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The Greatest Guardswoman Who Ever Lived; A Warhammer 40,000 Story

Not so much a continuation of https://www.reddit.com/r/DnDGreentext/comments/me9izz/rodents_of_unusual_size_a_warhammer_40000_story/ as it is the point where the actual story begins

Rolling up a new character

Due to the size and nature of the game pretty much every single conceivable role is already covered

Flamer specialist? Covered

Sniper? Covered

Medic? Covered

Officer? Covered

Decided to just roll up something shallow and pointless to tide me over till they inevitably die, by which point I'll have come up with something better

Enter 'Red', heavily tattooed megabitch of a Penal Legionnaire with attitude problems and a love of violence

Heavy Gunner specced into unarmed combat

Expect her to die by the end of the session, would be prove very, very wrong but I get ahead of myself

Red, and a couple other replacement chars, join the remains of the Squad outside the Skaven Keep

Red suffers a minor panic attack upon seeing her boss dead on the battlefield

Be not me

Be Cassius, Harakoni Warhawk Lieutenant, try to calm down the panicking Penal Legionnaire by barking orders at her

Get called a 'Flyboy' and told to shove off

Next day the Squad pushes forward into the keep

Bell starts tolling

Fucking Rat Ogre charges us accompanied by numerous chaff

Red starts spraying Heavy Stubber suppressive fire to no effect

Rat Ogre reaches melee range

Red fucking punches it

Doesn't actually do any damaged but distracts it long enough for others to kill it

Chaff is mopped up shortly thereafter

Bell continues tolling as the Squad assaults the inner sanctum

Weird green fog begins to spread

Commissar Matilda orders everyone to don gas masks

Like three of us including her have gas masks as part of our kit

Plague Monks charge us

Some dumbass throws a flash grenade

Crit fails and flashes pretty much the entire squad

Squad is subject to multiple rounds of melee combat against FUCKING PLAGUE MONKS while blinded

Red somehow survives this, others are not so lucky

Squad recovers and defeats the Plague Monks

Red punches one to death

Squad retrieves Mulilasers and Tea

Beats feet back to local bigwig

Bigwig rewards us with a Good Craftsmanship Multilas that I don't think the Squad ever used

Next mission, get told by high command to take an entirely different fortress that recently fell to 'mutants'

Squad rolls much better on Navigate(Surface) checks and arrives at the destination without much hassle

More fucking Skaven

Red punches a second Rat Ogre, actually causes a point of damage or two this time before it gets shot

Ratling Gunner starts spraying us

Red succeeds her Willpower check against Pinning and charges the Ratling Gunner, taking a few shots in the process that knock her into crits

Tackle the fucker and start throttling him

Get yelled at by Commissar Matilda to "Stop playing with it and kill it"

Begrudgingly finish off the Gunner by bashing its skull into the ground repeatedly

Squad clears out the rest of the keep in short order

Find a group of starved Human captives in the dungeon

Despite explicit warning from the GM somebody gives one of them a guard ration bar

Dude dies instantly due to caloric overload

Matilda shoos everyone else out like a fussy mother before capping the rest

Squad rules it a mercy killing and calls for evac

Squad arrives back at HQ and most of us get pulled into the medbay for treatment

Senior Medicae decides to hack off Red's leg due to nerve damage

Being a Penal Legionnaire, Red is not entitled to a replacement limb

Get laid up in the Medbay for the duration of the next session

Local Bigwig organizes a feast in our honor with the main event of the night being a bare-knuckle boxing match between the previously kidnapped Squadmate and a local champion

The unarmed combat specialist is laid up in the medbay for this

Said Squadmate never arrives due to irl shenanigans

GM calls the event after three days and rules the character was too chickenshit to show

Character is thereafter mocked as a coward

Red meanwhile is approached by a member of the Penal Legion Medicae staff

Enter 'Freaky Fred', the worst doctor in Regimental history

Fred offers Red a deal, he'll get her a replacement leg

If he gets to keep the real thing

Red reluctantly agrees to the deal and Fred slaps a poor quality bionic on her

Does things best left unsaid with the real thing

Red resolves to murder him later

Squad gets pushed back into action, apparently the war effort has taken a turn for the worse and we're urgently needed

Get thrown into a trenchline outside the planetary capital and told to hold the line

Fucking Nids come charging over the horizon

Red's suppressive fire again proves useless

Nids get into melee range, mix of Genestealers, Hormagaunts and Tyranid Warriors

Red punches a Genestealer and a Warrior

Due to superior defensive position and ranged weaponry, plus the efforts of Red, Cassius and Matilda in melee, the Squad beats back several waves of Tyranids

Word comes over the Vox that situation is FUBAR due to Skaven attacking the rear lines in conjunction with Nid assaults

Get to the evacc point if you can otherwise your ass is getting left behind

Squad collectively shits bricks before packing up and heading towards the now burning city behind our lines

Squad creeps our way into city, manages to avoid detection for a little while

Enter 'Doc Scratch', a Harakoni Warhawk who's actually pretty cool, brews rotgut and tranq in the vehicle bay, friends with the Penal Legionnaires

Scratch knows a secret smuggling tunnel in the sewers we can use to sneak our way to the evac point

Just have to get to it

Guess how well that goes

Running street battle and three friendly fire incidents later the Squad scrambles into the sewers, Red and another Guardsman drop frags behind us and collapse the entrance to stop our pursuers

Squad crawls their way through the sewers

Tunnel opens up into a larger chamber

"Trap? Trap."

Genestealer Hybrids attack us

Red disarms one and takes his ax, uses it to kill him

Jaimee the Biomancer stands up, begins casting some power

Suddenly a freakish monster fills the chamber

Chaos Spawn immediately attacks poor Jaimee

GM rolls a lot of dice

GM: "You know those boss monster sequence kills from Bloodbourne? Yeah one of those happens to Jaimee, there's blood everywhere, roll Willpower or take Insanity."

Red punches the Chaos Spawn, then it disappears

Jaimee is somehow still alive (burned Fate), so we pick up his particularly less-than-solid body and carry it with us

Squad reaches the end of the sewers and arrives at the evac point, brief standoff with the Salvar Chemdogs manning the last barricades ensues before we're allowed past

Most of the Chemdogs die holding the line for the evac shuttles

Most of the rest of us successfully evac off world

Squad arrives on the ship in orbit just in time to witness a Space Marine execute the former planetary governor of Sisk for incompetence, minor heresy and treason

Squad is thoroughly weirded out by this event

Commissar Matilda rips a sword off the Governor's corpse

Squad is invited to watch as the Space Marines exterminatus Sisk from orbit

The nuclear fire consuming the surface really puts the futility of our efforts and the waste of our comrade's lives into perspective

Morale plummets as the Space Marines trot off to their own ship and the Squad is dismissed to await our next assignment

Firendly Fire Counter: 11

PC Death Counter 8


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