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The Hooded Hog of Hickory Heights (Full Adventure)

The Hooded Hog of Hickory Heights

Everyone thought after the Highway Hogs of Hickory Hollow had been dealt with that the Lycanthrope threat facing the area had been ended. Everyone thought wrong. The source of the threat, a powerful Wereboar Ranger, has apparently begun to once again spread the curse.

The Party must go back to Hickory Hollow and hunt down the Ranger and hopefully end the threat once and for all.

Story Summary:

After the roads through Hickory Hollow were cleared of a wereboar bandit infestation, everyone thought that all was well. Turns out there is another wereboar hiding high in the hills… The source of the lycanthropy himself. A dangerous outcast hunter known as Hundir Turkurst is apparently still spreading the curse to unfortunate travelers that cross his path.

When A local druid returns to town seeking help, the party is tasked with finding this outcast. Iesha explains that she’s become aware of his whereabouts, and through druidic divination has discovered that he is truly the source of the curse.

She explains that the outlandish half-orc ranger who roamed the foothills north of Hickory Hollow lived peacefully alone, when he encountered an individual cursed with lycanthropy. Hundir put the poor fellow out of his misery, but not before taking a solid blow from the wandering wereboar’s tusks and contracting the curse himself. Now, most certainly an outcast due to his condition, the hunter vowed to never again enter society. For a while, Hundir suppressed the desire for violence and gore that tugs at the soul of the cursed… but over time he succumbed to the bloodlust of lycanthropy. The wereboar ranger has terrorized the highlands in secrecy ever since… or so the party is told. Could there be more to discover?

This menace of the hills and the root of the spreading curse must be stopped. Hunter must become hunted, and to end the spreading lycanthropy for good… the party must end the ravaging wereboar of Hickory Heights.

PDF Link – The Hooded Hog of Hickory Hollow

Adventure Mechanics

  • Sequel to Highway Hogs of Hickory Hollow
  • Suggested Party and Level: 4 Level 5 Players
  • Expected Playtime: 2-3 Hours
  • Tone: Morally Conflicted Bounty Hunt

Adventure Hooks

  • A bounty for Hundir is posted in a local Guild Hall
  • The Party is traveling when they meet a victim of a wereboar attack asking for help.
  • A local druid has been seen around town, asking for help in locating and stopping Hundir.

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Adventure Start

The Adventure begins with the Party learning about more wereboar activity further northwards past the forest of Hickory Hollow, up into the bluffs of Hickory Heights, and making their way to the edge of the forest. After the DM has delivered a fitting hook, read the following text to the players;

While folks once thought the wereboar of Hickory Hollow were taken care of, you’ve now learned that trouble stirs even deeper past the woods in the hills of Hickory Heights. Supposedly, a dangerous Hunter roams the foothills to the north, and is attacking passerby without remorse. Your party stands on the familiar edge of thick forest, gazing deeply into the woodland’s shaded hollow.

You’ve been tasked with venturing northwards beyond these trees, and investigating these rumors. A cool breeze whistles over the treetops as you prepare for the obstacles ahead.

Entering Hickory Hollow
  • The Party will need to traverse Hickory Hollow in order to make it to the destination of supposed wereboar activity. The adventure can begin with any of the following three encounters:
  • Encounter 1: The Local Druid. The party will meet Iesha, and hear the tale of Hundir Turkhurst.
  • Encounter 2: Hickory Hollow Hoodlums. The party must save a Treant being attacked by wereboar.
  • The Encounter order can be chosen by the DM, chosen by Percentile roll, or discovered by Skill uses:
  • Encounter 3: Traversing Hickory Hollow. The party will need to make it past woodland hazards
Applicable Skills & DCs for Uses


  • 12 – You keep hearing noises behind you, feel as though you are being followed. (Encounter 1)
  • 15 – You hear commotion maybe a quarter mile away, coming from a section of forest east of you. (Encounter 3)


  • 12 – Following the lay of the land, you travel forward deeper into the forest without much trouble (Encounter 2)


  • 15 – You notice a lot of damaged foliage in the area, and can easily follow the trail Northward. (Encounter 3)

1 – The Local Druid (Social)

The Party will meet a druid named Iesha Onata. If the party has previously completed the Highway Hogs of Hickory Hollow adventure, Iesha will recognise the players and greet them cordially, referencing their previous endeavors in the woods.

