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The unluckiest jump in the galaxy

>Little bro is running a Star Wars bounty hunter campaign

> Our crew is my character, Elroy, a deposed king trying to retake his world

> Cal, a devoted ex-Imperial cadet

> and Corm, a farmer boy sniper from Naboo

> Story takes place a year after the Rebel victory, though Jabba the Hutt survives

> Jabba gives us a job: capture Han Solo

> Blissfully unaware of the shitstorm we would bring down on ourselves, we carried out the mission

> Basically we got jumpsuits and pretended to be ground crew when he landed the Falcon. When he got back on, we’d ambush him and put him in our own ship

> The strategy barely works. There’s a whole lot of fighting, but that’s beside the point. We take him to Jabba and get millions of credits.

> At about this point, we realize that we are now the most wanted men in the galaxy

> Thankfully, Elroy has a plan and a safehouse.

> The plan is to go to a whole bunch of populous planets and let it slip in bars that we’re doubling back to our compound on Tatooine, then go to the safehouse.

> The plan went wrong almost immediately

> Corm goes to Coruscant to spread the word in a couple of bars

> Customs officer detains him for taking a sniper rifle through security

> Pretty soon they know who he is and toss him in a prison ship

> Cal and Elroy are at this point chilling at the safehouse

> Here on the radio that they got Corm

> shit.holocron

> Elroy’s ship is recognizable, so him and Cal agree that Cal should go look around for a prison ship with his A-Wing.

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> Cal jumps to Coruscant to look around. Little do we know, but Corm already escaped

> He went into the airducts when his prison ship got attacked, then fell out and got an escape pod

> They took his coms, so we don’t know this.

> Cal is looking around when a lost cadet in an X-wing asks for an escort back to his ship

> Cal obliges and takes the kid back. Then the Rebel ship asks for his callsign

> “Yeah… this is Caliber 5”

> “There are no squadrons with the callsign ‘Caliber’ in this system”

> “Oh yeah, I’m from the system next door.”

> They don’t believe him. Four X-wings demand he land and be taken under arrest for impersonating a Rebel officer

> He flees

> The fight was insane. Cal lost his engines, shields, and almost lost the jump drive. Just in the nick of time, he tries to jump back to the safehouse.

> tries

> Our system uses d10s, and you want to roll low. The DM asked him to roll for his luck to see if the damaged jump drive messes up

> Rolls a 10

> At this point, the DM takes a little break to brainstorm the worst possible place Cal could jump to

> It wasn’t a black hole or a star or anything. It was worse.

> Much worse

> Cal jumped to an icy planet not listed on any maps and hops out to do repairs

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> Elroy is talking to him with a comlink this whole time and is trying to find out where Cal is so he can help him

> Eventually, Elroy finds out where Cal is on based on the number and types of stars nearby and leaves the safehouse to jump there.

> This whole time, Cal has been working on his ship in a blizzard when he sees lights in the distance.

> Several lights

> The lights get closer and it becomes obvious that these lights are in fact lightsabers

> At this point Cal remembers a piece of lore he heard long ago about a cold Jedi holy world where all padawans go to make their lightsabers.

> Cal begins panicking

> The figures get closer, revealing none other than Luke Skywalker and a cluster of padawans using lightsabers to navigate the blizzard.

> “You having engine trouble?”

> “A-a bit…”

> Since Luke is a Jedi, he can sense emotions, read minds, etc.

> “You’re running from something!”

> “Uh, yeah. Pirates. I ran into (random pirate we killed in session one).”

> Keep in mind that pictures of us have been sent throughout the galaxy. The puzzle pieces start clicking in Luke’s head.

> Cal is pissing himself

> Luke offers to take him aboard his shuttle to warm him up.

> Cal reluctantly obliges

> After he gets aboard, Luke and all of his padawans ignite their lightsabers

> Cal is prisoner

> Meanwhile, Elroy is zipping through the galaxy as fast as he can to pick up his buddy

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> Coms don’t work in hyperspace, so Cal can’t warn him.

> “Cal, this is Elroy. I’m orbiting the planet. Cal? Come in, Cal.”

> “Hmm. Must be interference.”

> Elroy merrily plops his shuttle into the atmosphere when he sees a shuttle towing Cal’s A-wing

>It seems that the locals are helping him

> Luke cheerfully radios that he’s helping Cal, and offers to land and send him aboard.

> Elroy obliges

> Elroy opens the door and cheerfully walks out

>”Wait, you’re not Cal. Where’s-“

> Cue Luke dramatically igniting his lightsaber

> Cue Elroy reaching for the sky

TLDR: Playing Star Wars bounty hunters. One team member has a misjump to a Jedi holy world and gets arrested by Luke Skywalker. I follow close behind and get taken prisoner as well.


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