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The Laughing Goolock

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> Be me, Half-Elf Fighter 3 newbie. First one-shot, first time ever playing.

> Be not me DM, Necromancer, and Barbarian

> Especially be not me, Laughing Warlock (Laughlock)

> Laughlock's player says shit like "We are all family in my master's eyes" and half of his IC dialogue is laughing. He's also creepily smiling the whole time, and says the character is smiling when even when he the player can't hold the face.


> DM sends us to a creepy basement, we fight giant rats led by a were-rat. Standard stuff, were-rat turns human again after he's defeated

> Laughlock casts Spare the Dying.

> whendidwere-ratsbecometrustworthyallies.png

> Laughlock's player said before we began that he kinda expected to be killed by the party, so I was like 60/40 to killing him, more if he tried anything when the were-rat woke up.

> We ask Laughlock about his "master's" nature

> "Purple swirled with emerald"

> realhelpfulanddescriptivetherebud.jpg


> Flash forward to final battle against evil mage

> First turn, Fireball. 4 allies we picked up are toast, as well as Necromancer.

> didyouknowpeglegsgivenegativedexmods.gif

> I forget action surge exists and only throw the one axe, Barb charges and does a good amount of damage, Laughlock spares Necro.

> Evil Mage casts Cone of Cold, 37 dmg against me and Barb. I fail the save, and we're both down.

> We have to hope Laughlock kills this Evil Mage.

> He casts Phantasmal Force to buy time, avoid being the target. Phantasmal Force manifests as a 10ft T-Rex

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> Necromancer bursts out laughing

> Evil Mage wastes a turn attacking the T-Rex, and dies the next turn.

> Laughlock spares me and barb, as well as the allies that aren't ash.

> I ask Laughlock who his patron was after the game ends

> The fucker has Barney the Purple Dinosaur as his patron.

> He asks all the people he spared to join his happy family. Oh fuck.

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