As you walk along, a whoosh of rustled brush shakes behind you. You turn around to see a dark haired fox bounce gracefully through the shrubbery. The fox stretches, and begins morphing from a graceful beast into a slender woman!

“Fancy seein’ da likes of you all in ‘deese woods!” Says the dark skinned woman. “I assume you’ve been told about the problem we have here? I sure hope you’re here to help… Why else would you be a-trapsin aroun’ like a bunch of clodhopping moose!?”

Iesha Onata – Dialogue

A slender, dark skinned woman stands before you, wearing druidic robes adorned with feathers, leaves, and all manner of colorful animal furs. With a smoke of excitement, her piercing eyes seem to stare directly into your soul.

  • Iesha is non-hostile, and passive. She will not engage in combat whatsoever
  • Iesha will deal kindly with the players, poking fun at the way they navigate the woods.
  • Iesha is convinced that Hundir Turkhurst is evil, and a problem, and needs to be dealt with as such.

If asked about who she is:

“I’m a Druid of ‘dese here woods. I see myself responsible for taking care of ‘da land and seeing ‘dat ‘da forest is healthy an’ protected… Things have been OK aroun’ here for a time, but I’ve discovered a problem dat needs attention, up in the foothills north of here… That is why you’ve come, right?

If asked about her problem:

“Da forest has spoken to me… Hickory Hollow is not yet rid of da curse as we once thought. ‘Der are yet a few more who live north of here. An’, one in particular, is very dangerous… A retired ranger, and a skillful hunter named Hundir Turkhurst.

If asked about Hundir

“Da story of Hundir is a sad one… but allow me to tell you da tale I have been told. Hundir Turkhurst is an outlandish half-orc who lived peacefully in da hills north of dese woods for a time, when he encountered an individual cursed with lycanthropy. Hundir put da poor fellow out of his misery, but not before taking a solid blow from the wandering wereboar’s tusks an’ contracting da curse himself. Now, most certainly an outcast due to his condition, ‘da hunter vowed to never again enter society. For a while, Hundir suppressed ‘da desire for violence and gore that tugs at the soul of ‘da cursed… but over time he succumbed to the bloodlust of lycanthropy. The wereboar ranger has terrorized the highlands in secrecy ever since…”

“It is truly unfortunate. He had been a ranger for so long. He kept to himself, and always respected da woods here… to think he’s the source of this evil. What a sorrowful shame…”

If asked about potential solutions:

“We must put an end to Hundir, as he attempted to put an end to da curse himself long ago. This curse will only continue to spread so long as it still exists… and Hundir is da source! He’s the one who gave ‘da curse to ‘dose bandits in ‘da first place! So long as Hundir still roams the foothills, innocent people could still be gettin’ hurt… or worse. “‘Dat’s why I need you here. It’s why I went to town lookin’ to place a bounty… I can’t do it myself. If all ‘da stories ‘dat ‘da forest be tellin me are ture… I don’t stand a chance alone. But… I gotta try. I can’t sit around and do nothing… So what do you say? You gonna help me hunt down Hundir? Or, are you gonna let this evil keep existing?”

If asked about Hundir’s location:

“I don’t spend much time outside of da woods here… the heights have always been the half-orc’s territory! Not mine. I assumed he was doing his part up ‘dere. I can take us ‘dere. but I’ve never ventured any further ‘dan ‘da first few foothills. I never had a need to before… It wasn’t ever my responsibility. sigh* seems like it’s about to be…”*

…How to find Hundir:

“We’re gonna have to travel north through da forest. The journey should be relatively easy, and once we make it to da foothills were gonna start lookin for clues about where Hundir could be livin. He may be a lycanthrope, but he’s still a ranger. It’s not easy to find a ranger in their home terrain. But of course… Druid magic certainly helps. So you comin wit me or what?

