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Based on the glorious list concerning Mr Welch, my party has been compiling a list of things we are no longer allowed to do in an RPG. This spans numerous systems and editions. Here are some excerpts from said list:

  1. Cannot take favored enemy: Politician

  2. No eating animal companions, even if I can summon them as often as I want.

  3. No summoning swarms of spiders just to eat them.

  4. Cannot use sense motive on buildings

  5. I must buy more food than just ‘a bag of holding full of cheese’

  6. I must not call the bag of holding filled with cheese ‘my cheese hole’

  7. I should not wait and watch while Hastur is summoned just because I was curious what it would look like

  8. I should not stand by while Santa is murdered

  9. I may not change accents mid sentence

  10. A character should be limited to only having one accent, generally

  11. My wizard must do something besides shoot people with crossbows

  12. May not store unconscious party members in the Cheese Hole

  13. My bard must know more than one song

  14. No arguing over who gets to be captain until the party actually has a ship.

  15. No basing my character after another player’s character and just reversing their name.

  16. DO NOT have a familiar that is just a smaller version of yourself

  17. Baron von Murderkill should not be the only Lawful Good NPC the party ever meets

  18. When presented with a world-ending apocalypse, my first response should not be to inquire about treasure-filled ruins near the town

  19. Characters cannot leave the session because they “fell into a plot hole”

  20. Blood transfusions won’t allow me to gain bloodline abilities

  21. Can’t sacrifice other party members to my god

  22. Cannot “spam buttons” in the puzzle dungeon

  23. When fighting sharks underwater, should not turn and eat an innocent person just because the sharks were doing it

  24. Should not name islands ‘plot hook island’. It’s tacky

  25. If my god tells me specifically they do not want human sacrifices, I cannot keep sacrificing humans in their name

  26. The saying is not: “You say tomato, I say murder”

  27. Not all problems can be blamed on whichever person didn’t show up this session

  28. May not store orphans in the stable

  29. May not refer to children as heartwarming orphans if their parents are standing right there

  30. Float like a butterfly, sting like a butterfly is not an appropriate character concept

  31. Dying 1 second after your opponent in a duel is not a victory

  32. Don’t fight a water elemental in the ocean, and if you do don’t do it while wearing plate mail

  33. No making deals with gods if you know nothing about deities, religion, or making deals

  34. Not all problems can be solved with a crowbar

  35. Killing all of our enemies in their sleep does not count as a glorious victory

  36. Murdering an NPC because he tried to kill you is ok. Murdering him because he gave his child a stupid name is not.

  37. May not use the cheese hole to feed refugees.

  38. Do not feed refugees pure lard for “maximum calorie efficiency.”

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