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The Party Learns Politics (Part 1?)

>Be me, DM for 6 zany PC's

>Be not me: 2 PC's (Druid and Bard) who were away when the party decided to check out the spooky dungeon.

>Party thought the best escape from said spooky dungeon was to bag of holdingtm themselves into the astral plane


>Anyway, Bard and Druid get a private session.

>Decide to throw some light politics at them.

>They've got a runaway Prince NPC with them, and that arc needs to get started sooner or later anyway.

>NPC is a Prince, who doubles as the cleric's sugardaddy tithebro but that's another story…

>Anyway, have an airship show up to retrieve the Prince.

>"The only honorable way to settle this is with a duel!"


>gg no re

>Captain is beaten honorably, and concedes.

>Promises not to force the Prince to return to court, and prepares to take his leave.

>Decide to use this moment in order to establish a villain.

>Politics can be confusing, gotta make sure there's at least one low-level dude who is clearly evil, and who the party can reasonably take out to win over the nobles.

>First mate of enemy airship is a Cloud Giant smiling one (Volos monster).

>Have him execute the captain almost immediately after the loss.

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>"This airship is mine now. Thanks for giving me this chance to take command, Druid/Bard."


>"Oh, wow, thanks for siding with us, Mr Giant!"


>"You should come with us! We could use a second airship to help save the party!"

>Wait wait wait…

>Also have him recommend that the party kill off the other crew members (5 redcaps who chill in an extradimensional red hat) for good measure.

>Just toss the hat in a river! We don't need witnesses telling the other nobles what's going on.

>Party is briefly aghast put off by the idea…

>"No, Mr Giant, we can just keep them tied up somewhere!"

>…they also think it's a good idea to keep cloudy boy around.

>"He's our friend, DM! We can't just leave him!"

>Realize I need to be more overt with my hints that this guy is as chaotic evil as I can comfortably make him.

>Have him casually voice his ambitions one night.

>"I can't wait to use this opportunity to seize more and more control as I climb my way over the corpses of my superiors and dismantle the entire-"

>"Oh you!" -Bard

>"DM, can he watch our house while we go adventuring?" -Druid

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>Realize the next arc is mostly political intrigue.

>Realize the party's first big lead-in is the chaotic evil cloud giant they've decided is their best friend.

>Realize the party will end up using this "friend" to climb the social ladder, all while slowly corrupting the court their prince belongs to into some sort of chaotic evil opportunist's paradise.

>Honestly, couldn't have gone better!

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