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The Golden Decanter – Session 5

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Dagnir – Tiefling Warlock, whose patron is Tiabeanie, ala Disenchantment <Missed this session>

Thock – Half Orc Barbarian, gladiator background. Basically the Hulk without the INT

Nolane – Half Elf Sorcerer. Thocks manager/carer

SESSION 5: Notes by Thock

The group had learned that there were other life forms nearly eight miles away over the sea of acid. They take a boat to find them, but had to fight off several acid resistant sharks
-Dagnir fell comatose on the boat, had a bed of dead sharks to lie on
-Nolane sees an island in the distance
-Group eventually sailed in to the harbour of a town carved in to the side of a large hill
-A group of Halflings pointed crossbows at them and asked them to identify themselves
-Group explained about the mission from Urdreach and were told to come ashore

-Met Wraseth, who explained to the group that this was the town of Wycliffe.
-Offered to take Dagnir to a boarding room, haul their sharks to the smithy.
-Turns out they were called "Leather Sharks" whose thick and dense skins were prized
-Wraseth cheerfully took them both to Waltzars Tavern.
-Walking in, all eyes fell on the group and an older Halfling asked them pointedly to explain who they were.
-Thock and Nolane proved charming enough to calm him down.
-Karstmun, the bartender, offered them a drink on the house as they rarely saw travellers
-They would need to speak to Moira, master of trades. A dwarf woman with little regard for those the didn't trust.
-Wraseth stressed being polite to her and to not make her irritable

-Group went to see Moira, who barely gave them the time of day. Explained that she could trade with them but suggested they do something to 'proove themselves'
-She handed the group a sheet with a bounty on it. A thief had been stealing from women around town for a while, bounty was to bring them in alive. Only lead is that the thefts all happened around the centre of town
-Moira pointed to the door, group left and met Wraseth again. Group told him what they had to do, so he offered to guide them to the town square.

-Wraseth showed them the centre then had to leave to go back to work.
-Group decided that the thief would probably come from an alley that led in to the hillside, so they sat at a cafe
-Waitress came over, took an order for coffee and Rams Milk
-Turns out rams milk was a strawberry milkshake
-Thock asked if he could whip some milk to make cream
-Misunderstanding, the waitress came back with a jug of milk and a whip
-Nolane noticed someone walking away from Thock a little too quickly. Also saw that Thocks gold purse was gone

-The two followed after the thief and managed to tail them despite running in to some workers passing by
-Walked down a street and found that one door had a metal frame, all others were wooden
-Nolane picked the lock whilst Thock scratched his balls, diverting attention
-Thock snuck in to the house first an triggered a powerful electric trap. Then, managed to catch a flask of Alchemists fire that was thrown at them from the top of the stairs.
-Wounded, the group carried on
-Nolane then took the lead and narrowly avoided being shot by a bank 5 x crossbows at the top
-Went further up, heard a window smash
-Nolane went to the door, Thock went outside to give chase
-Nolane accidentally set of a tripwire and detonated twenty flasks of alchemists fire, but managed to shut the door in time to stop an inferno from spilling out
-Then he left to try and catch up with Thock
-Thock meanwhile managed to keep up with the thief, running all the way back to the town centre. -Managed to jump on him and pin him to the floor. He quickly explained who he was and that he was working for Moira, to the horrified looking crowd
-Luckily (nat20), the crowd was calmed

-Bound his wrists and steered him up to Moiras. Had a nasty attitude, but quickly became well behaved when Moira was mentioned.
-Dropped him in Moiras office who became a lot more friendly. Gave a glass of port to Thock.
-Nolane showed up shortly after. He went back to the house to recover the stolen goods, found Thocks gold as well as some goodies from around the house
-Moira thanked them both and asked them if they'd like to do her another favour. She would trade with them. 1lb of iron ore in exchange for 1 chicken. explained that if they did her this other favour, she would make it 1lb pounds of iron ore for 3 chickens
-The 'ambassadors' rapidly agreed
-She asked them to rest for the night and would send for them the next day once she had found out how to get the stolen goods back to their owners
-Group left, and Moira got a sadistic look in her eye as she shut the door
-Went back to Waltzars, everyone had heard the news about what the ambassadors had done.
-Apparently, thief had been stealing for a long time
-Everyone cheered, started drinking and became blind drunk in an hour


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