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The Grease Pit: A deadly or annoying trap?

Content of the article: "The Grease Pit: A deadly or annoying trap?"

I'm sure somebody else has thought up a similar trap before, but I came up with this one while drawing out a future dungeon for my players. While walking down a long flight of stairs (about 60 ft. long) halfway down there are 3 consecutive steps which act as pressure plates that, when stepped on, cause the steps to flip down so the stairs become a slide. At the same time, grease is released from side compartments onto the stairs/slide causing the players to plummet to the bottom.

The room the stairs lead into is circular and the sides also go down at a 45 degree angle towards the center, these floors are also greased. In the center of the room is a 20 ft. drop into a spike pit which are coated with poison. The poison is important for later. The only way out of this room, aside from the 60 ft. slide they came in on, is another 45 degree slide on the opposite wall which, of course, is also greased. Just assume that every surface in this room is covered in grease.

The sides of the room are split up into 3 zones, the first zone is basically adjacent to the pit, the 2nd zone is in the middle, and the 3rd zone is closest to the wall. It's a shorter distance to cross the room while in the first zone, closest to the pit, but there's also a greater chance of falling in. Along the perimeter of the room are multiple runes/glyphs which cast 'gust of wind' causing all players trying to make it around the pit to make saving throws which pushes them into the pit or closer to it. Using degrees of failure, If a person fails their save by 4 or less, they get pushed one zone closer, if they fail it by 5-9 they get pushed 2 zones closer, and if they fail it by 10 or more, they get blown straight into the pit.

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To make matters worse, because the grease on the floor creates difficult terrain, their movement speed is halved if standing, and they will also have disadvantage on the saving throws against the gust of wind. they can avoid the disadvantage by crawling across the floor, but because crawling halves your speed and they're also in difficult terrain, they can only move 1/3 of their normal speed, so 10 ft. for a normal 30 ft. walking speed.

To climb out the other side, they'll need two straight successful saving throws to climb up the inclined slide, and if they succeed on the first but fail on the second, they slide back down and have disadvantage on their check against falling into the pit.

The final bit I added just as an extra "fuck you' for fun. This idea was taken from somebody else on reddit who used a similar idea, but I can't recall who because it was a while ago. Once the entire party has finally escaped the room, a Drider appears. Begin combat and as each player attacks, record their rolls to hit and damage. Have them roll damage no matter how poor their attack roll was. This goes on for 3-4 rounds. have the drider make attacks but just claim they all miss because otherwise there's more work to do. After 3-4 rounds, tell the players to retcon all of the combat, and describe as the players who failed their constitution saving throw against the poison on the spikes suddenly begin screaming about a giant spider appearing.

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Use the rolls of the poisoned player(s) (whether it was just a single player or all of them) to hit against the other members of the party and use the same damage they rolled. Yes, if the paladin used a 5th level spell slot to smite the 'Drider' that's how much damage they do to their ally.

Sit back and enjoy as your players now hate you.

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