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The Mistake of allowing a home brewed use of Soul Cage and liberal use of Dream

Dungeon Master and a level 13 party consisting of a Dragooner, a

Necromancer and a Hexblade Warlock. The Dragooner and

Necromancer used a class page found online so while not an

entirely home brewed campaign, the precedent was there.

In an encounter towards the end of one quest, the Warlock

befriended an enemy goblin named Groggy. The Warlock

protected the goblin from the rest of the party and asked the

goblin to come along with them. To which he nervously agreed.

What other choice did Groggy have?

In the very next encounter, the goblin was immediately killed by a

Mummy. As if he planned for this exact occurrence, the Warlock

cast Soul Cage on reaction. Trapping the goblin soul in a small

silver cage he’d previously crafted.

The other players asked how the spell worked and wondered why

the warlock would bother. The Steal Life HP gain seemed to make

sense so they went onward without additional questions.

Shortly afterwards the Party boarded a train conducted by two

Dwarves, Roth and Urty, then headed to their next destination. A

two day journey.

Since it has been the first time the Warlock used the spell, he

asked the DM if he could retain the soul in its cage for the length

of the train ride instead of its 8 hour duration. Assuming little

harm could come of it while they simply rode on a train, the DM

agreed without question. The error.

During the downtime on the train, the Party got to know the two

dwarves. They heard about their life back home and how they got the lucky job of conducting the train. When the DM asked the

Dragooner and Necromancer what they’d like to do with the

downtime, they spent it by practicing skills or reading spellbooks.

When it was the Warlocks turn he said that he’d like to do one

thing each night after everyone goes to bed.

‘I’ll wait until I’m sure everyone on the train is asleep, then I’d

like to cast Dream on Urty the dwarf.

In the first dream, a terrible monster is attacking the train,

ripping it to shreds. That is until he sees a dream version of me

attack and kill the beast. Saving us all.’

Again, seeing no harm in the idea the DM agrees.

The next day begins and turns past to the other players who

again have questions for the dwarves or present new ideas on

how to pass the day. They go back and forth with the DM

mentioning how Urty looks a bit shaken but otherwise fine.

When we get back to the Warlock he asks the DM

‘At this point is everyone asleep again?’


‘Good. In this dream I’d have it so Urty is being directly attacked

by the same monster.’

‘Urty gets to make a WIS save…..which he fails.’

‘Great. While he’s under the dream spell, I’d like to move over to

his bunk and stand next to it.’

The Party and DM all became visibly concerned at this point.

‘As he’s being attacked, he sees a vision of me swoop in, defeat

the monster and rescue him. Once it’s all said and done, in the

dream, I turn to him and say “I’ll always protect you.”’

Looks of confusion littered the table.

‘When the dream ends, back in the real world, I stir Urty from his

sleep and when his eyes focus on me I say again “I’ll always

protect you” while I put the Soul Cage of Groggy to his lips and

try to pour it in.’

Concerned silence across the table

‘Do I succeed?’


‘Once I’ve poured the soul into Urty I place my palm over his

mouth to hold it shut.’

The DM at this point feigns a struggling, gurgling dwarf.

‘Then I bend over and place a kiss on the back of my hand, while

staring directly in Urty’s eyes, looking to see if the soul took hold.’

‘Ok…ok… yeah so after some time convulsing you see him kinda

calm down but he’s basically in a trancelike state.’

‘I say “Groggy are you in there?”’

The DM again feigns convulsions, joylessly doing the RP, and then

weakly says ‘…yeesss…’

And that’s how ‘Gurty’ became the newest member of our party.

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