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The Sunken City of Nova


Hi everyone ! I'm Axel, also known as BigDud online and I've been DMing for a few years at this point.

I recently started adapting adventures from my campaign to publish them online as one-shot modules for others to run, and I've recently released the first of those adventures online for anyone to get for free !

Quick Synopsis :

The Sunken City of Nova is an adventure made for 3-5 lvl 5 characters, and explores the themes of deep waters, ancient ruins and hidden terrors. It's designed to be ran through in one 5 hour session, but can be shorted or extended easily. It'll bring your party to the darkest corners of the ocean, where they'll search the remains of an ancient flying city to gather items allowing them to recover an artifact, locked up behind magical protections. However, they're not alone, and the apex predator of the depths considers the city as part of its territory.

As they go from ruin to ruin, overcoming challenges and managing their resources, they'll be regularly attacked by a massive shark, a Megalodon. While it won't attack them in a head on fight, it'll charge them from the cover of the sands to try and grab a meal before swimming away.

Thankfully for the party, it's repelled by some of the magics still left in the barrier protecting the main artifact, a Mythal crystal, but once that barrier is taken out, everything is fair game. The PCs will have to quickly attach buoys to it to float it back up, while the Megalodon attacks relentlessly !

The writing style :

My adventures are designed so you can pick them up and run them. All encounters mechanics and statblocks are featured on the same page as the encounter descriptions, and there are many blocks of DM advice all around the PDF to guide you through running this adventure. I also give several starting locations to give you more freedom in integrating the one-shot into a bigger campaign, or manage your time better. Moreover, there are various difficulty settings for most encounters so you can adjust on the fly depending on how things are going for your party.

In addition, all descriptions are already written for you to use, with the intent of systematically containing exposition, atmosphere building and a call to action for your players. You won't have to struggle to put them on the right track again !

If you have feedback regarding the adventure, or want to discuss anything related to how I DM it, please leave a comment and I'll be glad to answer !

Unfortunately I couldn't fit the whole adventure in the post due to the character limit ! I've written down everything up to the middle of the 3rd act, which should give you enough of an idea to see if you want to read the rest or not. If you do, if you want to run the adventure yourself, or are just interested in some of the mechanics, the lore or the DMing style, you can grab it yourself for free at the following link : https://www.dmsguild.com/product/370386/The-Sunken-City-of-Nova–A-Jawsome-Adventure-for-lvl-5-adventurers

Sample from the adventure :


While this adventure was built for my homebrew world of Zaiur, it is fairly setting agnostic, as the location in which it takes place only requires an ocean and ancient civilizations. All lore and challenges are also easy to reflavor without losing the essence of the adventure.

The Cataclysm

Around a thousand years ago, the world of Zaiur was rocked by a catastrophe of gigantic scale, triggered by very powerful and ancient magic. Entire parts of continents sunk, others being torn asunder by massive earthquakes while huge swathes of land burned to ashes and the skies darkened. As the dust settled, naught was left of the civlizations that were, leaving the world open to be reconquered. Groups reformed over the next hundreds of years, taking over the newly created lands, and starting the New Age, a prosperous period of abundant resources and naturally present magics. However, while the world was reset on the surface, there are still traces of what was before, lurking below the seas or hidden in deep caves…


A large country to the eastern side of the continent of Sildur, in the world of Zaiur. Ariath was founded around 300 p. C (post Cataclysm) by groups of humans, dwarves and elves having traversed the Theovounos mountains. It's a plentiful land, filled with resources but also with magic, and built on the backs of glorious heroes. Ariath is a kingdom, but most matters are handled by it's large, independent cities, spread across the landscape.

The Council of Stars

A council of mages led by Archmage Galvan, located in Ariathis. The Council of Stars takes care of the magical protection of the capital, manages relationships between the independent cities of Ariath, and is the leader in research of all arcane matters within the kingdom.

