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The Munchkin’s Are Coming, And We All Best Be Prepared When They Do

Content of the article: "The Munchkin’s Are Coming, And We All Best Be Prepared When They Do"

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For those lucky few unfamiliar with what a Munchkin is, here's a bit of backstory.

Back in the ancient age of 3.5 DnD, certain races got bonuses based on size. Small races very often got bonuses to AC and Dex, so power-gamers would pick those over other races to better maximize their stats and abilities. People who chose these classes solely for the power trip were dubbed a "Munchkin" due to their characters always being small.

While not every person who chose these races was a Munchkin, every Munchkin chose these races. When playing a smaller race stopped being so favorable in new editions, the would-be Munchkins became other races, like Half-Elves. The royal bloodline of Munchkins was thought lost to time, but now… they're coming back.

Tasha's Cauldron has presented a similar opportunity for power-gamers today in 5e. Mountain Dwarves get a +2 to STR and a +2 to CON for their Racial ASI in addition to their other dwarven features. This might seem like a lot, but it's balanced by the fact that STR is a very specific stat only useful for certain classes and doesn't transfer into a lot of other skills. At least, it was balanced.

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Tasha's new approach to Racial ASI's and Racial Proficiencies means that Mountain Dwarves can swap either of their +2's to any other stat and swap their proficiencies around.

To make things clear, mountain dwarves will start off with:

  • Two +2's to any stat.

  • Darkvision.

  • Dwarven Resilience (which gives them advantage on saving throws against poison).

  • Dwarven Combat Training (Proficiency in the Battleaxe, Handaxe, Light Hammer, and War Hammer. Especially powerful because the proficiencies can be interchanged to other weapons and tools now due to Tasha's).

  • Dwarven Armor (Proficiency in Light and Medium Armor which can be interchanged).

  • A Tool Proficiency (can also be interchanged).

  • Stonecunning (which isn't that powerful).

  • Common and Dwarven (which can also be interchanged).

Sorely tempting for an optimizer, isn't it? Mountain Dwarf is now one of the best races with unlimited versatility, and it is my theory that the Munchkins will return as Mountain Dwarves.

The time of the elves is over

They are coming

EDIT: Apparently I needed to clarify that power-gaming didn't stop existing when Munchkins went away.

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