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The Missing Lynxs(Campaign 2)

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Be me: Kin Kitsune Summoner, Saturo Kitsune Druid (Cohort), Arallas (Kin's Eidolon)

Be not me: DM, Moon Song Ponykind Rogue, Hiss'r Drakeling Psion, Seyr (Hiss'r's Familiar) Darius Forgeborn Psion, Ari Gunslinger Kobold (absent)

Session opens.

Recap of the last session and our plans to begin hunting a new and dangerous creature.

DM notes that there's a map available at the Hunter's Guild to help us find the creature. Explains that the forest periodically rearranges and so a current map is hard to come by and valuable.

Kin and Hiss'r go to interview the survivors and the medics that have treated them to get a sense of what the creature may do.

Light chatter out of character where I learn I'm the only party-member who doesn't drink

We learn the creature does acid damage and has hooves from the medics and learn it appears to be a skinless warhorse that may have a rider and that some of the wounds could have been from an axe.

I suspect undead or demonic in nature… DM tells us to roll whatever knowledge checks we think are right. Lots of rolls and DM describes how there's several things that it could be.

DM mentions one of the creates has a corrosive breath attack and we recall the medics said the survivors had corrosive damage to the lungs… that's certainly narrowing it down.

Hiss'r's player manages to nail down that it is Nuckalavee while Moon's player was suspecting it since the description of the horse body.

Hiss'r heads to the library to bring the correct guess of Nuckalavee from being meta-knowledge to character-knowledge.

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Hiss'r finds a book on it and we learn the weaknesses and offenses that we need to be aware of.

Party divvies up our remaining party gold and we get the weapons we need to deal with this

Several minutes of discussion of how special materials work as we kit up.

Kitted out we make our way to the nearby town on the outskirts of the forest, a safe journey so close to the capital and two days later we arrive.

We check with the villagers and no-body has seen anything like our intended target but nobody has seen it. So into the forest we go!

We travel not all that far into the forest and then make camp… Hiss'r takes first watch.

Not great rolls… and Hiss'r soon spots a pack of creatures sneaking up on the camp.

The party is woken up to a pack of Bonesnappers.

Arallas isn't with us as Kin had gone to bed.

Hiss'r begins tranqing them with sleeping toxin as Moon wakes the party.

Kin channels his extraplanar connection to call an Electricity Elemental to aid them against the minor threat… using control over initial position to give it flanking against one that closed in before his turn.

Saturo also makes use of the flanking with his newly bought Cold Iron Scimitar before backing away from the snappers.

They a few more approach and one of the nasty little buggers manages to bit Kin!

Lightning elemental waltzes up and fails uselessly at it but Kin steps back and pokes out its eye with a blowdart crit!

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A few more decent rolls and the minor threat is gone.

Moon and Kin take their watches after Hiss'rs and are thankfully uneventful

In the morning Kin summons his Eidolon and they are off again after breaking down the campsight.

We make our way northword around the edges of the forest, not going too deep in as it was primarily spotted at the forests' edge.

After a day of searching we make camp and… all goes well. Seems the denizens of the forest learned from the bonesnapper's mistake.

Our rogue tries to track the beast and immediately gets lost… good thing we have Hiss'r who can actually follow tracks.

In the middle of the night we're attacked by a new foe wishing to try where the bonesnappers have failed

Must roll perception to be awoken by the sound of Hiss'rs tiny shouts.

It wakes Moon but not the rest of the party… and all but two of them seem to have disappeared.

Saturo wakes up as Hiss'r is looking about for the attackers.

Followed shortly thereafter by Darius.

Saturo wakes Kin as Hiss'r explains we're under attack by 'huge cats'

We prepare for the worst but when the next attack comes we find it to be Missing Lynxes!

Saturo nails one with Faery Fire to keep it from re-invibile itself.

Moon wiffs hitting them through displacement

First round goes decently for them… though the damage begins piling up as the battle goes on.

Saturo quickly paints the other Missing Lynx with Faery Fire. No more dodging!

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We were all set to wipe them out with no real damage… then Saturo shatters his brand new Cold Iron Scimitar we just bought for this hunt wiffing against the last one

Even with Saturo shattering his band new sword things don't look good for the Lynx being surrounded and all its visual distortions negated

The Lynx is quickly dispatched and we get back to camping.

Session end.

Previous Session

Meet the Party

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