Dungeons & Dragons Online

The Dice Have Betrayed Us(Campaign 2)

Be me: Kin, Kitsune Summoner; Saturo, Kitsune Druid; Arallas, Eidolon

Be not me: Moon Song, Ponkykind Rogue; Hiss'r, Drakeling Psion; Ari, Kobold Gunslinger); DM

Session start after losing a few limbs and finding the last plant we were after

"So… I can teleport us back or do we want to wait for it to wake up." – Kin, referring to the giant.

Moon just stares at it, Ari keeps their gun aimed at it.

Kin turns his attention to trying to get the blood out of his fur as he waits for the party to come to a decision.

After a period of the giant not waking up and Kin getting bored he calls to the rest of the party to link hands or equivalent for Kin to cast Teleport.

… the spell fizzles.

"Well that was underwhelming." – Hiss'r

Kin pauses for a moment, blinks, "Something's still fucking with us. We'll have to leave the way we came in."

Onward! Hiss'r leads the way riding on Moon.

We take to a mistaken path moving slowly.

It starts to get late and so we make camp, the Drakeling Psion taking first watch Maybe she shouldn't have.

Low roll on the luck… and crit fail on perception.

…. its quiet and dangerous, too much of both.

Stealth rolls. The awake party-members taking cover how much is this going to hurt?


Saturo is bit, damage and a will-save called for… he makes it!

Kin is bit as well… PANICK

Hiss'r wheels around and… fumbles as Moon gets hammered.

The gunslinger is awake… and soon so will everything in a half-mile radius as she opens fire.

Ari misfires! Dice why have you betrayed us?!

Moon's turn! Stab at it with her bent rapier… miss.

oh shit there's more of them!

Kin summons a Lightning Elemental flanking the one in front of him… aaand it crit-misses.

Two highly acidic cream pies go flying at the summoner… and he deftly dips and dodges

The gunslinger catches some cream

Saturo casts Hydrolic Push… and the one in his face dodges.

Hiss'r's turn, two darts go flying! No damage and the poison has no effect…

Knowledge(Religion) to try and discern what they are… crit fail.

Our gunslinger quick clears & keeps up the racket with the gunfire… hopefully worse things aren't attracted to the noise

Moon rises to her feet dodging two bites! She stabs one in retaliation!

They retaliate with bites and one crits Saturo!

Kin's turn… Hold Monster… no effect. His Lightning Elemental arcs across the battlefield to give the rogue flanking and do a little damage

Saturo heals himself and tries to focus, just WTF are these things?! Not a clue but they're dangerous.

Hiss'r pulls a wand of produce flame and nabs some mini-fireballs for future use!

Our gunslinger quickly reloads mid nightmare

Moon 5ft steps to try and stab the nightmarish clown with flanking… crit-fail.

Moon gets poked by an evil clown coming up behind her, sapping 5 Int, Wis, & Cha… holy shit.

Another one casts a spell and Hiss'r is confused!

Now for the single-best 3rd level spell: BLACK TENTACLES!

One of them steps up to Kin and pokes him for 1 Int, Wis, & Cha damage

The carnival of horror continues as Moon is struck and begins to laugh uncontrollably.

Saturo calls down a Volcanic Storm on the two of them dealing with the Tentacles.

Hiss'r flees the battle in their confusion! Strikes themself in their confusion

Moon struggles with the uncontrollable laughter as one steps up to Saturo… he slices it for no damage, due to DR

Clowns… and their contemptible pies deal further serious damage with a crit

Kin steps away and… Greater Invisibility!

Saturo steps away and tries to cast defensively, it fizzles.

Okay, loggers note: I'm getting seriously pissed off at the dice at this point… and Ari has to drop, fucking joy.

Hiss'r attacks their familiar in their confusion.

Moon gets a will save… still laughing.

One of them bites the familiar…

Kin slips around them and casts Greater Invisibility on Saturo as his lightning elemental continues to try and kill one of the clowns.

Saturo takes advantage of their newly-gained invisibility and begins to book it.

Seeing both Kitsune escape two of the clowns dimension door away.

Kin begins to run and whirls around only to drop Black Tentacles on the remaining pair as the Elemental keeps fighting the good fight and it CRITS!

One of the clowns tries to D.Door out of the tentacles, to be b*tch-slapped by the elemental.

Saturo whirls around to cast Arboreal Hammer compelling the nearby tree to bring the pain!

The Black Tentacles continue their constricting and slapping finishing off the remaining clown…

End Combat

An extra round of confused Drakeling adding damage to our Rogue…

Hiss'r manages to make their religion check on one of their remains; Psychclowns.

We strip their onsies off them to gain their handy-haversack pockets.

"Umm… I take it the onsies are magic?" – Kin upon walking back to the sight of the Drakeling stripping them

"Magic pockets." they reply via Moon as translator.

Moon & Hiss'r suggest we summon a water elemental to assist in laundering the clothes, Kin obliges.

Hiss'r manages to step in one of the acid pies as they decide to step into the pocket to assess what they had on them…

Hiss'r pulls something out after a short while and identifies it… a Cup of Forbidden Knowledge!

Dangerous… and useful.

Now for the other items… a Scroll of Wither Limb!

Saturo heals himself and Kin as Hiss'r dives into the other picket.

Hiss'r warns the party about the Cup, "This is dangerous, it will give you knowledge but make you foolish. Permanently."

Hiss'r finds a short-spear & great-sword in the other's pocket, moderate and faint magical auras.

Kin gets to work identifying the items as he comments on desiring to keep the Cup.

All together we get…

A Blade of Binding, A 1+Vicious Short-Spear, 2+Mirrored Tower Shield, Scroll of Named Bullet, Stole of Justice in addition to what we've already pulled from the first one and the pocket-dimension-pockets themselves.

Session end as we're down our gunslinger and didn't want to continue without them.

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