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The probably best way to destroy buildings in DnD 5e (as a martial)

Content of the article: "The probably best way to destroy buildings in DnD 5e (as a martial)"

If you're anything like me, then you've probably at one point thought about how you want to just fucking destroy everything. Not just the monsters, but the buildings you reside in. Well I have the perfect build for you, and I'll take you by a step my step process of destroying buildings in 5e

So you'll want to make your character a Half Orc Guild Artisan Barbarian. Half orc and Barbarian is useful for something we'll cover later, but what we really want is something that guild artisan will give us.

If you are to use your tool proficiency to gain mason's tools, if you use XGTE, on page 83 or 82 (something along those lines) you'll gain the "demolition" feature. Now every attack that hits against an object will be doubled in damage. Which will bring your rather mediocre damage to buildings and objects, to pretty substantial damage.

Now let's just level up our character, the stat array doesn't really matter, just put strength as the highest. At level 4 pick up the Great Weapon Master feat, which will improve the damage substantially because the double damage doesn't just apply to dice, but the number itself. So you'll be getting a +20 damage with it alone.

Lets now say you're level 7 or something and you're allowed to buy some cool expensive weapons. To really complete this recipe of a character, you'll need to get either an adamantine Lance or Greataxe (doesn't matter, as long as it has a d12 damage die). Now the special thing about adamantine, is that on any hit with an object or structure, it'll deal critical hit damage.

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Now due to savage attack, on average (if you use great weapon master) you'll be doing <3d12+15>×2 damage per attack. Nothing to sneeze at, but it gets better, with GWP any critical hit you score you can make another attack with your bonus action. Which means you'll be able to attack objects 3 times per turn dealing and average of (assuming you hit all of them) 130 damage per turn, not bad.

Now the reason I chose barbarian over a paladin or a rogue, is that both their nuking options require a creature in order to nuke, so a barbarian would be the best sustained damage. But another reason is due to brutal critical, which will add another dice to your crit damage. And this will increase the crit die two more times at level 13 and 17.

Now lets skip to level 20, if you have a +3 adamantine Lance (since adamantine isn't inherently magical, you can get a +1, +2, and +3 version) you can deal an average of (if you hit all of your attacks) an average of <18d12+72>×2 or an average of 378 damage per turn. To put this into perspective, an average large durable cart will have an average of 27 hit points.

Now you have the perfect character for destroying castles and battleships. Now there's probably some better way, having to do with polymorph or something. But I just wanted to make a pretty easy character that'll fuck some taverns up.

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