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The Pandemic Struggle

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The COVID global pandemic created a number of serious problems, least of which is the engagement level of my current group. Like many others we migrated to an online platform to continue our campaign, but almost immediately I noticed a glaring problem.

Distracted players.

Without the need to leave their home for our weekly game, there were suddenly dozens of other things they could do during any lull in the action. From watching movies and scrolling through YouTube, to playing Call of Duty and Minecraft, all with their mic still active. I cannot count how many times a conversation with a player and an NPC or a description of the environment or scene has been interrupted by the sudden sounds of gunfire or complaints about their base being griefed.

As a player in another campaign which also takes place online, I honestly can't even fathom checking out in such an extreme manner. It's rude to the DM, and equally so to the party member/s your bullshit is detracting from. I'd almost be willing to accept it, if they at least had the goddamn decency to mute themselves, but even that seems problematic.

Maybe I'm being unreasonable. Maybe it's just not feasible to hold people to the standards we were used to before. Maybe this is the new norm, and if that's the case I think I'll just stay weird and take a step back from the game for a while. Sorry for the mini-rant, and stay safe out there people.

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