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The Keg Coliseum, a unique recent for your players to enjoy

Content of the article: "The Keg Coliseum, a unique recent for your players to enjoy"

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Located in the rougher part of the city, is a tavern with a unique attraction. In the Keg Coliseum patrons fight each other without weapons, and are actively encouraged to drink and break furniture. The Coliseum is not very well known, and the owner intends to keep it that way, as it is illegal to host what essentially a fight club. The patrons being able to fight in the tavern is able to work due to a local wizard, using the mending cantrip to repair furniture. The wizard keeps to his room, studying away from the chaos of the fights in the lower floor. Every morning, he’ll begin mending any damage done to the furniture.

Rules – The violations of any will result in a ban (possibly indefinite) from the tavern. 1. No weapons and no magic, fists, furniture are allowed. 2.No killing, you will be charged with murder, even if accidental. 3.If you knock someone unconscious you leave them, and allow the staff to treat their injuries. 4.If someone is not participating in the fighting, don’t attack them. 5.Drinking is not only allowed, but encouraged.

This is a fun subversion of the usual tavern or inn players expect. I wouldn’t use this as a first meeting place for players, and would save it for later in a campaign. I would also encourage you to tweak the specifics of the tavern, such as why the wizard is staying there, and to have other hooks to entice your players to discover. This location also works if the party has characters that would enjoy a good bar fight, or characters who would rather avoid it, and have to enter for plot related reasons (in my campaign the wizard has important information). And be sure to really describe how chaotic the fighting is, these aren’t organized fights or matches fought by professionals, these are everyday people blowing off steam by hitting each other with chairs and breaking tables.

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