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The Nuckalavee!(Campaign 2)

Content of the article: "The Nuckalavee!(Campaign 2)"

Be me: Kin Kitsune Summoner, Arallas (Kin's Eidolon), Saturo Kitsune Druid (Kin's Cohort)

Be not me: DM, MoonSong Ponykind Rogue, Hiss'r Drakeling Psion, Darious Forgborn Psion, Ari Kobold Gunslinger

Session open,

Following the tracks from last session, still hunting the beast.

Roll survival for tracking… Ari rolls 19 +11 mod… 30!

Hours pass following tracks Kin couldn't find to save his life… good thing we've got the Kobold & Drakeling.

Night falls as we follow the trail south… could've sworn the tracks went north last session but it's easy to get turned around in the forest.

As we make camp Hiss'r examines the tracks and learns that we're close on it's heels.

Annoying out of character rules-layering between Hiss'r's player and the DM…

Ari takes first watch as the party sets up camp. Gunner-kobold rolls well, good sentry turret.

Something approaches in the night…

Strange dino-like creature watches us from a distance.


Shaken awake, kobold's gun reduces the creature to a fine red mist!


Creatures charge from stealth to try and take bites out of us!

Ari gets bit… retorts with a shot from her dragonfire pistol.

Moon jolts awake and surges into action getting off a shot from her bow quickly.

Saturo's a druid. While animal attacks against a druid aren't common they know to roll onto their feat when something wakes them. On his feat and burning gaze turned upon the creatures.

Snoozing up until the boom Kin jolts awake reflexively reaching out for magical aid… and something answers the mud around the camp swirling and forming into an elemental, ready to brawl!

Elemental entraps the critter in it's muddy form.

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Darious awakes… seeing the situation largely under control, if a bit chaotic, they decide to save their psionic power for the day ahead.

turn order disruption standby**

The creature bites… at nothing.

Ari having dodged out of the way lines up her pistol to its head and fires!

Barely alive Moon goes to finish it off… crit fail!

Arrow goes wild and strikes Ari rather than the creature.

If you want a creature killed right you've gotta do it yourself, Saturo strides up to it and finishes it off with a swift strike from his staff.

With the creatures dead Kin dismisses the Mud Elemental and rest resumes.

The night was quiet after the first watch… a bit too quiet.

The final watch comes as the night draws near it's end…

Hiss'r gets an early start on tracking for the day as Kin performs the ritual to call Arallas to the Prime Material and the rest of the party breaks down the camp.

It was little issue to follow after Hiss'r and find them to continue the day's tacking.

The day passes uneventfully following the trail… getting fresher by the hour as we're hot on the beasts heels.

Night falls though that scarcely deters the party as we press on to face the beast today!

Party perception check

We find a section of hard rock and then no tracks after it… not good.

Hiss'r finds feint tracks and Ari discreetly points them out to the rest of the party after being tipped off to them by Hiss'r.

Initiative begins but no enemy immediately apparent begin searching for the creature

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Party splits up slightly as we look for the beast.

Kin & co fly upward hoping to get a better view of their surroundings while the rest of the party sneaks forward searching the ruined building.

Moon spots our quarry at last: The Nuckalavee

It surges past her as combat begin!

Corrosive gas emanates from the beast swiftly engulfing Ari, Darius, Hiss'r & Sayer!

Hiss'r & Sayer protected via quick casting on Hiss'r's part protects her & Sayer while Ari & Darius just have to endure.

All eyes on it… well that's a face not even a mother could love. Strength damage from it's ugly mug.

Ari get off a blast from her musket before being rendered helpless from the sheer uglyness of it.

A swift pair of darts set the Nuck loosing Strength

Arallas swoops into action as Kin Hastes the party.

Saturo buffs up Arallas' teeth to penetrate the Nuckalavee's disgusting, greasy, hide

And Darious managed an even more horrifying appearance… nearly slaying the Nuckalavee with his own frightful appearance.

The Nuck tries to axe Moon… wiff.

Hiss'r's turn… more strength damage and the beast falls.

Victory! Maybe there'll be more Nucks on the way back…

Hiss'r heals our stat damage.

Ari "Thanks, hate to feel useless like that." she says hopping up.

Kin "Your hardly useless, you puree'd the biters last night." he replies.

Moon asks about Ari's weapons,

"Guns, small explosion sends metal bit go fast and hurt a lot." Ari explains.

Hiss'r "We'll need proof that we killed that."

DM: The survivalists in the party know either head would serve as proof of the kill.

As Ari begins sawing off one of its heads Hiss'r searches the place, looking for treasure…

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Nope, no treasure.

Decide to make camp for the night.

Watches begin as we make camp.

The first watch goes by with no bother… the second the same… and for the third watch?

Nothing of note.

Break down the camp and begin heading back to the city of Yreka to claim our reward.

We arrive back in town with little trouble and the party breaks up to do what we will.

Session end.

Previous Session

Meet the Party

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