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The tale of two Arcs

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This is a tale of fuck ups, bad dice rolls and even more fuck ups.

For context, this happened on an online superhero RP using a homebrew dice system where players get to play both heroes and villains instead of the players collectively working together.

The story starts with a group of villains who managed to get into a fight with some cops. One particular cop managed to roll so well that he triggered a mutation and gained superpowers himself. What power did he obtain? Police Intuition. Not only did this one cop manage to obtain a power but he gained the power that made him a better cop. To understand how ridiculous that is, all powers were decided by pressing the random button on the superpower wiki.This one NPC became known as Richard Arc, or Dick Arc. The greatest cop to have ever blessed the city.

Fast forward a few days into the RP and Dick Arc has climbed the ranks and became the commissioner for the police within the city. His power and position allows him to become every villain’s worst nightmare has he passively boosted every cop in the entire city.

If things stopped right there then everything was all fine and dandy but no. A player who’s been sitting out for a while decided he wanted to play a serial murderer to see how long it takes for him to get either killed or caught. His backstory was that the local crime lord hired him to keep Dick Arc busy. Simple, easy and without much thought. The name of this character? Arc.

We all thought it was going to be a simple case of villain Arc getting caught easily and that was the end of it but boy were we wrong. After a few killings, villain Arc got arrested by cops. What for? None of us are entirely sure. Maybe he just looked shifty and wanted to ask him some questions? Regardless, villain Arc got arrested for seemingly no reason.

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With there being no out and no way of him being able to take on eleven cops boosted by Dick Arc, villain Arc surrendered and was handcuffed and put into the back of a police car. That was the end of it is what we all thought. There was no way villain Arc could escape from this. Then Arc decided to use his power, Spatial imprisonment. With the driver locking up for a moment, the car quickly crashed allowing villain Arc the opportunity to escape.

Now the cops at the time survived but with the driver locking up, they quickly assumed that Prison Arc was a super and called the heroes. The first hero to show up was a player by the name of Dr Ignis. A hero with the power of esoteric fire generation.

And now we get to the part where everything went to hell. You see, Dr Ignis made a terrible mistake of attacking the villain with lethal fire. The villain who’s currently handcuffed and of no apparent threat. Villain Arc, wanting to save his own life, uses his spatial imprisonment power to catch the power and shoot it back at the hero. All in an area where people could see what was happening and record it with their phones.

Thus, we now have a hero burning to death from his own flames by a man who simply acted in self defence. Any cop at the scene instantly dropped their guns and disavowed Dr Ignis’ actions.

All that needs to happen is for the villain to be set free and the heroes will gain a massive hit to their credibility but with it being at least somewhat salvageable. Except that another player walked onto the scene. A player who’s known for responding to villain attacks just to have a fight. A player who’s known for picking fights with nearly every other hero in the city for fun and winning. A player who just happened to be villain Arc’s brother.

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Villain Arc takes this moment to tell his brother that the heroes are trying to kill him, completely souring any sort of relationship the brother had with the heroes. So who shows up next? Dick Arc. The super cop who’s just the only person who’s able to put together the clues and realise that Villain Arc’s powers match what has happened to the victims of the recent murders.

Now they’re at an impasse. Dick Arc wants to take villain Arc into custody despite the optics looking like villain Arc is just an innocent man that the heroes wanted dead. This… simply made things worse. The brother was adamant that if villain Arc gets taken then he will surely be killed.

A few more heroes showed up, backing Dick Arc in taking villain Arc into custody… until a certain hero showed up. An esoteric lightning hero that decided to sneak attack the brother. That was it. The trigger was pulled and diplomacy was no longer an option. The brother who was once a fight loving fool just decided that he was getting villain Arc out of here even if he has to walk over the corpses of the heroes.

And walk over a corpse he did. A corpse of one called Dick Arc. Got his neck snapped early on in the fight. Once that happened, the other heroes had different reactions. One went into a flurry of rage and kept attacking the brother, one tried diplomacy again and one just simply ran off crying.

The one that tried diplomacy decided to call an end to the farce. The brother will hand over Dick Arc’s body and they’ll be free to go. The fight ended there and the clusterfuck came to a close.

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The greatest cop in the city died, the credibility of the heroes plummeted to the point of unrepair and the serial killer got off scott free while coming out of it smelling like daisies and rainbows. Oh, and you know that crime lord villain Arc was working for? He managed to take advantage of the fallen credibility of the heroes to take complete control over the city to become a warlord. He didn’t even have to use his secret plan to mind control the city. All because the guy he hired to keep the super cop busy over succeeded by an astronomical degree. You bet villain Arc got a promotion.

And that’s how a single villain managed to win so hard that he bad ended the entire city

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