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The Streets of Waterdeep [Backstory]

Today I bring to you the backstory of the infamous scoundrel, liar and cheat of the Southern Ward

Be me

Average looking Human, living in Waterdeep.

Be a savant in swindling, prodigy in pickpocketry, genius in glibness and master of modesty

start my day bright and early

check hidden pockets in my sleeves

make sure my knives are sharp and come free of their sheathes silently

Put coin that has heads on both sides in left pocket
and the one with tails on both sides in the right one

Lockpicks, check. Shiv, check. Back pocket full of sand, check.

Today is going to be a good day

Leave the boarding house I rent the attic in by the backdoor and make my way to work

Walking along the main road towards the market

there is money to be earned

Some people greet me with a smile on their face
"Mornin' Leadhand"
and to you good Sir. Say, those are some good looking fruits

Strike up a conversation, bringing my charms to bear
Deftly swipe an apple while admiring another one
"That'll be 4 copper bits Leadhand"
*Gasp! Thievery! Outrage! Daylight robbery! I know for a fact that an apple costs only 2 bits.

"ONE apple does, Leadhand."
Why whatever do you mean good Sir?

I pay the man and move on

On my way to work I pay full price for 2 snacks I almost managed to steal

Fail to pickpocket a passerby in front of the City Watch
Succeed in helping him pick up his coins again

One Officer is giving me an even look and approaches
"You alright there Leadhand?"
Why yes. So glad you asked Mr Lawman. I was just helping this man pick up his things
Watchman looks at my hand where I am palming a gold coin. Then looks at me eyebrows raised.
Oh, how did this get there? Here you go good Sir. Anyways I gotta go.

Making my way through the busy city like this takes a while

Arrive at my place of Work, The Yawning Portal Tavern
"Evnin' Leadhand"
Evening Durnan, how are things? I get my usual drink of choice

get ready to play cards with some very dangerous people
a spider is crawling along the ceiling to a spot where it can observe the group

Sit down at a table mit 1 murderer, 2 burglars and occasional thugs and 1 arsonist

The game is cards.

I pinch cards, double deal, bottom deal, fake shuffle and peak at their hands
They don't notice, I am just THAT good

Loose 4 gp over the evening. They laugh at my misfortune and talk about small things.

I take my leave in the late hours and begin to stumble home

bumping into the occasional passerby

Relieve myself against a building. What a long day. I hear steel nailed boots approach.
"Evening Leadhand."
Good evening Officer
"Any particular reason you are pissing against the Watch-house?"
Oops. Get manhandled a bit and find myself in one of the overnight cells.

Wait till the shift changes, wait till I am unobserved
Cast Message in the direction of the Captains desk

I tell them the Xanathars plan to knock over an Alchemist Lab tomorrow
I tell them wich one and when
I tell them who abducted the daughter of the Harbormaster
I tell them that the two bodies they dragged out of the harbor last week was an internal matter
I tell them that a ship named Swiftraven arrives tomorrow morning and has hot wares on board

I tell them everything I learned today

Next day I get released after paying the fine for public disturbance

Head home, climb up to my attic and lie down.

Smile to myself. A good days work well done.

Be Me

Ester the Leadhand

Be Faction Agent of the Lords Alliance
Be the best damned Rogue no one ever knew about.


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