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The Jellicle Isles: Helping me and my friend writing for a Cats inspired campaign

Content of the article: "The Jellicle Isles: Helping me and my friend writing for a Cats inspired campaign"

I will soon be co-dming with a wonderful writer friend of mine. We made an offhand joke at our first discussion session about running a game based on Cats 2019 (we were going to see it that night) but… then we started talking and… Yeah, now were going to write a Cats inspired campaign. NOT a oneshot, a CAMPAIGN! And I would love your help.

Aobha, Andy, Zoe, Eoghan, go away.

What we Have Planned

The Tabaxi of the Menagerie Coast (this is set in Exandria but very lore lite) gather once a year on the Twinpeak Isles (called by them the Jellicle Isles) to gather and trade and celebrate and compete in the Jellicle choice, where 4 winners will be selected from various trials, and be sent off to the Heavenside Island.

Heres whats actually going on… The Twinpeaks were once home to a pre calamity civilization of catfolk who subtly worshipped Tharizdun. When the islands were devastated by the divergence, a single demon remained on the 2nd island, Jellicle (a Nabassu). Jellicle fed on the souls of all who dwelt on the island, demanding sacrifice through chase and games to tire its victems. Eventually, a sagely Tabaxi came along and with their power managed to seal Jellicle on the Heavenside Island, in an elaborate mansion like maze. While hard, it is not impossible for Jellicle to escape, so the lineage os sages (now powerful fiendish warlocks who steal Jellicle's power). Make annual sacrifices of adventurers to the island, to keep Jellicle content and happy.

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So the party will be competing to travel to the heavenside island and achieve eternal happiness, and the players think the campaign will end there. But then it will bloom into a second arc of horror survival.. hehe.

So at the moment we have a party of 3-4 level 5 Tabaxi. They will begin their first session traveling to the Twinpeak Isles only to be told by a whacky fisherman cat (a survivor of heavenside driven mad) they better race to the islands center if they wanna be selected for the trials.

What We Need Help With

So as we continue to write this, I would like to hear peoples suggestions on how to flesh things out. Here is a list of what im looking for:

  • A list of 5th Edition monsters with cat themes (willing to lightly reflavor)
  • Descriptions of what this ruins turned village looks like (thinking ancient massive objects to reflect Cats weird proportions)
  • Ways to make it feel whimsical, silly, but have those unsettling uncomfortable undertones that make Cats so good.
  • Ideas for Tabaxi NPCs (must have a name, an epithet, a reason for coming here and what they think the Heavenside Island is)
  • Ideas for trials and competitions for the tournament

And if you have any other questions or ideas feel free to speak up!

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