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The curse of the Support

Content of the article: "The curse of the Support"

Be me, Human Monk

Be not me, DM with a homebrew setting Goblin Fighter/Shooter, Half-elf Bard

I'm the Tank, Goblin is a damage dealer and Bard is support

Also, we befriended 2 rust monsters but not important

We're all level 4. We find a Mimic but doesn't seem to be aggressive. While investigating a group of bandits appear.

We throw around a couple of quips before combat ensues with us having a surprise attack by attacking in conversation. Fighter goes first and shoots the leader.



With Sharpshooter they deal 47 damage

Does 70% of their Hp


Thug casts silence and another steals Bard's instrument, Combat continues and Bard chases off after them, fighter deals 17 damage and I keep distraction, quickly molly whop most of the thugs and tie them up with the leader with an eye blown out.

Fighter goes off to find Bard. Then realisation, I come to find out what happened.



I was listening to Never going to give you up (Was in a separate channel waiting for the RP to get back to me to join). Painful laughter ensues.

Both me and fighter grief in their own way, Fighter damn decapitated all Thugs but one and found out their hiding place. Continue to grieve for bard while DM and Bard make a new character, A Warlock kobold.

The Warlock comes to find the rest of the party next to the decapitated bodies of the thugs, talk ensues as they try to find out what happened. In the middle of their conversation, Warlock drops a gun and some bullets from their bag while trying to heal them.

Read:  HELP! My players are holding a king at knife point, and idk how to de-escalate the situation without people dying.

Fighter and Me recognise the gun but especially the Fighter as it was the same brand as the person who nearly murdered him a day ago, same Race and everything.

Gets PTSD and shoots the Warlock out of instinct.

Nearly crits. Deals 38 damage.

I as the tank couldn't even survive that.

Warlock nearly gets insta-killed and immediately rolls a nat 1 on a death save. We try our best and barely are able to succeed in the medicine check to save them from what was going to be death.

The session ends soon after

MFW The bard's new character nearly got killed instantly after their first character died.

MFW I think there might be a curse of the support role of the team

I don't really know if this was bad luck but it depends on what may happen in later sessions.

(First ever post on green text so this might be a bit off.)

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