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The d20 was a bro today and I got to deploy a huge, weird clue in STYLE.

Content of the article: "The d20 was a bro today and I got to deploy a huge, weird clue in STYLE."

> First off, be Fiend's Bane = DO NOT READ

> I am so serious, don't you dare

> Anyway

> Be me = DM

> Be not-me and relevant in this situation = tiefling bard/warlock PC (fiend pact), two tief wizard NPCs and one aasimar "paladin" NPC (we'll get to it)

> Party had split because bardlock was avoiding arrest and the three NPCs dragged him along to buy sweaters from the minotaur tailor (tief/aasimar are very tall in my setting)

> Rest of PCs doing a whole thing heisting a church, resurrecting people, etc. while the tief PC is trying on overalls and sneaking off to kiss the aasimar NPC

> NOW HERE IS WHERE INTERESTING. PC's warlock patron is specific demon who has confusing relationship with specific celestial we have not met.

> Ya girl here (me) made this aasimar that I knew damn well horny bardlock would go for

> And made that character have a secret warlock pact they hide

> specifically, celestial pact

> more specifically, with the celestial counterpart to PC's demon patron

> so I'm slowly dropping hints and it's so fun, y'all, it's SO fun

> anyway, tiefs/aasimar are walking home, requisite ogre ambush in woods, I have other players run NPC wizards but I keep aasimar "paladin" (secret multiclass)

> everyone is squishy, it's really touch-and-go

> aasimar running real low on health, untouched ogre is Right There

> tief PC Eldritch Blasts to protect aasimar… eh, does OK

> an NPC wizard goes, kills second-to-last ogre

> and now it is aasimar's turn. who is getting Nervous.

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> so… panics and uses Eldritch Blast. (I'd planned pulling EB out as a clue at a crucial point in the battle, but just hadn't yet. This was very clearly It.)

> I don't describe yet. I just roll.

> NAT 20.

> I have a bonkers critical hit table, roll on it, and I'm doing like quadruple max damage. My Eldritch Blast reveal is not only at a suspenseful time, but is going to be insanely intense. Just… just bonkers.

> Turn to my players and give speech: "So, keep in mind that the 'turn' is a construct in D&D. Everything in a round is kind of happening at once. So at about the same time NPC wizard casts her spell, PC– you start to feel the Eldritch Blast crackle out of your fingers faintly and start to shoot towards the ogre. And just as it goes over aasimar's head, it is joined by this almost-blinding beam of Eldritch Blast from out of nowhere. It hits the ogre with a crackling sound and absolutely obliterates it."

> players are freaking out

> "WHAT just happened what just happened what just happened"

> cackle loudly and say nothing until: "so back at the church…"

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