If asked about a reward

“Look, I’m a simple forest living druid… I don’t have much… But if you help me out, I’ll give you some specialty hickory wood medicines, a few of my own hand crafted potions, an’ I'll even send along one of my trusted animal companions if you wish it…”

2 – Hoggish Hoodlums (Combat/Social)

The Party will encounter a stray group of wereboar attacking a lonely treant in the woods. The party must intercede to save the treant or the wereboar will eventually destroy it. Saving the treant can lead to rewards and help navigating the forest.

You follow sounds of thrashing and yelling to the edge of a small clearing in the trees. Before you a group of three Hog-like humanoids maniacally wave flaming torches beneath a walking tree-like creature. The tree has a face, distraught with fear. (Make a DC 12 Nature or History to recognize the monsters).

You see one of the wereboar hurl a large glass bottle at the Tree, and it shatters on impact, dousing it’s trunk in an oily brown liquid.

“You want some more, you stupid piece of rotten lumber!?” Laugh the pig men. “What’s wrong ya big dumb stump!? Afraid of a little fire!?”

The wereboar wave their torches near its branches, ducking past swinging limbs and weaving between its trunk-like legs as the huge tree creature swings to and fro in a panicked stupor.

Combat 1 – The Wereboar Hoodlums

  • Upon seeing the party members, the Wereboar Hoodlums will immediately attempt to light the treant ablaze, and attack the party members without remorse.
  • If Iesha is traveling with the Party, the Wereboar will recognize her and prioritise her over party members, attempting to stop her from aiding the Treant.
  • The Wereboar will fight until they realize that they will lose. This will cause them to flee into the woods.
  • The Treant starts the encounter with only 80 of it’s 140 max HP. It will spend it’s actions attempting to snuff the flames that set it ablaze, but will be unable to do so on it’s own. The Party must find a creative way to douse the flames, or it will take a continuous 24 (4d6+12) fire damage at the start of each of it’s turns.
  • If the flames are doused, the Treant will attack the Wereboar Hoodlums, but will not stray much from its place in the center of the tree clearing.
  • The Treant will not attack the player characters, unless directly threatened.
  • If Ieasha is traveling with the party she will recognise the Treant, and will attempt to immediately aid it, and will not engage in combat with the wereboar.

Speaking with RootBerry the Treant

If the party successfully saves the Treant and defeats the wereboar, they will have an opportunity to speak with the Treant as an NPC. RootBerry the Treant will thank the players with immense gratitude. The Treant will offer information about Hundir Turkhurst, and offer to travel with the players to their destination.

RootBerry the Treant – Dialogue

A huge deciduous Treant lumbers before you. It’s branches are speckled with little white flowers and deep purple berries. Two large trunk-like legs creak and crack as it bends down to meet you eye to eye. It’s wooded face smiles with gratitude, and belows in a slow, deep, and gruff voice, ”I am RootBerry, and I am at your service. It is… uncommon that the little one needs to stand for the larger one. I humbly thank you for your bravery and kindness. Truly… I am grateful.”

  • RootBerry will aid the party by sharing magical berries from his branches. Once per hour, RootBerry can cast the spell Goodberry.
  • RootBerry does not believe that Hundir is evil, as he has seen Hundir do good things for the forest. RootBerry believes in redemption and restoration.
  • RootBerry will offer to travel with the players to Hundir’s supposed location, but will not leave the forest basin.

If asked about who or what He is:

“I am a treant… I have lived in these woods for many years… though, in all my years I have never seen anything disturb the peace quite like these poor accursed people. I really wish it did not have to come to such painful conflict.”

If asked about the Wereboar:

“Hmmmmmm… Poor fellows, driven mad by their affliction. So sad to see. I pity them.” The treant rubs his smoldering trunk. “Hmmph. I do not think they realize the severity of harm they do… As much as I wish it were not, discipline is necessary to protect the forest. How… unfortunate. If only they saw themselves redeemable, rather than slaves of their curse.”