The Zera

An ancient race of humanoids with alien, elongated features. Theorized by some to have been ancestors of some of the current races present on Zaiur, the Zera seem to be extinct.

Were they wiped by the Cataclysm, an event before that, or are they just in hiding in some forgotten refuge ?

Many theories have been established by the few interested in this long gone civilization, and the study of their ruins has proved of great interest to magic practicioners of all kind. The presence of their ruins in remote places, deep in oceans or underground chains of mountains suggest they were capable of great feats of architecture. What else may they have uncovered, that was since lost in time ?


The sunken city of Nova :

Part of the ancient civilization of the Zera, the city of Nova fell from the skies during the Cataclysm, around a thousand years ago. Recently discovered by the archmage Galvan and his associate Argof Kin from the Council of Stars in Ariath, it has immediately attracted the interest of magic practicioners of all kind who seek knowledge and power from this ancient race.

The Hook :

A darkwood ship covered in plates of metal that seem to have seen some wear and tear. The center of the deck is the home to a large wooden crane attached by ropes and bolts to the ship, which helps load and unload cargo, as well as move heavy objects.

NPCs :

This adventure features few NPCs past the opening section on purpose. The adventure is designed as a one-shot or short adventure, and focused mostly on the party. However, if this becomes a part of an ongoing campaign or longer adventure, feel free to add your own NPCs or followers to interact with the party during the adventure.

For this adventure, the party is accompanied by a wizard from the Council of Stars, Stavros Kanidis.

Crew of the Hook :
  • Old Mappy the navigator : A very old blind elf who knows the seas by memory. Sadly, his memory sometimes fails him.

  • Uggghk, Ogre Cook : A gentle soul with a single thick hair on his head. The food he cooks looks disgusting at first look, as he has no taste for presentation, but it's actually very nutritious and flavorful.

  • Herbles : An old dwarven man with numerous burn scars and an appreciation for things that go boom.

  • Doc Sawtooth : A three-fingered goblin surgeon. The epitome of function over looks, Doc Sawtooth can fix you up, but you might not look the same once he's done.

  • Dave, deckhand and guide : A positive and gently voiced man with a wife and two kids waiting for him at home. He's actually the guide for the first part of this expedition, as he's been blessed by a god of the Sea to be able to alter self gills and fins at will thanks to his help in defending a triton town from great danger several years ago.

The wizard from the Council of Stars :

The Council of Stars has sent a wizard with the party to help them find the ruins of the city, and discover its secrets.

Stavros Kanidis is a middle-aged male dwarf with a round belly and a loud stomach. Through his thick black hair and beard, he is a friendly and welcoming fellow from Ariath who definitely shows his lack of subtle and refined manners. He spent the last 30 years working at the Ignosi Enclave in Bouthraikastro, studying the titans and the civilization of the Zera.

Running Stavros :

Stavros is a part of this adventure as a means for you, the DM, to influence the pacing of the adventure during the game. He is not necessary to the completion of the adventure, and should not become too useful to the party, to not undermine their efforts. For example, if the party is capable of investigating the nature of the power crystals by themselves, Stavros shouldn't intervene.

However, if the party is stuck, lost, or if for any reason you need to move them along to the next part of the adventure, Stavros is a great tool to tell the party "It's time to go now".

Unfortunately for him, Stavros is also a great target for the first attacks of the Megalodon. Nothing better than seeing the mage that came with you get eaten in front of your eyes to show that the threat is serious !

