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Thoughts on adding “find familiar” to all full-caster spell lists?

Content of the article: "Thoughts on adding “find familiar” to all full-caster spell lists?"

I have found that there is at least one player in all of my games who would like to be able to cast find familiar. Unless that party member is a wizard, however, they can only learn it through multiclassing or feats. Find familiar is very versatile and powerful for a 1st-level spell, but I don't think it should be that expensive for non-wizard builds.

From a role-play standpoint, I think it makes a lot of sense for some of these other classes to have find familiar. Some examples:

  • The bard's way with words and music have piqued the curiosity of a spiritual being. At first, the creature would follow him from a distance to hear his songs and stories; eventually, the two forged a close relationship. In their downtime, the charming pair likes to perform together in the streets—the familiar dancing along to the bard's ditties.
  • The cleric might be blessed with a celestial familiar, a visually symbolic reminder that the her deity is constantly by her side, watching and guiding her from another plane.
  • The druid's unity with nature has allowed him to utilize the earth's very power of creation to summon forth a fey-like familiar—another pair of eyes to help him protect the natural world from interlopers who don't share his respect for it.
  • The sorcerer's familiar has been with her for as long as she remembered. When her powers began manifesting themselves, her "imaginary friend" assumed a more corporeal form, aiding her in discovering and understanding her growing innate power.
  • The warlock's patron granted him the ability to summon forth a fiendish familiar to aid him in fulfilling his pact. Though the warlock has grown a fondness with the familiar, he sometimes wonders if it acts as a way for his patron to keep an eye on him. Where do its loyalties actually lie?
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I've always liked the idea that every time a PC summons a familiar, that familiar is a particular, unique spiritual being that is bonded to the soul of the PC, complete with a personality and flaws, tastes and aversions. The PC can summon a new body for the spiritual being by casting find familiar as outlined by the spell's description, but there is usually a common physical trait shared between each form (e.g. My warlock's fiendish familiar, Umbrus, has black coloration with fiery orange eyes regardless of whether it is currently an owl, a snake, or a cat; my druid's fey familiar, Mishka, has a striped pattern and small, antler-like horns regardless of whether it is currently a frog, a raven, or a sea horse). The idea that other spell casters have access to this spell is appealing to me as both a player and as a DM, and for both mechanical and role-play purposes.

As the DM, I have freedom to do this to any and all of my games—I'm just wondering if there are any strong reasons why I shouldn't. What are your thoughts? Would you add find familiar to the bard, cleric, druid, sorcerer, and warlock spell lists? Why or why not?

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