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The new magic items in Frostmaiden

Content of the article: "The new magic items in Frostmaiden"

Obviously big spoilers for Frostmaiden. Just the existence of some of these items are very telling.


Lantern of Tracking
It lights up when a creature of a certain type (Aberrations, Celstials, etc.) enters a rather large radius.

Thermal Cube
Keeps you warm.


Orc Stone
Summon an orc buddy to fight with you a few times.

PSI Crystal


Cauldron of Plenty
You can make some stew out of water a few times a day.

Hook of Fisher's Delight
Submerge for a couple hours to pull up a random magic fish. One of them lets you snipe someone from 120ft away and knock them prone.

Professor Orb
Sentient orb. It's really smart and has expertise, but only in "four narrow academic subjects." It can also cast mage hand, but only to carry itself around.

Very Rare

It can create cheap, non-magical goods. Think Forge Cleric's channel divinity but not limited to metal stuff and less value.


Scroll of Tarrasque Summoning

Scroll of the Comet
This is the DnD equivalent of "fuck that place in particular." Drop a rock from outer space on one location with a huge destructive radius. Tons of damage to creatures and structures. Doesn't do anything to magical items (so you can still go pilfer the place afterwards.)

Ythryn Mythallar
This thing honestly seems like an artifact. Here's the artwork included with it. Can be attuned by multiple creatures, and everyone has to agree to use any of its properties. Can fly, dragging along with it any matter in a huge radius, which means it will straight up pull the ground with it, so you could make a flying city out of it. Also regenerates magic item charges and control weather with significantly increased range. Will almost assuredly kill you if you touch it.

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Besides all those, there's also a spellbook that gives you cold resistance and comes with one of the new spells. It doesn't have a listed rarity.

Let me know if you have any specific questions, but I can't explain anything in too much detail.

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