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The story of how a lv2 party beat a young Remorhaz and Revejant in 1 session

Content of the article: "The story of how a lv2 party beat a young Remorhaz and Revejant in 1 session"

Edit: Just saw the typo in the title. Revenant, not Revejant

Be me, 2nd Level Gold Dragonborn Paladin

Be not me, 2nd Level Variant Elf Sorceress, NPC Dwarf Cleric Just took a 8 day voyage on a ship to try to find the cure for a disease called Frigid Woe

Sorceress spent time preparing spells, I spent time preparing my spells, communing with my God and singing sea shanties

Finally make it to land

dock at a small village

ask around for directions, learn that the vials containing blue powder that spread Frigid Woe were found in ruins about 200 miles away

DM says it’ll take about 8 days for us to walk there

Person giving us directions tells us about a Dwarf Cleric that’s an adventurer

Ask Dwarf Cleric if she wants to join us

She says yes

We start hiking

Day 1, as we hike across the frozen plains we see a small part of a creature move around Move closer, it’s a young Remorhaz


It attacks us

Start swinging at it with my great sword, do decent damage

It bites my leg and does a lot of damage

Cleric heals me

Sorceress was slinging Witch Bolts at it, takes decent damage

this is taking a while, wanna speed things up

Sorceress uses the Wand of Lightning she found in the previous session, doing 8d6 Lightning damage

Rolls high, Remorhaz dies

Rest of day is uneventful, set up camp for the night and sleep

Day 2, we continue walking

Find a dragon egg partially buried in snow, briefly consider taking it and raising it

Decide against it, leave it where we found it

Rest of the day is uneventful, set up camp and sleep again

Day 3, resume walking again

DM says we feel an extreme, unnatural cold

Use Divine Sense


DM “Roll for initiative”

Start the fight with a great sword swing with Divine Smite, roll high

”The Revenant laughs at your damage”

It’s personal now motherfucker

Sorceress uses Fire Bolt to make sure it can’t heal Revenant hits me with a right left combo, deals more than half my health

Dwarf Cleric heals me

Swing great sword again, Divine Smite again, roll high again

Sorceress uses Fire Bolt again

Revenant left right combos me again, does a ton of damage again

Dwarf Cleric heals me again

This goes on for a few rounds

Use my breath weapon, 2d6 Fire damage, get a decent roll

Sorceress uses her Wand of Lightning, rolls like 3 5s in a row

Revenant must be low health by now

lI don’t have any spell slots left, so I can’t Divine Smite, also already used breath weapon

Sorceress and I decide we’ll take the gamble and use the Lightning Wand again

He succeeds the saving throw

Sorceress still rolls high

DM “The Revenant is dead”

Holy shit I almost died like 5 times, if we didn’t bring along that NPC we would’ve TPK’d

Just those 2 encounters took us straight form 2nd level to 4th level

All agree to end the session there, it’s getting late

Ask DM after session how the encounters were determined

”Oh it was determined by dice rolls”

MFW we were unlucky enough to encounter a young Remorhaz and Revenant in the same session, but were lucky enough to kill them

Only 3 sessions in so far counting this one, first one was just some Bandits, and I can already tell this campaign is gonna be awesome. I’m still pretty new to D&D, but man I’m loving it so far! My dad used to play when he was a kid, so he’s the DM, and man he’s a great DM. If you need more proof of that, he did allow my rat throwing shenanigans from a previous 3 shot where we were trying out D&D for the first time in a long time.

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