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The time my Rogue became a Bard involuntarily

Content of the article: "The time my Rogue became a Bard involuntarily"

be me, Air Genasi Arcane Trickster at 3rd level

has the name Pan

plays a pan flute

you know, the usual obvious bait

be not me, Dragonborn Paladin of Bahamut, Wood Elf Druid with a cat spirit and a drinking 'problem', Mountain Goblin Artificer who had his arms torn off by the Paladin to replace them with metal ones and a Cleric Pan doesn't care about because he's just a devout idiot in his eyes lmao

our mission, should we choose to accept it, is to go wander into a noble's fort and figure out what dumb ish they're up to

sneaking into a fort because the goblin wanted to kill them for killing his species

already nat 20'd to just walk away from the party to do this so ¯_(ツ)_/¯

party doesn't even realize we're gone so just argue about if the cleric has a trebuchet to assault the fort with

me and gobbo just walk in the front gate, have 5 doors to check out

tinkers with the first 2 doors to open them quietly

1st one is just a cupboard

2nd has 3 guards

who just woke up (bungled stealth roll)


Arcane Trickster my ass over to Sleep them

they all knock off for the night


during this time, the paladin decides to try and get the cleric to pull a trebuchet out of his pants

think he's a forge cleric? idfk, i'm just a rogue

cleric says he can't, paladin doubts that

cleric decides to say there has to be a trade, so paladin decides to cut down a tree with his sword

he has a handaxe he used to cut the arms off the gobbo but alright

3 nat 1s later, his sword is now stuck in the tree

2 nat 1s later, his hands are believed to be fractured

druid realizes we disappeared and sends the cat spirit after us

we coup de grace the 3 guards

meaning i ace the rolls with 6d6 worth of damage

and the goblin having to make a strength save and nat 20ing it to shut his guard up

use Message cantrip to joll with the gobbo, gobbo flips me off

good times all around

goblin proceeds to loot their bed trunks while the others catch up

druid had used her spirit to scout out the next couple of rooms and let my rogue know

what a nice lady

bust into next room accidentally (failed a dex save)

she didn't check it

3 guards in there who just saw me fail to sneakily open door

briefly consider options

1 spell slot left, may need it later to make someone laugh at something or to make someone sleep again

guards initially confused, by dm's description

i'm a rogue with a pan flute

fuck it, time to own the floor

immediately decide to stroll in like i'm meant to be there and claim i'm the entertainment tonight

dm laughs then makes me roll deception



got a blessing from a god earlier so i try to reroll with advantage

lmao no, 5


dm rolls saves for the 3 guards against my 14







somehow didn't fuck it up, everyone laughing their ass off

roll performance

somehow when goofing off with it my rolls are godlike but when i'm serious they go pearshaped

not this time, 21


1 of the guards mutters to the biggest guard there he didn't expect the noble owning the joint to do this for them

other guard didn't either but wasn't complaining

dm describes as the party hears pan flute music across the courtyard of this fort

druid sends cat spirit in and realizes i'm distracting them

2 other guards who walked out earlier also hear the music and wander in thinking 'wtf'

walk in to me entertaining the 3 guards with pan flute music

invite them to sit down then carry on

2 more saves, pretty sure dm just wanted to see me get ganked by 5 guards at this point but too self confident to worry




everyone loses it, even dm

2 guards slightly perplexed sit down nonetheless to let this 1 rogue just jive for them

dm jokes that i'm now the bard and i'd better take a level in it or i'm getting disadvantage on all my rolls for performance in the future

why not

So, what's your best support character and why is it not an Arcane Trickster Rogue? Also, what Bard College should I pick? College of Whispers is a bit on the nose… but might work with how I intend to play my Rogue.

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