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The City of Twelvestones: NPC Event Redux

Content of the article: "The City of Twelvestones: NPC Event Redux"

Happy New Year everyone, and welcome to the next portion of the Twelvestones City Building Event. We are hosting another NPC event in an effort to help flesh out the city even more. Just like the previous NPC event we are going to be creating NPCs that will populate Twelvestones. Please take a look at the locations and organizations that have been submitted previously and try to make your NPC's a part of the city.

To participate in this event please post a top-level comment using the template below. Entries that do not use the template will be deleted.


NPC Name:

NPC Location: Find a submitted location in the location megathread or in the discord Event Submission channels

NPC Role/Faction: Find a submitted faction/organization in the organization megathread or in the discord Event Submission channels

NPC Description (physical):

NPC Personality, Likes, Dislikes:


NPC Name: Hokiak

NPC Location: We Know Where You Been

NPC role/faction: Hokiak is the proprietor of We Know Where You Been and an associate of the Thieves' Guild.

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NPC description (physical): An ancient half-orc, Hokiak is missing a tusk and has extensive scarring over one side of his face, hinting at a more adventurous past than the grouchy proprietor of a map shop might usually have. His skin is loose and slightly sallow with age, but there are still lean and ropy muscles underneath – hinting at a powerful frame degraded by age. He wears a leather waistcoat with numerous pockets and walks with a cane, the bottom half of which comes to a sharpened steel tip.

NPC personality, likes, dislikes: Hokiak's a grouchy old bugger who doesn't rightly care much if you buy anything. His real business is not the tourists and bright-eyed adventurers who wander in off the street, but rather those who have presented a "Proper Introduction" and thus gain access to the hidden stocks. He spends most of his days sitting in his wicker chair, smoking a cheroot. If plied with cigars or whisky, he'll become marginally less unfriendly. If players attempt to haggle, he will absolutely stonewall them – he really doesn't give a damn if they buy anything or no

Request For Volunteers:

A couple of members of the community led by /u/ninodonlord have been hard at work with the submissions of our current event, compiling all the submissions, figuring out a potential map, placing the stones, etc. Now, they seek your help. If you want to help out make the pdf that comes at the end of the event better you can volunteer to compile the submissions of the community for one or multiple districts. Anyone willing to help with the compilation is welcome.

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If you are willing to help with the project, please message Ninodonlord via Discord (Ninodonlord#8372) or on Reddit (/u/ninodonlord) and he will find something you can help with.

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