Stavros Kanidis, Mage

*Medium humanoid, neutral good

  • Armor Class 12 (15 with mage armor)
  • Hit Points 35(5d8+10)
  • Speed 30 ft.
12 (+1)10 (+0)14 (+2)16 (+3)14 (+2)12 (+1)
  • Senses passive Perception 12
  • Languages Dwarven, Common, Undercommon, Celestial
  • Challenge 4 ___ Spellcasting. Stavros is a 5th-level spellcaster. Its spellcasting ability is Intelligence (spell save DC 14, +6 to hit with spell attacks). Stavros has the following wizard spells prepared:

Cantrips (at will): ray of frost, light, mage hand, prestidigitation

1st level (4 slots): detect magic, mage armor, comprehend languages, expeditious retreat

2nd level (3 slots): misty step, levitate

3rd level (2 slots): water breathing, blink, dispel magic

Highlighted spells are the ones most likely to be useful during the adventure.


This adventure is designed to fit pretty much anywhere in an existing campaign, and to be easily shorted or lengthened depending on the time frame you have for your game.

Here are a few suggestions of starting locations and situations.

Starting in port :

The party has already met the NPC that sent them on this mission whether it is Galvan or whatever NPC took his place in your world. They meet the crew, have a few moments for roleplaying before leaving with the ship.

They not only have to find the artifact they're looking for within the city, but also find the city itself !

This is a great opportunity to run a few nautical encounters on the way : pirate attacks, storms, heavy fogs and kuo-toa thieves are all on the menu.

This starting setup will allow for better integration into a longer style of game, as well as for roleplaying opportunities with the crew, but will take longer.

Starting on the boat :

This is what I recommend as a starting point. The party has already arrived at location with the Hook, and are ready to come down to the city.

This starting setup allows for a quick start into the action, and makes it easy for you as a DM to pace the adventure. However, it comes at the cost of roleplaying opportunities with the crew, and Stavros will likely be the main NPC the party will interact with.

Starting in the sunken city :

The party has already gone done to the city and found the main location of the adventure. The adventure starts as they are first attacked by the Megalodon, after exiting the introductory building.

This starting setup is the fastest of all, simplifying the adventure to its core components. It allows it to be run in 2-3 hours or potentially even less, but loses some atmosphere building and roleplaying opportunities. If you're really running low on time, consider skipping one of the main buildings and having the second crystal be already set up next to the magical barrier protecting the Mythal.

Hooks : If you're running a campaign and you need ideas to involve your PCS
  • An artifact that the party is searching for might be within the city
  • A specific piece of information might be located within a temple that's suspected to be around the sunken city
  • A creature that is hunted by the party lives near the city (e.g the Megalodon)
  • An allied NPC has a grudge against such a creature and wants to kill it / is trying to research it
  • A vision from a god showed the fall of a flying city, sinking below the seas. Maybe a PC will find answers to their questions there.

ACT I : The Descent

After a few days of travel, the party arrives at the location of the city. There, they're equipped with gear to weigh them down, long ropes to bring them to the coral reef, as well as the magical balloons supposed to bring them back to the surface after the mission. Dave wishes them good luck and leaves them at the top of the coral reef. From then on, they'll have to go alone with Stavros Kanidis.

The coral reef

"Sinking below the waves, you slowly feel the temperature drop as the rays of sunshine disperse amongst the salty waters. For a second, you hold your breath in, unsure if the spell worked, but quickly your lungs start to burn and you give in, your mouth filling with a familiar briny taste. The weights push you down further and further in, until around 150 feet in you start seeing something approaching below. Still somehow lit from above, you spot various colors, reds, blues and greens forming what almost seems like ground. Only a minute into your descent, you know this isn't the seafloor, but only realize what it is as your come closer, and see numerous fish emerge from nearby crevasses and holes, only to flee at the sight of your presence. Below your feet, a massive coral wall has grown within the ocean, and you're standing on it. In the distance, you're welcomed by the deep sigh of a whale, somewhere in the vicinity."

There is some room for roleplay here, if some of your PCs are interesting in wildlife in general, or if some of them are somehow related to the ocean.

Once that's done, show them to the edge of the coral, around 300 ft further. There, trudging above the colorful flora and fauna, they spot their next destination : straight down.

