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The Death of a Hero.

Hello everyone! One of my long term players recently had to quit my DnD game. Since he was such an integral part of the story, i decided to give his character a suitable ending to his adventures. I would love to hear your feedback on the cutscene i wrote for him. I would like to preface the cutscene by explaining the following characters.

*Jarrakas is a Paladin of Tyr (Oath of redemption) and his rank is Arbiter of Justice (a hero's title).
*Braxton was a Council member of the Church of Tyr who died in the Doom Vault. He was cloned and is now being used as a puppet by an evil Lich. The group recently cleared out a room full of enemies and this is what happens next:

Jarrakas kneels on one knee and begins cleaning the front of his bloodied warhammer. As the rest of you place your hands on the Dragon turtle’s shell, you receive his blessing. Strange noises grab your attention from beyond the door to the south. As it gets closer you recognize them as multiple distinct moans. You look at the door and notice that someone or something is pounding against it. The door begins shaking violently. The moans at the door quickly begin to multiply.

After a few seconds, the door bursts open and a horde of zombies begin pouring in. Jarrakas quickly gets off his knee and attempts to retreat back towards you, only to be met by a wall of force. He traces his hand along the wall and realises he is completely cut off from you. He holds up his warhammer and shield in a defensive manner as the room fills with zombies.

“10,20, 30… too many to count he thinks”.

The crowd of zombies surround him and then stop moving simultaneously, almost as if being controlled by someone, or something. Jarrakas looks around the room but can’t see any escape. Both doors to the south and east are completely blocked by zombies. The crowd of zombies suddenly splits down the middle to reveal someone very familiar. A pale skin dragonborn that looks to be the exact clone of Braxton, with one noticeable difference… red glowing eyes. Jarrakas quickly realizes that someone or something is controlling Braxton’s clone.

You notice that Braxton wears an expensive gold trimmed plate of armor on his chest with the symbol of Tyr. It is partially covered by a red robe with the same symbols as the red wizards, a black hand holding a skull. On the collar of his robe is a Quartz flower with 3 pedals shaped in the image of a long-extinct summer flower called Adornis. He wears a monocle known to most Paladins in the church of Tyr as the Monocle of divine faerie fury. (darkvision 60ft, faerie one person disadvantage on rolls, and 1d8 damage ).

The zombies, still standing in place in a semi circle around Jarrakas, suddenly stop moaning and become eerily quiet.

Braxton speaks out “Well, well well… If it isn’t the Golden Drakes and Braxton’s favorite paladin the Arbiter of Justice. Somehow it doesn’t surprise me that the church of Tyr would send it’s best soldiers here.”

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Braxton pauses for a moment as if contemplating his next words.

“Allow me to introduce myself… My name… is Szar Sam. I am the one who built this amazing vault. I have been tracking your progress through my vault and I have to say, I am impressed. You somehow survived the perils of the forest of slaughter, you created an insurrection with my labor force in the ooze grotto and finally you somehow defeated the Red ooze. Which is quite a feat I might add. Sarkalla warned me that you were formidable opponents… I have to say she was quite upset when you destroyed her crowning achievement. She came to me afterwards and requested that I pacify you and subjugate your group to her control. Unfortunately for her, I do not tolerate failure. “

*Braxton points to Sarkalla who stands lifeless in the crowd of undead.*

“Now… Onto business. I would like to offer you a chance to live and to serve me. It’s pretty simple. You will kneel, you will renounce your oath to the God of Tyr and swear Fealty to me. If you do this, I will spare you and your friends. Together we will bring the world down to its knees. What do you say?”

*Braxton looks at Jarrakas waiting for a response*.

Jarrakas bears his teeth and yells “I would rather die!!!”

Braxton replies: “That… can be arranged.”

He motions his hand forward and the zombies begin advancing towards Jarrakas.

Jarrakas places himself in a defensive posture with his back against the wall of force. He begins to panic slightly. Having been a soldier in the Tyr army, he reminds himself that he has trained for this moment his entire life and that his devotion to his god will be his salvation. He grips onto his holy symbol around his neck, gives it a kiss and regains his composure. He gets the first strike and immediately crushes the first Zombie’s head against the wall of force to his right. With his momentum he swings his warhammer back crushing the kneecap of the zombie to his left, forcing it to tumble over tripping up and slowing down the zombies behind it.

