandma”.
When retrieving an item from the bag, players roll a d20 against a DC equivalent to the number of hours since they last ate (assuming that number is at least 2).
On a fail, the bag will instead produce some (delightful) baked goods.
If attempting to draw an item again without eating the provided food, Grandma will respond with a statement implying that the adventure is too famished to need/use the item (or some other similar reasoning), and will insist they eat before allowing them to retrieve the item.

Wild Bag of Holding
A bag of holding that was unfortunately crafted using Wild Magic.
Drawing an item is equivalent to a Wild Mage casting a spell; user rolls a d20, if they roll a 1 the DM rolls on the Wild Magic Surge table.

Bag of Worshippers
Inside the bag lives a society of small, fairy like fey.
They will begin to worship the adventurers using this bag as gods.
They may ‘pray’ to them when the bag is opened, maybe even asking for help, they also have a tendency to take the smallest items (coins, gems etc) and use them to build monuments to their perceived gods.

Unstable Bag of Holding
When opening the bag of holding, player rolls a d20.
On a 1, the dimension opened is not the usual pocket dimension, but some other plane from your multiverse (which could even include the plane which the adventures exist within, making it effectively a temporary portal), this will remain true for 1d4 hours.
During the last hour, the portal will begin flickering to indicate it’s due to change, and likewise any beings in the opened plane will see the portal flicker in and out of existence.

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A Totally Helpful Bag of Holding
A bag designed to intuit the needs of an adventurer, and provide items as needed.
It is not truly sentient, but talks in a robotic manner (whether this is actually a robotic AI, or some other kind of sudo-intelligence, is up to the DM).
Items placed in the bag cannot be retrieved manually, instead the bag will attempt to dish these out as needed, or as requested.
The bonus to this is that retrieving an item does not require an action, though if making a verbal request, players may only do so once per turn.
However, the intelligence tied to this bag is flawed, and it rarely gets things right.
DM rolls a d10.
On a 1, the bag will spit out something entirely unrelated to the needs or request of the adventurer.
On a 2-9 the bag will retrieve an item somewhat similar to the needed/requested item (e.g. it might withdraw a potion, but not the one you require), if no similar items are contained in the bag, it will retrieve the needed/requested item successfully.
On a 10, it’ll retrieve the item requested/required successfully.

Bag of Has Been, Will Be Holding
The dimension inside the bag as a unstable connection to time.
When a PC attempts to retrieve an item from the bag, DM can roll a d100.
On a 1, the bag will instead produce an replica of an item that was at one time contained within, but has since been removed.
On a 100, the bag will produce an item that would (presumably) have been placed in it later.
The usefulness of this item is up to the DM, it could vary from the macguffin the PCs are actively seeking, to some loot the DM has planned to dish out at a later time.

Budget Bag of Holding
A perfectly functional Bag of Holding, only with 1/2 the capacity (250 pounds, 32ft³) of a standard bag of holding.
Optionally, the bag could occasion develop small holes from which coins and other small items might fall, requiring the bag to be repaired (either by sewing, or with a mending spell).

Inconvenient Bag of Holding
Ever find that, no matter what item you need, it’s always found its way to the bottom of your bag!? This problem doesn’t disappear just by increasing the interior space of the bag!
Prior to some advancements in the craft, Bags of Holding were notorious for this issue.
When attempting to retrieve an item in circumstances where time is paramount (i.e. when initiative order is in place, and/or actions are being tracked), the player must make a Sleight of Hand check, with a DC determined by the DM, which should account for object size, and how much is currently in the bag.
Smaller objects are harder to retrieved, and retrieving a desired object should be harder in general as the bag grows more full.
On a fail, the player will not successfully retrieve the item with their action, and will need to use their action the following turn to finish retrieving the item.

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Bag of Sizes
Appears to be a standard bag of holding.
If the nature of this item is identified (which could occur with the usual methods for identifying magic items, or optionally by accidentally trigger the effect), the bag can be used to increase or decrease the size of an object, by rotating it clockwise to enlarge, or anticlockwise to shrink.
Objects can be turned repeatedly to adjust size as needed, however the object changes size inside the mouth of the bag, and therefor it could get stuck if enlarged too much, and small objects are liable to be lost if placed into the bag without restoring their size (requiring the bag to be emptied to find).

Bag of Cheap Tricks
At times of the DM's choosing, the retrieving the item may cause it to emulate famous stage magician tricks.
For example, the object may (if small enough) be held in the mouth of a rabbit, rings may become interlinked (and possibly need detaching using a hidden latch, which may require a Sleight of Hand check, the rings will return to normal after detached), fabric might end up tied to the end of a long string of coloured handkerchiefs, the room may fill with a cloud of smoke, or the PC might draw a retractable prop weapon identical to the weapon they attempted to retrieve (the original item is still in the bag, though the PC may be unaware of this).

The Bag Holding Many Bags
After the players receive this bag of holding, DM rolls on the Bag of Holding table.
The bag will, for all intents and purposes, function as that particular bag of holding for an amount of time, this could be rolled for or predetermined, but should be adjusted to make sense for the time scales used in your game (e.g. 1d4, or 1d20 days).
After that amount of time has passed, repeat the process of rolling for a bag of holding, and setting a duration.

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