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They blew up the tavern

Content of the article: "They blew up the tavern"

A little backstory: the party is lvl 5 and is in something similar to sword art online where if they complete the big trial on that level they teleport to the next level. We have a dragonborn paladin, dragonborn monk, elf druid and dwarf bard.

The issue: The party enters a tavern and was greeted by. Lots of patrons and another group who they assumed was playing the game with them and they both met up on the same level. Our paladin walked over to the table where the npc party was and pretended to be drunk and wanted to "eavesdrop" on their party to see if they had any knowledge. The npc party also has a dragonborn paladin but the PC's don't know he is an oath breaker which has a hatred for religion now. He sees her holy symbols on her armor and basically tells her to get lost or else. She keeps up the drunk chirade and pisses off the whole npc party. They all stand up and the npc paladin draws a greatsword and pushes the pc paladin. At this point I think she knew she messed up and she backed off a bit and walked out the door yelling that they were all jerks. Another member of the npc party produced a flame and throws it at the pc paladin but missed and throws it through the tavern window. At this point the monk, pc paladin and the elf have all left but the dwarf goes over to this table where the npc party is standing and puts a mason jar of unknown substance with 3gp on top of the lid and says "sorry about my friend, she can't handle herself after a couple drinks" and walks out.

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He then tells me that it is an explosive that was crafted and when it was opened it would explode. He does know how to make explosives and this matches his character perfectly so I let it happen. The tavern exploded killing all 11 NPCs inside and so the party continues to the motel for the night for rest. They wake up to the kings gaurd in the lobby that arrests them. BUT this dwarf rolls high enough that he drinks a potion of invisibility before the guards see him.

I ended the session here and I have no idea what consequences to impose as the real wrong doer has just escaped while the others are going to trial for murder.

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