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The time body swapping a tree led to the BBEG’s destruction.

Content of the article: "The time body swapping a tree led to the BBEG’s destruction."

>Be me, DM

>Be not me: Aasimar paladin, firbolg warlock, human barbarian, dwarf cleric

>Party has gained possession of a mysterious skull. They also have a mysterious scroll.

>That night, warlock discovers the skull houses the spirit of a dead wizard, by being possessed by him. By writing notes, warlock learns the wizard wants a new body.

>In tavern, innkeep mentions local carpenter was complaining last night – a travelling woodcutter he hired a week ago hasn't returned.

>Party heads to woods to investigate

>They find a clearing. Two things of interest – a little wheeled hut, and a tree that, from lumps and knots on the trunk, has a part that resembles a face.

>Hut is investigated – woodsman hanging from ceiling beam. His diary reveals that he killed himself after two nights of absolutely AWFUL wailing and bad poetry.

>Paladin takes a whack at the tree.

>"Ow! You've ruined my bark, I spent years growing that bark and you've ruined it!"

>After some back and forth, warlock gets the wizard to possess the tree.

>Wizard appears helpful, provides info on how to read the mysterious scroll (it is instructions on how to build a construct that can house a soul) but is elusive about other things, like his long term goals

>Paladin is suspicious.

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>Paladin casts Command, using the word "Confess"

>MFW the wizard fails the save.

>Wizard spirit spills all – once he had the construct body, he would have built an army, then conquered the world.

>Barbarian puts the skull on the ground, then smashes it.

>Tree's spirit (in skull), goes back in the tree, wizard spirit goes bye bye.

>"How much XP do we get for defeating the BBEG early?"

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