"You get closer and closer to the edge, eventually standing at the very top of this great wall. Below, descending almost vertically towards the sea floor, the coral twists and turns, but seems to stop almost unnaturally. Light only reaches about 150 more feet before it is too faint to allow any real scouting. The abyss is waiting for you."

Encounter : 2 chuul juveniles :

As the party starts to descend towards the city, at around the edge of the Twilight Zone (around 600 ft down), they spot two shapes in the distance, standing below them on the edge of the coral. This is their first introduction to some of the creatures they will encounter over the course of the adventure.

Chuul juveniles

"Two tall crustaceans stand on a small promontory above the dark abyss below you. Around 5ft long, quadripedal but exhibiting two large claws at the front of their body, they appear to be devouring some large fish. You see tentacles writhing around their alien mouths as they tear the flesh from the body. Oddly, it appears the fish is still alive, but somehow partially paralyzed, as you see only one of its fins managing to wiggle, trying desperately to escape. They are unaware of your presence so far."

The chuul juveniles won't engage the party if they stay at a distance, but they will defend their food if the party approaches.

After having avoided them or dealt with them, the party can continue their descent.

"Your fall continues deeper and deeper, the light fading more and more until it's pitch black around you. A few minutes later, you eventually reach the bottom of the coral wall, two thousand feet or more below the surface. Sandy hills constitute the ocean floor here, their grains carried by the currents to obscure your vision all around you."

The seafloor is pitch black, and visibility is limited even with light. The entire area is considered lightly obscured for all creatures from 60 ft, and heavily obscured after 180 ft.

Introducing the megalodon

This is your first opportunity to introduce the Megalodon and instill terror in your players. As the party makes their way towards the ruins, make sure to have the environment be very still and react very little to their actions, except for a few deep rumbles in the distance.

If the party makes a lot of noise or something that could attract the Megalodon, it will come closer and investigate. Don't hesitate to describe something moving at the edge of their vision, in the shadows. Make them claustrophobic and paranoid !

Megalodon mechanics

When I run this adventure, I like to abstract the mechanics of the Megalodon as it comes to harass them while they're moving around the ruins.

As they exit the buildings, I either roll a dice with a number of dice equal to the number of PCs and choose a target that way, or I manually choose someone who's been making noise or who'd be the most noticeable (e.g bleeding).

I find abstraction easier than having to adjudicate distances and movement in a theater of the mind environment. However, if you're more comfortable doing the latter, you can use the statblock for reference.

ACT II : First Ruins

The city of Nova :

The party trudges forward, reaching the first signs of a change in terrain. This is the edge of the ruins.

"You walk and swim, and at last find the first sign confirming you're on the right track. Coming out of the ground, through the sand banks, are portions of dirt and rock that have been smashed together and formed into whole blocks the size of a small inn. Pushing through this strange landscape, you spot what is unmistakeably worked stone, forming artificial shapes that have been broken into bits by some intense impact. The colors are faded and hard to see in the darkness, but you discern greens and dark greys, sometimes blues, definitely reminding you of the architecture you're looking for. Soon, you catch sight of one small building, still standing, and seemingly functional. Its exterior blasted open by a violent shock, but the interior almost intact, you see what seems to be a workshop or a laboratory of some kind. To the front of it, and encompassing the entire entrance, a thin shummering barrier appears to still be powered and stopping water from entering the building. To the side of the barrier, at the front, a small encasement rests empty, while a few feet away from it, you see a very faint light emerging from below a bank of sand, like something buried there still possesses energy."

The laboratory :

This first building serves as an introduction to the power crystal mechanic of the adventure, and to the lost civilization of the Zera (or what you changed it to).

Near the opening of the door is a small power crystal that should immediately be spotted by the PCs. If inserted into the slot on the side of the door, it will depower the Wall of Force and allow the party to enter the building after strong currents of water push in. The force of the water entering the building should break some of the stone away, and shift the building, creating a loud vibration and noise in the vicinity. This will alert the Megalodon to the presence of the party if it hasn't noticed them yet.