If asked about Hundir:

“Ohhhhh… You seek the ranger to the north? Hmmmm. I have not seen him for quite some time… years perhaps. Hundir truly befriended these woods, and I had many-a-fine conversation with him. A remarkably responsible fellow… He resides in the heights if I remember correctly. Why is it that you seek him?”

(party answers)

“Ohhhhh… oh no. How troubling. Such a good hearted individual like Hunir, succumb to the sufferings of evil? I feel… sorry for him. Though, he may not yet be lost.”

If asked about dealing with Hundir…

“Hmmmmm? You think the mere struggles of a man are what defines his identity?” The Treant stands tall, stretching his limbs and gazes northwards over the treetops. In a much more serious tone, he answers:

“I am no humanoid. But, I do understand struggles and pains. In order to develop great character, one must be pruned. Cut to size. Tempted. Tested. Only then does an individual actually produce goodness. It is not the struggle itself that defines the individual, but instead one’s choice to learn and grow from it. RootBerry squints, and grunts. Immediately, a clump of gleaming purple elderberries sprout from his branches. He gracefully lowers them down before you, offering a refreshing snack. “A tree cannot bring its fruit into the world, unless the sapling first struggles through a long time of difficult growth. Sometimes, a tree must endure much cutting and splitting for it to grow to its fullest. It may seem evil to the tree, and it’s hardships may even come from evil… but it does not make the tree evil. Why… This forest has pruned ME over a course of many, many years. I would not be the Treant I am before you, if not for the hardships that both natural AND supernatural provided me.” The Treant looks down at you all, assessing your reactions. “Does this make sense to you?”

Dealing with Hundir Continued…

RootBerry squats, lowering his leaves and limbs, getting as close to each of you as possible. His deep dark eyes glint with ancient wisdom. “Listen closely… An individual is NOT defined by the struggle that he or she endures. They are not even defined by how they choose to respond to their struggles. No… they are defined by whom their MAKER has made them to be, and the fruits that they produce after the pruning is finished. Even the sickest of trees, when pruned properly by the master that planted them, can heal and produce the finest of fruits.” RootBerry stands. With composure like that of a sage, he bellows firmly, “You have a curse of evil origin to deal with… But as you go forth as fellow protectors of these woods, understand this: Discipline is necessary, but final judgement is not always ours to make. To heal and grow, one may need to be deeply cut, but not destroyed. Even those most enslaved to evil, when forgiven and given an opportunity for growth, can become the greatest of the good. I hope you will make the correct choice, when the time comes to make it. Now. Let us head northwards… Shall we?”

  • RootBerry will happily entertain questions about the woods, and his origin as a Treant.
  • If Iesha is with the party, RootBerry will confront her assumptions about Hundir, but will concede that the decision of Hindir’s fate is not his to make, He will leave that responsibility with the party.

3 – Traversing Hickory Hollow (Exploration / Skill / Combat)

In order to reach the foothills of Hickory Heights, the party must travel for about 18 hours through the forest. After about four hours of traveling, the party will begin to encounter various woodland hazards:

You travel peacefully through the woods for about four hours, when you notice your journey becoming more difficult, as natural obstacles present themselves. The hollow’s natural bends, dips, and twists are challenging to maneuver through, and the fawna seems to tangle thicker and thicker with each step.

Woodland Hazards

Hickory Hollow is filled with natural crag like elevation changes, sprawling thorns, strange overgrown ferns, and all manner of crunchy things that fall out of trees. Some good. Most bad. Player characters may encounter some, none, or all of the following Hazards;

  • Hickory Hollow’s Creeks n’ Ditches
  • Sprawling Thorn Buschel
  • Dangerously Beautiful Shrubbery
  • Poisonous Lichen Patch
  • Aggressively Mischievous Squirrels
Traveling with Iesha or RootBerry

It’s possible that the party has successfully recruited help from Iesha the Druid or RootBerry the treant. Traveling with either of these companions offers the following benefits:

Traveling with Iesha

  • Iesha will travel with the party, but will not engage in combat, explaining that she is not combat experienced.
  • Iesha can grant players advantage on skill rolls associated with avoiding or overcoming various woodland hazards. She can only grant advantage to one character at a time, per hazard or encounter.

