Dungeons & Dragons Online

The Origin of Ents… Sort Of.

>Be me. Newbie DM running Sunless Citadel for friends to get my sea legs. Yarr.

>Be not me. Lvl 4 party consisting of girlfriend playing half elf rogue and buddies from uni playing stuck-up elf wizard, LG dragonborn paladin, and edge-lord tiefling rogue.

>Now introducing, Meepo, friendly kobold NPC in the module I made into a DMPC bard so I can go hard on the party for the final battle.

>Don't tell the players that.

>Instead tell them that Meepo threads a few copper coins onto a metal ring and starts playing with his makeshift tambourine. Starts humming a guttural tune.

>Party gains 6 temp HP. Thanks Inspiring Leader, er, uh, Meepo.

>Players now very excited about new bard friend.

>Party sneaks through cavern undergrowth toward Gulthias Tree clearing (big underground vampire-tree) to recon the boss fight.

>They spot Belak and the Barkskin Baddiestm (Big Bad Druid and the two tree-thralled adventurers that the party is supposed to be rescuing)

>They do not spot Myrkur, Belak's Displacer Beast companion (originally a giant frog, but where's the fun in that?), slinking in the shadows of the clearing.

>Paladin marches straight up to them and does the whole Lawful Good "you must answer for your crimes" number.

>Belak thinks it's nice of him to come all the way down here to DIE.

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>Thanks to a well placed Faerie Fire from Meepo and some failed saves, fight was over pretty quick.

>After trading some blows, the paladin beheads Belak with his first ever smite (wanted to save it for something special), Meepo Shatters the displacer beast into a gore fountain, and the wizard Earth Tremors the two Groot-ass looking mfers up to their waists in churned earth.

>But I still got to put the fear of Asmodeus in the rogues who took a pummeling from the displacer beast.

>Party congratulates themselves and loots the bodies.

>Meanwhile the wizard asks what they should do with the wilting tree-thralls

>Suggests watering them and putting them in sunlight.

>Girlfriend rogue immediately objects, "Do you want ents? Because that's how you get ents!"

>Party agrees.

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