Loot :

The laboratory contains a number of alchemical tools that are smashed by the rushing waters, as well as a number of potions that mostly suffered the same fate. However, some of these objects might have survived the shock ! Additionally, it might contain some gems and other valuable objects, or other interesting baubles of your choice !

Examples of loot :

- Two healing potions and a potion of Lesser Restoration - An unbreakable set of alchemist's tools - Several colorful gems inscribed with simple magic runes (bundle worth 150 gold to a wizard) - Some parts of an Iron Golem, unfinished but partially enchanted (might make an interesting project for the party) 
Lore :
  • If the party came here looking for information, they might find some in the few books that have survived the passage of time.

  • This is also a good opportunity to tease the location of the Mythal.

The first megalodon attack :

As the party is pilfering the workshop, the megalodon strikes for the first time, ramming the building. The ground shakes as it tips over the side, forcing the party to avoid some of the falling debris.

Have the party roll Dexterity saving throws, DC 10 to avoid taking damage. On a failure, they take 1d4 slashing damage, and got slightly cut by some of the loose stone.

If the party spots the Megalodon by rushing outside the building and seeing what's around :

"Squinting through the clouds of sand, you can barely make out a shape in the distance, slightly darker than the rest of the landscape. Swimming away from this location, you see massive shadow, waving a large back fin left and right as it fades into the background, out of your sight. Something is around, and you've attracted its attention."

If someone was hurt by the falling debris :

"You touch your shoulder, still bruised from rock hitting it as the building was pushed to the side. As your hand leaves it, you notice a slight touch of red, gently floating in the water."

The party might panic for a bit, or want to discuss their next plan of approach. Give them time for the moment, because it will only make it more stressful and tense once they don't have that luxury anymore.

Once they are done planning, or they've been here for a few minutes, lead them on to the next act.

ACT III : The Barrier

Leaving the first building, the party continues on between the pieces of destroyed buildings, making into into a denser section of the city. Numerous broken piles of worked stone are visible all across the sea floor, varying in sizes, as they approach the center of the city.

Eventually, they spot what they're looking for :

The Mythal

"Continuing within the crumbled city, you eventually reach a section where few buildings have landed. Instead, the floor seems to become stone itself, as you see in the distance a large structure, shining a bright light into the dark waters. Seemingly held together by strong magics, the spire-like construction has kept the smooth stone below it safe, and has landed in one piece, still standing vertically in an incredible feat of luck and possibly enchantment. To the front of it, an open entrance seems to lead into a large foyer, through which you discern the glimmer of another barrier, this one glistening with an intense green. Behind it, floating in the air and slowly spinning, you spot a blue-ish shape."

As they get closer

"You get a better look within the building, behind the barrier, and are now able to ascertain : this is certainly the object you've been looking for ; the power coursing through it could not be something else. You've found the Mythal. Unfortunately, it seems to be barred from access, protected behind a similar barrier than the one you've seen previously. Looking to the sides of the door, you spot two openings able to contain a *power crystal*, around 2 ft. tall and 1 foot wide."

The main part of the adventure:

This section is the meat and potatoes of the adventure. As the party goes around the nearby buildings to find two crystals able to depower the barrier, they'll be constantly stalked by the Megalodon, which will come harass them and try to grab one of them each time they make themselves vulnerable.

There are large amounts of cover available through the use of the ruined buildings and sections of broken rock, but also many ways it can sneak up on them. You have a lot of freedom regarding how to run the exploration sections between each building.

If you plan on running this adventure as a one-shot, I would advise keeping a tight schedule and making sure that moving between the set pieces doesn't slow down progress too much, otherwise you might have to rush later parts to get to the climax of the adventure.

However, if you're running this adventure as part of a campaign, feel free to make moving from building to building a real nailbiter ! It'll make the climax even more intense.

