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The Calligrapher – A short, free quest featuring hieroglyphic translation and a sinister Doppelganger

The Calligrapher – Google Drive link

Please refer to the DM’s Skim (page 3 of the PDF) for a summary of the quest.

The Calligrapher incorporates many D&D challenges into a single side quest. This one-session excursion includes dark narrative themes, code translation riddles, creative problem-solving, ethical challenges, plot twists, and combat.

It's best suited for a party that is comfortable role-playing, enjoys narrative quests (as opposed to simpler hack-and-slash encounters), and has one character within the party who is deeply motivated by grief. This quest draws inspiration from two of my favorite books: The Silence of the Lambs by Thomas Harris and Pale Fire by Vladimir Nabokov.

Finally, and most importantly, this homebrew relies heavily on the talent and contribution of several artists, websites, and programs. Most notably, Megan Hutchinson (u/TheRagingAviator), provided the outstanding cover art based on this quest's villain. She was an absolute pleasure to work with. Megan has an art style that's so unique and refreshing that, on more than one occasion, it cured brief spells of writer's block as I was finishing this quest. I can only hope that the quality of my work has earned the caliber of hers.

Please send any recommendations for improvement. Grammar, guide organization, reactions or frustrations… all of it. Thank you!

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