The zombies in front of him and to his left quickly move up and begin swinging their arms wildly trying to claw him. A few manage to strike Jarrakas in the arm and neck. He manages to hold the rest back with his shield. The zombies begin piling up in front of him restricting his movement. He musters as much strength as he can and pushes back 5 zombies with his shield. He then drops it on the ground, reaches into his pouch and drinks a potion of haste. He charges forward and within seconds, he manages to pummel 4 zombies to the ground. He pulls back and regains his defensive position against the wall of force. He searches the room for Braxton thinking desperately of a way to stop him. He spots him at the back of the room, arms crossed over his chest while smirking. The group watches in horror as more and more zombies begin to fill the room. The zombies he just pummeled stand back up and resume moving towards him.

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“I’m not going to survive this if i play defence. I have to make a move” he thinks.

Jarrakas strategically waits a few seconds, letting the dead group up closely. He takes a deep breath and blasts a massive stream of cold air from his mouth. In an instant, a dozen of the Zombies in front of him Petrify in Ice. He attempts to run through the frozen zombies in a straight line for Braxton but is immediately blocked by a dozen more that take their place. As the horde pushes forward, the petrified zombies fall over breaking unto hundreds of small pieces. Zombies begin swarming him from the sides, biting and clawing him. He takes several severe hits to the back and neck. The paladin quickly becomes overwhelmed. Zombies begin pushing him back up against the wall of force and pin him in place as they claw and bite him relentlessly.

Jarrakas, knowing full well he is outgunned yells out desperately “I YIELD! I WILL SERVE YOU ALMIGHTY TSAR SAM!”

The zombies immediately cease their attack and pull away from Jarrakas. He looks back to the group as if to plead for help. His heart racing from the adrenaline, he walks slowly towards Braxton as the horde makes way for him to pass. He throws his warhammer down at Braxton’s feet and kneels on the ground.

Braxton smiles and nods.

“Goooood” he says

“Goooood. Renounce your oath and pledge your allegiance to me. Together, with you by my side, we will take over the Church of Tyr and make the Hyperian Empire pay for their treachery.”

Jarrakas, knowing full well that he doesn’t have much time left, looks up and replies “Not if I have anything to say about it”. He quickly grabs his warhammer with two hands which immediately begins to glow with bright radiant energy… with all of his might, he slams it into Braxton’s chest. A loud audible crack is heard throughout the room as his warhammer makes contact with Braxton chestplate, caving it in. The radiant energy coming from his warhammer is so bright that it almost blinds the zombies and his companions behind the wall of force. Due to the immeasurable brute strength of his attack, Braxton slams against the stone wall and collapses to the ground. As the light from his weapon begins to dim, the group watches as the Zombies fall to the ground lifeless 1 by 1. Jarrakas takes a step back and is completely out of breath. He turns to face the group to see if the wall of force has come to an end. He begins to feel a wave of lethargy as the potion of Haste expires. Jarrakas looks over to Polaris who’s smile quickly turns into a look of panic. She begins jumping and waving at Jarrakas frantically. He attempts to wave back, but his arm feels extremely sluggish. Unbeknown to him, Braxton stands up one hand grasping his chest and the other pointing towards Jarrakas. The group sees a thin green ray springing forth from Braxton’s fingers. The ray strikes the back of the Arbiter’s neck. He immediately feels a sharp pain over his body and suddenly notices his hand begins to disintegrate… then his arm, chest, neck. He falls to his knees in pure agony, the group sees him mumble something “Roll insight check” . You witness your friend’s final moments. As the last of his body falls to ash, his eyes begin to close as if praying to his god for the last time. Where the arbiter of justice once stood, now lays a pile of ash covered by his Cloak and various other magical items. A vapor of blue energy floats upwards and vanishes through the cracks of the ceiling of the Doom Vault. Loft, having just seen his closest friend be murdered, angrily refuses to avert his eyes from the pile of ash. “I’m going to make him suffer. He is going to pay for that.” he thinks to himself. In the midst of his rage, something grabs his attention. He notices something moving underneath the arbiter’s cape. To his horror, a brain slug slides out and begins searching for a new victim to control.

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At the back of the room stands Braxton. His eyes, still glowing bright red. His monocle and flower of adornis however are no longer on his person. He wheezes in pain as he attempts to cast a spell. His zombies instantly begin to stand back up on their feet 1 by 1. As the horde begins moving towards the group, Loft notices one of the zombies crush the brain slug on the ground. Almost simultaneously Polaris grabs her head and begins screaming in agony. Zyn who was previously swearing every slur known to him attempts to punch his way through the wall of force… His fist now suddenly meets nothing but air. Zyn and the rest of the group quickly realizes that the wall of force is no longer active and the horde is closing in with no escape.

Roll initiative.


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