It's important to make good use of the Megalodon. It will come and attack at the end of every building, doing a drive-by bite and trying to grab someone to leave with. The goal is to make the party fear that it might grab one of them or Stavros, and do everything to prevent it. However, if someone gets caught, they need to have ways to escape the jaws of the Megalodon : – If it takes 20 damage in a single "round" (time can be a bit loose out of initiative), it releases its grasp on a target it's bitten. – Similarly, if a member of the party manages to surprise it in a significant way, or impede its progress, it might release its grasp on a target.

It's not fun being immediately taken out of the game, so I would recommend having Stavros be the first person getting hit and grabbed. That way, if the party doesn't manage to save him, they'll either be very intent on killing the Megalodon, or very intent on not getting caught, which works to your advantage.

Important information to give to the players :

To help make sure the party always has a way to complete the mission, add this detail to the description if someone gets bitten.

"As you get bitten by the creature, almost half your body stuck in its razor sharp teeth, you look around for any weaknesses you could use to your advantage. You don't spot any, but you do see, surprisingly, a faint green glow coming from the back of the throat of the Megalodon. it seems it's swallowed something shiny."

1. The first power crystal :

The first power crystal is located in a fairly intact building that's stayed upright, though seems to have fallen diagonally and embedded itself in the soil. It contains a few rooms that likely used to be furnished and have a definite purpose, but very little has stood the test of time.

"A regular thumping pulls you in towards a specific section of the ruins. In front of you stands a mostly intact building, designed with the same strange architecture as the rest of the broken city. Sharp angles of blueish rock rest along conic pieces of stones and inert gems, still stuck in the long forgotten walls. It only takes a quick glance to catch your attention though, as you see a familiar glow emerging from the inside. You also catch a very warm current coming from the structure."

"Entering the edifice, you spot a number of rooms, mirrored to the left and right of a deep corridor. Pieces of shales and stone seem to be drifting through the water. You spot the culprits immediately : steam geysers have poked through the ocean floor after it was broken by the impact of the fall. At regular intervals, every few seconds, they blast a strong jet of water upwards, slamming the rocks against the ceiling before they gently come down. Access to the mirrored rooms to the sides is easy, but traversing the corridor might prove risky. Unfortunately for you, it seems the strong green glow is coming from that direction, and you barely spot a diamond shaped crystal held in a small pillar in the distance."

Only one of the rooms to the side of the corridor is important to the encounter. You can use the others to add lore, loot, or introduce new mechanics to the adventure. You can even spread out the contents of the first room along multiple rooms.

The room contains three things : lore regarding the Zera, a species of animals that will be a part of this challenge, and an alternate passage to reach the end of the corridor.

Regarding the lore, it can be found in an enchanted book that has somewhat survived the impact and the passage of time, on engravings on the walls, on stone tablets, or in whatever shape your setting demands. For my setting, I've used stone tablets in the past. Here is the information your players can find : – The Mythal was used to keep the city floating through the air. – It was created through a very intense ritual requiring many spellcasters. – It's protected against almost everything, and was kept at the center of the city. – It seems that animals generally avoided the vicinity of the Mythal, likely due to the powerful magical aura it emits.

The room also contains a new type of fish : heat leeches.

Heat leeches are parasitic fish, looking like small, red-ish slugs with a small pair of fins to the sides. They're very slow moving, and their bodies are weak, but they have an important particularity : they can survive on heat only. Heat leeches seek any sources of heat in the depths of the ocean, then stick themselves to it using their hooked teeth and two small hooked claws. Once that's done, they suck the heat from the source at a regular rate, until the host is dead, or they're taken out. If a host dies while leeches are attached to it, they use it to sprinkle in their eggs, and their younglings hatch within the husk of their victim.

