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The People’s Ascension Today at 2pm US Eastern

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Greeting adventurers and welcome to The People’s Ascension! We are an up and coming tabletop rpg channel on twitch and youtube. Our goal is two-fold: to provide an entertaining adventure series through our People’s Ascension D&D 5e campaign series, and to further the growth and enjoyment of the ttrpg hobby as a whole through our soon to come Behind The Screens series. The fifth episode of our campaign will be today (11/7/20) at 2pm eastern on twitch.tv/thepeoplesascension. Our story so far has found the adventurers traveling to a dwarven metropolis built with a dormant volcano, in the hopes of finding a warm home for a forgotten fire elemental. All prior episode available on Youtube.

This story takes place in a unique campaign setting of my design, outfitted with all the amenities of a real, vibrant world, including: A regional map roughly the size of Europe, with further inaccessible, but nonetheless potentially relevant lands off the map; a sprawling empire filled with history and political intrigue; several distinct provincial cultures; a main imperial religion, as well as regional and racial religions; a complete calendar; and several potentially world shaping entities scheming in the background. With your support, as the channel grows, more information on the world, its peoples, politics, and religions will be released. I hope you’ll join us as we continue to explore this vast vibrant setting.

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In the coming weeks we will also begin our Behind The Screens series. This series will address commonly asked questions about tabletop roleplay gaming with an emphasis on both sides of the screen. Whether you’re new to the hobby or a veteran adventurer; whether you’re a forever GM or a max level hero, I believe there is always more you can learn from examining new perspectives. In addition to general player and GM advice, this series will tie into our campaign series, at times, with actual behind the screens peeks at my planning and prepping process. Finally, my hope is to eventually address more impactful qualities of roleplay gaming, such as its effect on emotional and mental health, ways of bringing people together, and the educational value of interactive, cooperative storytelling. More on that in the future.

If this at all piques your interest, I invite you to join us every Saturday at 2pm eastern on twitch.tv/thepeoplesascension, and to visit our Youtube channel in the coming weeks to catch up on any missed episodes and watch out for our first Behind The Screens video. Moreover, if you find our cause just and our quests worthy, consider joining our community on Patreon, where a few dollars a month grants you access to exclusive discord servers, campaign episode aftershows, and patreon only monthly insights.

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I hope to see you soon for another thrilling adventure!


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