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The Dumbest Dungeon (map link included)

Content of the article: "The Dumbest Dungeon (map link included)"

Made a dungeon just to mess with my high level players. Free to a good DM who needs a good lol. Working title, The Trials of the Troll Mage. All it needs is a quest hook suitable to your players and you are off to the races.

First Challenge: Two troll guards, Kraig and Kyle. Classic challenge, Kyle says "Welcome to the dwelling of Gus the Mage. To get to him, you must pass his trials. First trial, there are two doors before you, you must choose wisely. You may ask us questions but one of us tells truths, the other only lies." "….really Kyle, it was one time. I'm sorry I couldn't get drinks with you alright." and then let them argue. Doesn't matter which door they choose, they both go to the same place.

Second Challenge: The Trial of the Golden Key and Lock. There is a pedestal to the south west of the room holding a gold key. The lock on the wall to the north east has a gold lock plate. If they put the key in the lock the door they came through is covered with a wall. A flaming number 10 appears above the door, and starts counting down. The party has 2 rounds to do something. When it hits 0 the wall goes away and the eastern wall opens to a hallway. A voice says "thanks for being patient, this ward spell isn't perfect." (Let them freak out and try to escape. I made the way out have an ac but infinite hp. Remind them every once in a while what number its on.)

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Third Challenge: Trial of the Poison Bottle. There are 5 bottles on a table, they must select one or more to drink in order to open the wall in front of them to the next chamber. On the wall is a riddle.

“Before all 5 drinks for you,

but if you wish to pass maybe try for two.

The red one might seem nice,

But in order to continue you may need some ice,

Blue is warm and inviting for a fellow,

If you are trying to enjoy your night, the one you want is yellow.

Green is from the spine of the world and is a tricky one,

For if you drink its neighbor thy own life is done.

5 drinks before you, in order to continue and find someone to save,

You will have to drink the bottle that will put you in the grave.”

All 5 bottles are filled with mead. No matter what bottle they choose the wall opens. A voice rings out "That stuff has tons of sugar and alcohol, it'll kill ya."

Fourth Challenge: The Trial of the Fallen Aasimar is written on the wall. The party passes through a hallway with alcoves, with statues depicting demons overpowering angels. When they get to the next room there is a well, with an Aasimar that has fallen down it. When the party rescues them the door opens. (I said he was there to make a delivery and fell down. He is angry that he became "another stupid trial".

Fifth Challenge: The Trial of the Infernal Maize is said by the mysterious voice (important because the Maize vs Maze pun gives away the solution). There is a triangular stone slab in the middle of the room. There is a hole in the slab at the bottom and small leather bags filled with an unknown substance in a circle around the slab. The slab itself has infernal script all over it, it says the same thing over and over again "CORNHOLE". The party just needs to push over the slab and throw a leather bag through the hole. Afterwards the door opens.

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Sixth and final Challenge: The Trial of the Huntsman is written on the wall. The voice returns saying that all they need to do is activate a bear trap to open the door. There is 12 traps, the one closest to the door is a bear trap, the rest are bare traps. They don't close but they remove all items, armor, and clothes to teleport to the door in a neat folded pile. Activating the only mundane bear trap opens the door.

The final room has Gus, the Troll mage. He congratulates the party, offers them a suitable reward for their level and gives them whatever they need to complete the quest hook.

It's stupid but my players had a good time, great to kill time or as a placeholder quest for a party missing a couple players since the dungeon poses almost no threat.

Map: https://imgur.com/1ixOOt3

Source: reddit.com

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