Traveling with RootBerry

  • RootBerry will travel with the players, offering to protect them as they protected him, assisting them however necessary with woodland hazards.
  • Once per hour, RootBerry will cast the spell Goodberry without the need for material components, and will offer the berries to the party members.

Hickory Hollow’s Creeks n’ Ditches

Woodland Hazard

Various jagged ravines and ditches cut through the landscape, many of them filled with water and muck.

Effect. Any creature that attempts to cross a creek or ditch must succeed a DC 12 Athletics Check to jump over the 5-to-10 foot gap, or fall 10 feet and suffer one of the following effects;

  • Ditch. The creature takes 3 (1d6) bludgeoning damage and falls prone, as they tumble downwards.
  • Creek. The creature becomes soaking wet, and must make a DC 12 Dexterity saving throw or lose one of their items in the water. It can use an action to make a DC 18 Perception Check to recover the lost item.
  • Mud Pit. The creature becomes restrained in sticky mud. It can use it’s action to make a DC 14 Athletics or Acrobatics check to escape the mud pit.

Sprawling Thorn Buschel

Woodland Hazard

A 15-foot-by-15-foot thicket of large thorns blocks the path, and it’s branches will clearly poke and scratch any creature that attempts to run through it.

Effect. Any creature that runs through or up next to the Sprawling Thorn Buschel must succeed on a DC 14 Strength or Dexterity Saving Throw to move through it or take 5 (1d10) piercing damage and fall prone as the vines trip the creature. The creature must also succeed on a DC 14 Constitution Saving Throw or become terribly itchy for one hour; the itchy creature has disadvantage on all Stealth, Perception, and Survival checks for the duration, as they become incredibly distracted by the horribly itchiness.

Dangerously Beautiful Shrubbery

Woodland Hazard

A large colorful shrubbery with beautiful flowers covers a 10 foot square patch. It’s petals seem almost phosphorescent, as if twinkling in the light. Looking directly at the shrub feels strangely hypnotic…

Effect. Any creature that can see the shrub and moves within 10 feet of the Dangerously Beautiful Shrubbery must make a DC 16 Wisdom Saving Throw, or the creature becomes charmed. While charmed by this spell, the creature is incapacitated and has a speed of 0. Each affected creature takes 12 (3d6+3) points of psychic damage at the start of their turn.

  • The effect ends on an affected creature once it takes damage, or another creature uses an action to shake the affected creature back to reality. The creature must then look away from the Dangerously Beautiful Shrubbery, or make another Wisdom Saving Throw.
  • A DC 16 Arcana Check will inform a character that flowers like these are commonly used as the phosphorescent material component for spell Hypnotic Pattern, and can be sold for a good price.
  • A DC 15 Nature Check will inform a character that looking directly at the flowers is a bad idea…
  • A DC 10 Survival Check will allow a character to harvest some of the plant’s flowers; The check must be made at disadvantage, as the character must actively avoid looking at the shrub or suffer the effects of it’s hypnotic petals. The flowers are no longer hypnotic once removed from the shrub.

Poisonous Lichen Patch

Woodland Hazard

An unnaturally thick patch of spindling lichen covers the trees, brush, logs, and fallen branches of this area. Fungi-like spokes stick into the air, as it’s yellowish base clings to all surfaces around you.

Effect. A crusty yellowish lichen covers nearly all surfaces in a 30s-foot square area. A creature can make a DC 13 Acrobatics Check to walk through the patch without touching the lichen. If touched, the Lichen grows rapidly, crawling over the object or creature that touched it. Any creature that touches the lichen must make a DC 15 Constitution saving throw or take 11 (2d10) poison damage and become poisoned for 1 minute, as the lichen’s poisonous spores infect the creature’s flesh. While poisoned in this way, the creature takes 5 (1d10) poison damage at the start of each of its turns. The creature can repeat the saving throw at the end of each of its turns, ending the effect on itself on a successful save.

