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The tale of Arc

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Arc was not a typical RP fuckup, no, this was a payer instigated fucking unnatural disaster, an event which destroyed a city and ended all hopes of a cohesive plotline, spiralling into a bad end. The sheer magnitude of the mistakes made are incalculable, the chaos of the fallout impossible to understate and was something literally nobody knew was even possible. The only way to describe Arc is Arc, I cannot truly give it justice but I will try to my upmost ability.

To give some context this was in an online superhero RP group called Harvest and Hellfire, an original setting which was a reboot of a past attempt which was just as chaotic to say the least based on Worm and a few other superhero stories. Sanctuary was a city in Africa which the players chose as the starting city, I was Kuro, a ninja based hero who is currently serving 5 years for paralysing a dude for life, but that is a story for another day. Now Arc was the name of the big good of the city, a completely accidental product of a villain player making some unfortunate rolls against a cop which caused him to gain superpowers, specifically the power to cop better. Dick Arc was overworked, underpaid and the most stubborn, best bastard I have ever known, encapsulating everything a cop should be and more. Things were going great, we were unravelling the plot of a local warlord to take over the city with super mind control drugs, Dick became the local commisioner and all seemed more or less going swell. Then Arc happened.

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Arc was the name of a villain who wanted to frame Dick, who was hired by the warlord to smear his name. He committed serial killings then painted the name Arc in blood, but was quickly apprehended by police. After being apprehended he used his power to try to kill the police, inadvertently trapping himself and would have died unimpressive and unimportant, then a hero came onto the scene. Dr. Ignis was a healer, and apart from a being a healer he had fire powers, fire powers that were basically impossible to use non-lethally. He attacked villain Arc, who used his power to reflect the fire back at him, killing Dr. Ignis gruesomely in the process finding a way to escape. Now, this happened to all be filmed, and as far as witnesses were concerned the hero opened fire on a helpless trapped person in a car, who used his power in self defence. The reputation of the local heroes immediately plummeted, but all was not lost yet, then more came to the scene.

A bunch of people arrived, including the brother of villain Arc. The heroes tried to arrest Arc again but only ended up making the situation even worse, appearing like they were bullying a more or less innocent man who simply acted out in self defence on charges which were not provable at the time. Naturally the brother sided with the villain, which then led to an escalation culminating in a fight. The brother, Keeper, was a cool dude, loved a good fight but didn't want to kill. He would have been non-lethal, but due to being ambushed with lightning by a hero at the scene became furious. He tore through the heroes at the scene, one of which being the good cop Arc. A huge lethal fight erupted, all sides were going all out. Unfortunately Keeper proved too strong for the heroes, and though he himself was knocked out his minions and clones that he summoned with his power were still able to fight, and thirsty for blood.

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Dick went down as he lived, a stubborn bastard. Even when impaled from both sides by Keeper clones, tied down with wooden tendrils and at a -20 in HP he managed to keep going on sheer willpower. He used his last word to try to convince Keeper of the truth, and failed, by 1. In the ensuing chaos the city fucking fell apart. Due to this the warlord no longer needed his old plan and simply took control in the chaos, public faith in heroes fucking plummeted and we were all exiled to zombie-infested asia. The worst part is every step of the way this could have been avoided, all of this went down due to a combination of bad rolls and bad choices. Now the name of Arc is a name rightfully associated with fear, the city is a dystopian nightmare and all because one man decided to attack a serial killer.

RIP Dick you beautiful bastard, may you finally get that vacation you needed in heaven

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EDIT: Neglected to mention that the cops which arrested evil Arc weren't even going for him for the murders, he just kinda bumped into them due to a dice roll and was arrested

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