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The start of an adventure, JTR

Content of the article: "The start of an adventure, JTR"

Be me, begin a campaign with friends, Journey to Ragnarok, Norse setting

My Pg, Agnar Bromsson, blacksmithing away in the capital, have a shop, father has been teaching a lot, good life

Little brother Erland is kinda of a fuckup, didn't really get the craft, just enough to get by. Prefers chilling around, playing games and betting.

All was fine and dandy, until the Winter solstice. Festival time, to celebrate winter's beginning. Everyone is having fun, I'm chilling around and keeping an eye on Erland, as he's making a profit cheating at dices

Later in the day a stranger begins playing with Erland, now a bit richer from earlier games. The stranger is very taken and interested by how much he's winning, and compliments his tricks, Erland is shook

I hear screaming, and rush to the playing tables just in time to see the stranger go away, and see a lot of scars. In the place where Erland stood is a salamander.

Days pass, dad goes in depression. Doesn't talk, doesn't eat a lot, doesn't work.

I take over the shop, but Erland the salamander is just there, being a salamander and enjoying the heat from the forge

Realize shit can't go on like this, but can't do anything

As winter began, magic shit begins happening

Priests begin healing magically, warriors with strong faith begin smiting

While forging, realize the rhythm is strange, and magic happens, as I'm able to understand what Erland is saying (asking for a bit of meat). Bard. Only after a couple of very happy minutes realize that it's only a salamander talking, not my brother, as he happily just stays there.

He got transformed not only in body but also in mind


A year passes

Winter simply doesn't end, and sun doesn't really shine anymore

Need to travel to get better

Ask the queen to have someone watch over my father (he helped her secure power when her dad, previous king, died), and begin travelling around as my power develops

Train with a sword, and realize my rhythm can empower my hits. College of swords Bard

Get to the barrier (huge wall that separetes Norse from invading shits) south, and learn spells while travelling

Strange phenomenon, trees are strange and wilting, animals are getting more aggressive

Get back to capital after a year of travelling, as shit was getting too dangerous to travel alone

Meet with the queen, a messanger dies trying to get a message to the queen

Two crows (population of the north, allies, but quite strange and mysterious people, druids/wizards/rune, allies) manage to get the message after the guy dies from icy poison

Meet Astrid, tall crow, and Stain, strange crow

Shit going down at the barrier, and strange rivers appearing

They offer help, as queen needs a cargo of weapon shipped to the barrier

Offer myself, as my skills need to get better as my magic can't influence Erland

A paladin, acting as a hunter, stranger to the capital, wants to join. Big muscular guy, only wears pants in the midst of a 2 years and something winter

Meet Riseldur, paladin of Tyr

Also a cleric of Tyr, a timid guy, with only one eye and a shield strapped to an arm without an hand.

Meet Lapp

Party is formed, travel begins

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