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Thematic Wild Magic Barbarian Multiclass/Background Concepts?

Content of the article: "Thematic Wild Magic Barbarian Multiclass/Background Concepts?"

So, I've been spitballing a character for a couple of weeks now, and I'm trying to pin down exactly what I want him to be. The WMB really jumped out at me as something really interesting and ripe for roleplay potential, so I'm wondering what multiclass (If any) would be thematically interesting and/or mechanically decent for him.

As for what I have so far, I was thinking he could be a half-elf and the child of a family of accomplished mages, all with great aptitude for magic, so he would be raised under the assumption that he would have a similar aptitude. Turns out, nope. He SUCKS at magic. No matter how hard he tries, he can't even make the smallest of sparks or a faint puff of wind to come out, and after years of feeling like a failure and a disappointment, he sets off on his own to find his own way to use magic (Which, spoiler alert, he will. Just very unconventionally.)

Now, even with that little bit I've come up with, there's a lot of places we could go with this. How does he figure out how to do this? Did he just throw such a big temper tantrum that beams of light shot out of his chest? Did he go to a mad wizard for help who did horrific experiments on him to give him magical powers? Was he just wandering in the woods one day and stumble into the feywild where a mischievous pixie flicked him on the nose and made him a chaotic magical time bomb? All of these sound awesome, and I'm not sure which one I like best.

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I also think I'll be investing heavily into barbarian. At least 14-15 levels, because I think I want to get the most out of the subclass as possible. So that means we have 5-6 levels of another class to play around with. I also think I'm gonna stick with one other class, as I'm not totally into triple-classing, at least not for this particular character.

I'd love to hear some ideas. The ones I've been bouncing around were Warlock, Paladin, and Bard. Mostly because I like the idea of a charismatic barbarian, and a multiclass with at least some magical potential sounds like a decent way to take the character. Like, instead of rigorous study, maybe an archfey comes to him and gives him a bit of their power, flavored to be them giving more control over the existing magical presence in his body. Or maybe he finds out that his magic comes from raw emotion and self expression, so he turns to performing arts to help channel his magic further and gain more control over it. Maybe he turns to religion to help him, or he's visited by a god that grants him greater control over his powers in exchange for his devotion.

I think "Wild Magic" kind of leans on the theme of being chaotic, unpredictable, tricky, etc, so something that could complement that idea would be perfect. Not sure if Wild Magic Sorcerer is the way I want to go though, since that seems a little too obvious, but maybe someone can convince me otherwise.

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This is really more talking about interesting and thematic character concepts, rather than powergaming (Obviously), so I'm okay with being "Un-optimized" since there are ways around casting spells while raging (Invocations, Smites, Channel Divinity, Bardic inspiration, non-concentration spells, etc). And then spellcasting could be done outside of combat to add some much welcome utility to the barbarian's kit.

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