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The time the dice decided to be stupid part 2: The Dice Strike Back

Part 1 here: https://www.reddit.com/r/DnDGreentext/comments/mlvxz4/the_time_the_dice_decided_to_be_stupid_and_then_a/

TLDR for that: The dice were being wonky all around and then a plot twist happens. The session ended mid fight.

Be me in 3.5: Human frenzied berzerker

Be not me: Hombrew warforged necromancer (wizard/cleric blend…somehow), Genasi mage, Human mage, Wood Elf Fighter, NPC Goliath friend(?)

Fight finally resumes

For a quick reminder, I'm flanked by two much stronger frenzied berzerkers who are Jarl and son. Son's betrothed just freed our mage.

Genasi mage uses a maximized spell against the son

Unfortunatley part of it missed, though 72 damage is nothing to sneeze at

Elf Fighter goes in to assist me and starts attacking the old jarl

Back to me, I full attack with my spiked chain

Proceed to roll a 1, 17, and 8


DM graciously ignores crit fails and the two attacks hit

Do 69 damage in total


Human mage casts a fog cloud on top of the three of us

Was visibly confused until I realized there's now a 20% chance for all in it to miss


As such, the Jarl misses half his attacks


He still does 58 damage in total


Still standing but looking hurt

Son then attacks


Misses one attack but still does 31 damage

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I am now at -1 hp

However I'm still standing because the Frenzied Berzerker gives you diehard, allowing one to live at up to -10 hp


Goliath ally attempts to shoot into the fog but is talked down by human mage

Genasi mage then turns human mage invisible. She in turn jumps into the fog

Warforged also jumps into the fog

Proceeds to attack with his glaive of spell storing and unloads a combust into the son

Does 66 damage and kills the son


It's my turn again

The dice don't like that we're doing well, so I proceed to roll a 1, 4, and 9

Due to the fog I completely miss everything


DM has me roll reflex save

Proceed to roll a natural 20

Finally some luck

DM says, and I quote: "NOOO"


Turns out the human mage attempted to cast Otiliuke's Resiliant Sphere on me, and I freaking dodged it.


Jarl attacks and I go down.


Rest of the party continues to attack the jarl

Goliath guards start to spill in

Warforged pops out to discover this and has his thralls attack them

Goliath princess is also helping

Genasi throws a fireball at three guards

Fighter gets hit a bunch from the Jarl and retreats, drinking some potions

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They eventually take out the scrubs

The Jarl remains standing

Warforged has thralls disarm Jarl

Nat 20 on hit

Nat 20 on strength check


Other thrall grapples the jarl and pins him

Warforged then attacks for the kill

Rolls 34 damage in total, stabbing him in the face

Jarl still freaking lives


Jarl attempts to break free and fails

Warforged stabs him again and ends him

Party starts to retreat out…

To Be Continued….

Thanks to all who are following this lol. Feel free to ask any questions


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