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This is why beholders have trust issues

Content of the article: "This is why beholders have trust issues"

be me, dm

be party who need to find a key to a vault: a beholder's prized possession

the beholder, Xanathar, is a crime lord who works with mind flayers that have been bothering the party for a while

party tracks down his lair and go in to slay the monster and get the key

bust in, kill gang members and mind flayers, and free some prisoners the mind flayers were experimenting on

the whole time, Xanathar is unseen but taunting the party as they fight

eventually get to a room full of a bunch of wizards who reveal they've been the ones watching the party and playing prerecorded messages that the previous Xanathar had made in anticipation of literally every conceivable scenario

party lets them go in exchange for finding out where in the lair the beholder is

make their way to the door, getting ready to strike

before they can do anything, Xanathar opens the door and says in a kiwi accent "Hey min! You must be the ones who killed all me mates. Bit rude, that. Wanna come in, have a chat about what's botherin ya?"

party decides he sounds nice so decide to talk instead of fight

party asks "why are you kidnapping and torturing those people with the mind flayers?"

"Will first of all 'mind flayah' is a bit of a derogatory term, they prifer to be called illithid. And second, not sure ta be honest, that's not really my depahtment. I'd say you should ask thim but might be a bit late ta do thit"

"Why were you being so rude in the recordings"

"ah min that's a bit embarrassin, that's the last Xanathar. I'm still workin on rerecordin some things to be a bit less hostile. But it takes a bit a' time to replace everythin and wanted to focus on motivatin the team, seein as how we don't git many guests 'round here"

Xanathar then chastises them a bit for barging in and killing everyone and not even introducing themselves first

Gives them a tour of the lair, every time they ask about how one aspect of his operation works he says something like "Will normally Derek would be the guy to ask, but you killed 'im so might be a bit hard ta answer that one"

eventually get to his pet goldfish, his prized posession, and they work out a deal

the party gets rid of the rival gang in the city (that they were planning on dealing with soon anyways) and he'll forgive them for killing a bunch of his team, and let them borrow his pet fish/best friend for a few days

party then decides as a gesture of good faith to help Xanathar deal with one of the monsters that've been let loose in the lair

"Xanathar why don't you lead the way and we'll watch your back"

as soon the beholder goes in to deal with it, they then book it straight for the goldfish, steal it, and get tf out of the lair before he can catch up to them

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