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The Quiet Place : The Library of Oghma

The Library of Oghma is not a library in the traditional sense, it does not exist to preserve knowledge. It serves to contain it, like a prison. Located in Insert Isolated Mountain Range and created by the god Oghma to contain knowledge that could lead to the end of the universe. It is guarded by many unique traps and terrors not least of all the Quiet Ones. A cult of librarians that ritually blind themselves to prevent them from being able to gain the knowledge contained in the library. As such they navigate by sound and the party will constantly have to prioritize the quiet or risk bringing down their wrath

The Door and its guardian

The door to the Library is inconspicuous. It is guarded by a Shapechanger Golem that can transmute itself between different types of Golem when it touches the material that makes up the golem. The Golem does not need to be defeated and in the 2 times I have run this dungeon the heroes used some distractions to bipass the golem.

Inspired by a book I cannot remember the title too

The door itself has a singular riddle written on it "When Spoken, I am broken" it is written in 100s of languages all across the door. To enter the players must stand in front of it and remain silent for a round. (The answer is silence)

The Quiet Ones

Once entering the library the first party member will probably take an action. When they do describe how a hooded figure with blind eyes and a large cleaver runs into the room. Points it at the players. And leaves. After this whenever a player enters or exits a room they must succeed on a DC 10 stealth check or attract 2 quiet ones who attack until killed. Also if a player does something that makes noise 2 quiet ones come. Make the Quiet Ones strong enough the players are AFRAID of falling those stealth checks.

When I played this dungeon a few characters ran around making noise to distract while the parties rouge sneaked past into the Dark Room.

Inspired by the movie The Quiet Place

Lost in the stacks

When walking through certain parts of the library players may notice pockets that enter into various other dimensions including but not limited to

– New York Public Library, New York, The Earth. September 10th 2001

– Hogwarts Library, Harry Potter Universe.

– Unseen University Library, Diskworld

Players can always return to The Library of Oghma by going back to wherever they entered in the other dimension

Inspired by Diskworlds L-Space

The Dark Room

The dark room is where the darkest books are kept. The books here need to be physically chained to the shelves to prevent escapees. In this room books like The Book of Vile Darkness and Vecna's Diarys are kept. However to enter one must answer questions to the 3 angel statues in the antechamber of the room. The statues question is simple "why do you need to enter" if the players can convince the statues their objective is good they may enter. If not they must either turn back or fight the statues (I used some buffed priests)

Other uniqueroom ideas

Trash room with all the bodies of former adventurers

Small Reading room where the books animate and try to eat the players

Hopefully you can take some inspiration from this dungeon. Playing through it was one of the funnest sessions I have done in my current campaign. It provided a mix of horror (the quiet ones are coming!!!) and humor (Folding boat used to knock over all the bookshelves)


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