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The People’s Elbow (Tales of Varek): Part 4



Sorry for the super late update to those who read these, beginning 2 jobs is a bitch

>Be me, GM for homebrew game

>Be not me, the people who would come to be known as The People's Elbow: Kog the Goblin Artificer, Senti the Kenku Monk, Rak the Longlin Bard, Sexsix the Tiefling Sorcerer, and Arwen the Elf Monk.

>Ended last part with Rak and Arwen running away from a market stall after the former's shameless thievery.

>Arwen: "Rak, what the fuck?"

>Rak: "I didn't want to drop 50 gold on this thing, I don't even know what it is!"

>"So you stole it?"

> "Yes!"

>The two stop running a few blocks down, eventually coming back to the safehouse to find the others there, along with the man who initially brought them there.

>"Great, you're all here. Don't believe I've actually introduced myself yet, my name is Oku Weaver, of the Grin," he offers the final statement with a nod towards Rak. "Had a few scouts report that they saw some of the Chosen taking the box into a run-down house in the residential district. Take a look, will you?"

>Rak: "Of course."

>The others shrug or otherwise indicate their assent.

>Oku hands Rak a slip of paper, indicating the address.

>Rak stares at it blankly.


>Rak at this point has an intelligence of 7, his player decided that he never learned to read.

>Rak hands the paper over to Arwen, who nods and pockets the slip.

>Around half an hour later, the party stands before a ratty looking house as denizens of the residential district eye them from their porches.

>Rak: "Are we sure this is the place? Seems kind of… run-down."

>Kog: "Good hiding."

>The rest of the party awkwardly stand behind Kog, obscuring him slightly as he picks the lock on the front door in broad daylight.

>The door swings open, revealing an empty sitting room, and more rooms further into the small home.

>No one makes themself known to the party, nor is there any sound in the dark home save for the quiet footfalls of our sneaking heroes.

>The party spreads out, searching the house for clues of any activity.

>Arwen: "Not much settled dust around here. Someone cleans this place."

>Sexsix rubs her fingers together, black soot coating her thumb and forefinger. "Fireplace was used recently too."

>Rak: "So we know the place is being used. But where is–"

>"Found it."

>Rak gets cut off, leaning back into the doorway of the kitchen to find Kog standing above a trapdoor, a ratty carpet held in one hand.

>Senti lets out a confused hum.

>Rak: "Kog, what the fuck?"

>Kog: "It was under the carpet. There's always shit under the carpet."

Pt. 5 soon hopefully


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