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The warforged, the flute and the petty dm

Content of the article: "The warforged, the flute and the petty dm"

I am (but probably not for much more) part of a group. The first session I showed up with a warforged bard (lvl 2) with a flute as their instruments, since the dm said that a bard needed a instruments to cast most spells. All was good. A tabaxi bard had gotten his harp stolen and we needed to track down the thives, get the harp and give the thives justice.

When we travel to the location where the thives were last seen we got attacked by a band of goblins, they were really easy, I only needed to cast vicious mockery, wich the dm said didn't need an instrument. We are a party of 4 so the goblins got destroyed quite easily.

We decided to short rest after the battle because our rouge got quite a beating and the warlock wanted their spells back. I decided to use song of rest, and here's the problem.

The dm said that song of rest required an instrument, wich I hade, but he argued that the warforged wouldn't be able to play it because they didn't need to breathe, and there for argued that the the warforged couldn't make air come out of his mouth.

I argued that not needing to breathe just meant that their body didn't need oxygen, but since the warforged was still able to talk wich you do by making oxygen come out of you mouth, they would be able to play the flute

He argued that the warforged actually didn't speak by using oxygen, but through magic. Since it said that they don't breathe and therefore can't breathe or make oxygen come out of their mouth.

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I asked if I could use said magic to play the flute wich I couldn't. I asked if I could change the flute out for a lute, wich I couldn't since "it would break the game I I allowed everyone to change equipment just like that".

So for the rest of that session I couldn't cast most spells and just used my rapier.

I think this was incredibly petty of my dm, but I'm glad that I saw this red flag so early. I don't know if he just didn't like bards or something. Or if he was just really that much of a d bag.

The dm is a friend of a friend, and I won't be returning to another session.

Thanks for reading.

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