  • A DC 16 Nature Check will inform a character that Any amount of fire damage instantly destroys a 5 foot patch of Poisonous Lichen, but creates a poisonous smoke cloud that disperses 20 feet in all directions. Any creature that inhales the smoke must make the same DC 15 Constitution saving throw, or suffer the consequences as if the lichen were touched.
  • A DC 15 Medicine Check will inform a character that this lichen could be potentially harvested to concoct poisons with, thus making it a valuable ingredient for both poison creation, and antidote creation.
  • A DC 18 Survival Check will allow a character to harvest some of the poisonous Lichen without suffering the effects of it’s poison, or destroying the tools used for harvesting.

Aggressively Mischievous Squirrels

Hidden Monster (see stat block)

You hear an annoying chattering coming from the trees above, when suddenly something bonks you on the head. Then, many more tiny things bonk you on the head some more. Small creatures bounce excitedly from tree to tree, disappearing behind clumps of branches and leaves.

Effect. Aggressively Mischievous Squirrels live high above in the Hickory Trees, and will throw things at any creature that enters their territory.

  • A DC 15 Perception Check can spot the creatures.
  • A DC 16 Intimidation Check can spook the critters, causing them to run away for a short time.

Aggressively Mischievous Squirrel

Tiny Beast, Chaotic Neutral

Armor Class 16 (11+5) (natural armor, covor)

Hit Points 1 (1d4-1)

Speed 30 ft. Climb. 40ft.


4 (-3) 16 (+3) 10 (+0) 4 (-3) 9 (-1) 3 (-4)

Skills. Stealth +5, Perception +4

Senses. passive Perception 14

Languages —

Challenge 1/8 (25 XP)

Squirrel Climb. The Squirrel can climb difficult surfaces, including upside down on ceilings, without needing to make an ability check.


Multiattack. The Squirrel makes two attacks with Acorn Toss.

Acorn Toss. Ranged Weapon Attack: +6 to hit, range 30 ft., one target. Hit: 1 bludgeoning damage.

Taunting Chatter. Any creature within 100 feet that can hear the squirrel must succeed a DC 13 Wisdom saving throw, or receive disadvantage on all ability checks made until the end of it’s next turn.

Resting and Camping through the Night.

It’s very likely that the players will need to camp through the night while traveling. The DM can use this opportunity for role play with NPCs or to spring a random woodland encounter on the party.

4 – Finding Hundir (Exploration/Social)

After the party makes their way through the woods, they will come to the base of the heights. The foothills are an area of hills, bluffs, and cliffs. They must make their way through the cliffs and ravines to find Hundir the Hunter.

The dense woods disperses as you finally make it to the northern edge of the forest. As you step past the last few trees, your vision falls to the onsetting hills at the base of a small mountain. The bluffs and foothills of Hickory Heights stand about a quarter mile ahead of you. In the distance, you see a few rising pillars of thin grey smoke.

Following the Smoke

The players should be able to easily follow the smoke up into the hills. For extra difficulty, the DM can have the players roll Athletics, Nature, Survival, or Perception checks to overcome potential obstacles. Either way, the smoke will lead the players to Hundir’s location in the heights.

Meeting Hundir in the Heights

Once the players enter the ravine where the smoke is rising, read the following text to initiate a Social Encounter with Hundir:

You walk northwards into the ravine towards the smoke you see rising in the hills. Your journey takes you up in elevation to just the base of the mountains. Jutting cliffs stand out all around you, and as you walk even closer, you can see the sources of the smoke. Upon the hills above you, sit 3 large campfires… sometime about their dancing flames seems slightly unnatural to you:

  • Arcana 16: The flames are not burning the wood naturally, some sort of elemental force is keeping the fires burning.
  • Religion 16: The color and smell of the gently rising smoke reminds you of the incense burned in cleansing rituals done by druids, ancient oath paladins, or nature domain clerics.

Approaching Hundir

You step closer to inspect the fires, when a flaming arrow comes searing through the air and lands directly at your feet. Starting a patch of grass aflame. Out of the shadows cast by the cliffs above steps a grizzly, yet slender Half Orc. He grips a massive orcish longbow, and a huge spiked club is slung across his back. A deep, firm and steady voice calls out from the ridge,

“You are trespassing in dangerous territory, and I will not give you multiple warnings. Leave.”

