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The Core’t of Stories (The blueprints for a feywild inn)

The Core't of Stories (pronounced Court) is a public inn located within an undetermined location in the feywild. I will lay out both lore and mechanical elements of the inn's base idea, which I hope will encourage people or give them something to play with in future campaigns.

-The inn is managed by a fey known as the Archfey of Hospitality

-The archfey is only ever seen standing behind a bar counter with a well stocked shelf behind them, that only they are allowed to manage and stand at.

-Referred to as the Core't to avoid the rules and attention that comes with being an official Court of the fey.

-Services are paid for with the telling or acting of stories (the memory of which IS NOT lost). A story may not be accepted twice unless told significantly better, or from a different teller's point of view.

-The inn features a comically long list of rules from practical to silly. The more rules that are broken, the more likely that feyfolk will take retribution upon the offender.

-Some recall vivid memories of this inn, but never how they found it, or where they went after they left.


-Managed by an Archfey known as the Archfey of Hospitality. Accepts names like Bartender, Innkeeper, Pubmaster, Good Fellow, etc

-If a character leaving the feywild would lose all memories of that trip, they still recall their time at the inn, but not how they arrived or where they left from there. They may suspect that the portal they entered and left was tied only to the inn.

-The inn does not take payment in coins. Upon requesting services, the Archfey will request a moment to check their supply or ledger, and encourage the character to share a story while they wait. The DM will then prompt the character to make a Performance check.

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=If the player refrains or refuses to make the check or rolls lower than a 7, the archfey will only have the bare minimum resources to spare to the character. A single day's worth of food and water, with no rooms.

=Upon a performance check of 7 to 13, the archfey has decent supplies available to the character, such as 2 days of food and water, and can accommodate them for 1 night.

=Upon a performance check of 14 to 20, the archfey can offer anything from a few days of food and water for the road, to a higher quality meal and drink for the evening, and 1d4+1 days stay at the inn.

=From a natural 20 and beyond, the archfey will find ample supply to offer the character a week of food, drink, and sleep, or 1d4 days worth of finer quality meal and alcohol.

=The player may also choose to roleplay this check, and verbally recall the tale of a past exploit or adventure of their character. The DM will then determine what level of supplies to reward the player's character with for their performance.

-The inn features a large wooden board off to one side of the main open-area of the inn. Upon which is listed SEVERAL different rules and guidelines. Below are a few examples DMs may choose to include or exclude.

=Payment is made up front, in the form of entertainment and merriment. Coins carry no value here.
=Smoking while physically among the Core't is forbidden. Being smokin is allowed and encouraged, however.
=Only the Bartender is allowed behind the bar. Core't orders.
=Stealing is forbidden, including breath and non-material hearts.
=Spitting drink in surprise will be seen as wasteful and result in being expelled from the Core't, unless preceded by terrible news and followed with a dramatic cord being played on the organ.
=Open possession of iron will be met with stern looks of disapproval and no less than 4 judgemental head shakes.
=None may speak the words Thank You.
=None may forget their time at the Core't, to do so would be unforgivably rude.
=All humiliating tales are good for 1 free drink at the bar, and an obligatory comforting shoulder pat.
=Any rulebreaking will be silently judged by the High Core't of Pixies, and loudly prosecuted by the Sober Core't of Pixies.

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-Each time characters break the rules of the Core't of Stories, on accident or on purpose, record a mark under their name. At the beginning of a long rest within the Core't of Stories, or upon leaving, roll a d10 for each character with at least 1 mark under their name. If the d10 is equal to or less than the number of marks they currently hold, inflict a number of effects upon the character equal to their number of marks, and then erase all marks under their name.

=DMs may draw from effects such as theshort-term madness or wild magic table, but exclude effects such as fireball or anything excessively destructive or lethal.


Low Level Encounter

-Low level groups finding this inn may enjoy finding such an interesting location, and enjoy the food and water added to their supplies. Sharing stories can be a good chance to help new players/fresh characters give a short story from their background or character concept. While it will make an interesting explanation for meeting in an extraplanar inn, it is a safe haven within the feywild. Being an archfey, you may always choose to allow any fey-pact warlock to take this one as their patron.

Mid/High Level Encounter

-Adventuring groups spending an extended amount of time within the feywild may find this inn nothing short of a miracle. Seasoned characters should have no trouble passing a check or verbally retelling a story to allow a well-earned night of higher shelf drinks or additional archfey hospitality.

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I hope everyone enjoys, it is a first draft that I kinda detailed out as I went, but I look forward to feedback and any inspiration it can bring.

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