Heat leeches have found this location due to the high heat it emits, and have been sticking themselves to the walls of the structure to absorb their warmth. Fortunately, few fish come in the vicinity, which has limited their population. Unfortunately however, the presence of such powerful sources of heat has created a tolerance in the leeches. They seem to be very attracted to the party.

Along the side of the main hallway, passing behind the wall in what seems to have been another room connected to the end of the corridor, is a passage that can lead to the power crystal. Its walls are covered in heat leeches, and passing through it will surely attract their attention.

After the party spends some time in the building, the Megalodon shows up, having followed them here. It rams the building from the side like it did with the last, tipping it over slightly more. It maintains integrity and stands strong, but it creates a problem : the geysers are now at a different angle, pushing some of the rocks and ruins directly towards the power crystal !

A piece of stone flies in its direction, hitting it and cracking it slightly. It releases small sparks of energy in the waters around it, and while it seems to be holding on, who knows for how long it will as other pieces of rock are soon sent flying in its direction again. It needs to be recovered or made safe before it breaks.

Encounter : timed obstacle path to the power crystal :

In this encounter, the party must either reach the crystal before it breaks, or simply stop it from being broken. The corridor is 150 ft long, with the party starting 30 ft in. That leaves them with 120 ft to cover, if they want to go through the main gauntlet.

Optionally, they can opt to go through the side passage, requiring an additional 30 ft detour, and for them to deal with the heat leeches.

Going through the main corridor requires avoiding the geysers and the rocks propelled through the air.

I would recommend running this section through theater of the mind, using a simple ladder to represent progress made, but if you prefer using a map anyways, I made one available in the document.

Make sure to reward your players for being creative, and don't hesitate to add complications if you feel it's too easy !

Most characters have a movement speed of 30 ft, which is halved underwater. That means a normal character can reach the end of the corridor in four moves by dashing.

We can adjust the difficulty of the challenge by changing how many rounds the crystal can hold, the DCs and the effects of failure for skill checks, and the number of complications.

Complications : at the beginning of each round, roll a d6. On a number lower than the complication risk, choose a complication from the list.

Recommended difficulty settings :
  • 6 rounds before the crystal breaks
  • DC 12 Dexterity saving throw if within 10 ft of rocks to avoid them as they're thrown around ; 2d10 bludgeoning damage on a failure.
  • DC 14 Stealth, Athletics (or a relevant skill ; adjust the DC accordingly) to sneak past the heat leeches
  • Complication risk : 2
Adjusting difficulty :
  • Easier challenge :

    • +1 round before the crystal breaks
    • -2 to skill check and save DCs
    • -1 complication risk
  • Harder challenge :

    • -1 round before the crystal breaks
    • +2 to skill check and save DCs
    • +1 complication risk
Complication ideas :
  • A swarm of biter fish have been disturbed by the impacts ! Everyone within 10 ft of their path to the exit of the building must find a way to avoid them or suffer 3d6 piercing damage.
  • The falling rocks have blocked the passage to the power crystal. The party must find a way to clear them, or go past them.

  • The unstability of the power crystal has caused it to emanate a pulse of wild magic. It creates one of the following effects :

    • A 30 ft sphere within the building becomes filled with ink. The area becomes heavily obscured.
    • Blasts of ice are thrown around the corridor, bouncing on the walls and freezing portions of the water. Choose 3d6 5 ft cubes within the building. They are now filled with solid ice that blocks passage.
    • Wild magic has merged with the super heated water of the geysers, forming it into a living being ! 1d4 Steam Mephits appear within 50 ft of the crystal.

The encounter is complete once the players have claimed back the crystal and made it safe from harm. This is their first key to the barrier.

Don't forget to have the Megalodon pay them a visit as they're exiting the building ! It's been keeping an eye on them and it'll charge them as they go back into the open ocean.

This is as far as I can go while keeping within the character limit and ending the post at a reasonable point. If you've read all of this, thank you ! The link to the rest of the adventure is at the top of the post (it's entirely free).

Have fun running it !


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