Hundir Turkhurst – Dialogue

A thin yet muscular Half Orc, clad thick in animal furs and leather stands on the ridge above you. A dark hood shades his eyes, and his skin is covered with short grizzled hair. From his bottom jaw jut tusk-like teeth. He scowls at you with disdain and frustration, awaiting your obedience to his instructions to leave.

  • Hundir starts the encounter non-hostile, but unfriendly towards the party. He will speak directly, without kindness or courtesy.
  • Hundir is stubborn, short tempered, and impatient, both bothered and frustrated by the party’s arrival. He does not want help from the players, and will ask them sternly to leave.
  • Hundir is stricken with guilt over his condition. He feels directly responsible for the bandit problems in the woods, even if it was all accidental.
  • Hundir is a skilled and experienced wereboar ranger, and an extremely dangerous threat to the party. He will not hesitate to prove it to the players through force, and will attack the party if prompted.
  • Consecutive successful Charisma Checks will soften Hundir’s attitude towards the party, as the DM sees necessary. He will not attack if the players make peace with him.

If asked if he is Hundir:

The Ranger looks surprised at the mention of his name. “Yes… I’m Hundir. But I am still nobody of importance to you… just a ranger. Now heed my instructions. Leave.”

If asked about his lycanthropy condition:

His brow furrows, and a grimace of impatience stretches across his face. “My condition is no concern of yours, and whatever your intentions for seeking me out matter not. My guilt is my own and I am preparing to make amends. Now, I will not ask you again… turn back, and leave me alone.”

If offering to help him rid his curse

“You’ve come all this way to help me…?

I don’t believe you… not in years has anyone come this far to even see me, let alone help a random individual deep in the woods… you’re going to need to prove it. DO NOT toy with my mood. if it comes to it, I won’t hesitate to kill you. I can’t risk the curse spreading anymore. When I become angry, it’s a blinding rage that I have no control over. If I hurt you in my state and you live… you’ll become just like me. It’s not worth it. Please… Leave while you can and DON’T PUSH ME.”


“Alright… I suppose there’s no reason for arguing. But if you betray my trust I can’t promise my temper will stay controlled…

“Like I said before, you’re trespassing. If you truly wish to help me, then you’re going to need to put your lives on the line… it’s the only way to rid me of the curse at this point. So… this is your last chance. Risk your lives, or leave now. I won’t force you to leave… but I will not willingly ask for you to stay.”

– Steps to Cooperating

“So you’re staying then? Alright. Let me explain:

I’ve tried Greater Restoration… It failed. Something else is causing this. Something deeper, and darker. This curse is more than a burdening disease… it’s an essence. Something truly evil has invaded this land through me. The cleansing process is going to be painful, but necessary.

“The Bonfires I have set here will be channeling portions of my own life. They’re connected to me. They are giving me strength… However, I can turn them to do the opposite. When I finish my ritual, they will draw life from me instead. The fires will pull out whatever essence that causes my condition. Whatever form this essence takes, We’re going to need to destroy it after it’s been pulled from me.

“Are you ready? You are doing this by your own will… And for your final warning… I will not hesitate to kill you if for whatever reason you should become cursed yourselves… Stay focused. I’ll begin when you tell me.”

FAILED CHARISMA Checks or Uncooperation

“Hundir roars with fervor, as he draws and notches an arrow on his bowstring with unmatched speed. He loses the arrow with both might and precision. (ATTACK ROLL at PLAYER) “You FOOLS! I gave you enough warnings, but you prodded and toiled! You will not stoke my anger any longer. GrrraaaAAHHHHH!” You watch his muscles stretch as his hair grows ferociously, and his teeth extend into gnarled tusks. “This is YOUR FAULT! You deserve this, coming all this way looking for trouble! Well YOU’VE FOUND IT NOW! YOU will NOT leave these foothills alive!”

Combat AGAINST Hundir

If the party willingly angers Hundir, or fails their attempts to cooperate with him, Hundir will attack the players, and the party will proceed to COMBAT 2

Cooperating in Hundir’s Ritual

If the party successfully speaks to and cooperates with Hundir, they can assist him in his ritual to cleanse himself of the curse, proceeding with COMBAT 3

Combat 2 – Defeating Hundir

  • Hundir is a Level 12-14 NPC Ranger.
  • Use Arcana, Religion, or History Checks as the DM sees necessary to discover the following;
  • Hundir’s Bonfires allow him the use of his Legendary Actions while the Bonfires are still lit and functioning.
  • While still lit and functioning, Hundir’s Bonfires can keep him from dying outright. Instead, the Bonfire will go out and sustain Hundir.
  • While in his lycanthropic rage, Hundir will fight to the death. He will not show mercy to players, and will attempt to kill them.

Combat 3 – Cleansing Hundir

Hundir walks to the center of the ravine, and kneels down. He begins to chant an incantation you’ve never heard, and the flames of the bonfire rise violently. He howls in pain, but continues to chant and pray. From the fires emerge swirling spectral boars with red glowing eyes… The curse has manifested, and it’s about to charge you down.

  • Once Hundir begins the cleansing ritual, He will drop to 20 HP, and a Spectral Boar will be summoned at each of his Bonfires.
  • Each of Hundir’s Bonfires will host a single Spectral Boar. Once a Spectral Boar has been defeated, the Bonfire that hosts it will snuff out.
  • Once all of the Spectral Boars have been defeated, all of the fires will snuff out, and Hundir will be free of his lycanthropy curse.
  • While focusing on the ritual, Hundir will be unable to fight or take other actions. If Hundir drops to 0 HP during the combat, he will fall unconscious, the ritual will fail, and Hundir will not be freed of his curse. The players will not be able to try again. If Hundir regains consciousness, he will angrily tell the players to leave him and to never come back. He will believe that he is beyond saving, and will flee deep into the mountains…

Adventure Resolution

The players will have either defeated Hundir, or cleansed him of his curse, thus snuffing the source of the lycanthropic curse. Assuming there are no more wereboar loose in the woods, Hickory Hollow and Heights are free of the curses destruction.

With a solid blow, your enemy falls to the ground. You take a deep breath knowing that it’s finally over. The curse has ended. Well, unless of course one of you has contracted it yourselves…

Either way, Hickory Heights is freed from it’s burden of lycanthropy, and the woods will be much safer without cursed individuals roaming free. Thanks to you, Hickory Hollow will no longer have a Hog problem.

Finishing with Iesha

Iesha will be glad that the curse is dealt with, wether you have or have not kept Hundir alive. If the players successfully cleanse Hundir, she will apologize to the players for her arrogance, and offer them a double reward as a token of gratitude.

Finished with Hundir Alive

Hundir will not have much to reward the players with, but will offer to return to society, potentially becoming an ally NPC of the party if they are to ever travel in this area again for any reason.

Final Conclusion

Assuming that none of the players have contracted lycanthropy themselves, the curse is dealt with, and the players should feel good for exploring so far and dealing with such a dangerous threat.


The players might have collected some of the following materials while exploring the woods:

  • Up to 100gp worth of Phosphorescent Flowers
  • Up to 100gp worth of Poisonous Lichen.
  • Various other resources found while exploring
Rewards from Iesha

For defeating Hundir, Iesha will allow each player character to choose ONE of the following options (TWO if Hundir is cleansed of the curse):

  • 2 Potions of Healing
  • 1 Potion of Water Breathing
  • 1 Potion of Animal Friendship
  • Iesha’s Periapt of Health
  • Iesha’s Shillelagh Quarterstaff
  • A non-combatant (tiny) animal companion


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  • Wizards of the Coast and D&D for the amazing job they do providing RPG Content for us to use!
  • Original Story Written by Amplus Ordo Games
  • All Maps and Handouts were done by Amplus Ordo Games using Inkarnate
  • PDF Formatting done using The Homebrewery


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